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    Murphy Brown is returning

    Candice Bergen to return to CBS in 'Murphy Brown' revival ----------- This is exciting! I can't wait for the Roseanne revival, as well as Murphy Brown! I feel like if only they'd waited just a little longer, a Melrose Place reboot could've succeeded. I'm not sure how I feel about Dynasty...
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    I wanted her to get w/ Conrad...but she kind of infuriated me w/ how stupid she could be sometimes in the earlier seasons LOL! Celia was fun, but her DAUGHTER though! LOL! I LOVED it when she switched the bottle of pills on her mom, so her mom got the laxatives, & while she was in the...
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    Gal Gadot Reportedly Won’t Return for Wonder Woman 2 If Brett Ratner Does

    So I'm just revisiting this b/c it's been revealed that Ratner was present when a young women was sexually assaulted by Russell Simmons. She pleaded with him (Ratner) for help, & he did nothing. He sat there and WATCHED. :mad: knowing that makes would Gadot did even more important.
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    "Work family" and office politics

    Do you consider your coworkers a "work family?" Do you add coworkers on facebook, and/or see them outside the work place? Do you allow yourself to become involved in the "politics" of the office? Personally, I can say NO to all of these. I do not consider my coworkers anything other than...
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    it's so cold, it HURTS to move when you're outside!

    it's so cold, it HURTS to move when you're outside!
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    Ororo's Ghost Story III, Part 5

    << Inside the large, luxe, gothic shower chamber, time passes as Morgaine lavishes herself, humming along softly to "RAIN" by Madonna, which plays over the sound system.>> << As the steam and mist forms around her beautiful nude form, she indulges herself, washing away the pain, the sorrow...
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    I know the show is a few years old now, but I recently had the chance to rewatch the entire series, & it was really ahead of its time in some ways. Anybody else here a fan of the show? Would it be worth revisiting now that more & more states are legalizing recreational marijuana?
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    Halloween 2018 movie

    Halloween 2018 movie It's been a while since I've been excited about a horror movie, but I'm definitely looking forward to this one! Jamie Lee Curtis returns. Judy Greer has been cast as her daughter. John Carpenter is the executive producer, & the composer for the film, they even brought...
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    Well, Does Anyone Like the ‘Jubilee is a Vampire’ Idea?

    I briefly looked at the new Generation X. I thought it was a bad idea, considering how the original ended, & the original Generation X'ers have come of age, particularly Husk, M, & Jubilee. Jubilee, in my opinion, from day 1, was just a cheap knock off Dazzler. Her power signature was even a...
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    I've found a house in MI! I'm moving back home in April!

    I've found a house in MI! I'm moving back home in April!
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    Ororo's Ghost Story III, Part 4

    From the Gallery to the Terrace " And I I just got home!" << she "sang" in her mind as the special mix of "ray of light" played for her. Sally had arranged this moment for her, and she'd be lying to herself if she didn't admit how wonderful it felt, to know that she still had...
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    Happy Thanksgiving

    Happy Turkey Day, board fam! If you celebrate Thanksgiving, or not, whatever you're doing, be warm, be safe!
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    Lena Dunham is TRASH

    Lena Dunham is TRASH
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    Madonna's new skin care line

    i really love that Madonna has been facing down the very real ageist mindset in the entertainment industry, & society. ppl are mad at her, hating on her more than ever these days, telling her she should sit down b/c she's 59. Aegism isn't anything new, but there's not that many women who stand...
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    when you think your computer is doing a routine update, & it turns out to be this MASSIVE update...

    when you think your computer is doing a routine update, & it turns out to be this MASSIVE update that takes HOURS to complete :/