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  1. Prophet

    Happy Birthday Clara!

    :bday::bday::bday::bday: Happy Birthday Clara!!!!! Have a fabulous day and a super cold beer! Also hopefully some eye candy!;)
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    Merry Christmas!

    Merry Christmas to my online family! No matter where you are I hope you have a great day! Love you guys!!!
  3. Prophet

    "Flowers In The Attic" - Cameron & Ava

    :: Greenough, Montana was one of the most beautiful places that Cameron had ever seen in his life. A few days ago, he was the one to alert Haleigh's family that she was in fact, dead. The only problem was for as deep as he knew Haleigh, he didn't really know anybody in her family. It was...
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    so in the new year I am going to try and read two books a month, for pleasure and to keep myself a little more intellectually engaged. I'm looking for suggestions. Read any good books lately and would recommend? Let me know!
  5. Prophet

    Oz Reboot

    Gritty Oz Remake Dayummmm. This is like a mideival Hellfire Club LOL! I'm totally in!
  6. Prophet

    Adele Thanksgiving

    this is one of my favorites!! So funny!
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    Happy Halloween!

    Happy Halloween! I hope everyone got to have a little fun this weekend! Feel free to post pictures of your costumes or any fun stories you have about today! Personally? I skipped Halloween this year and stayed home with my roommates watching a LOT of scary movies. It was relaxing and fun and...
  8. Prophet

    Wonder Woman Extended Trailer

    I really wasn't sure about the casting but the movie looks like it's gonna be really pretty, and there's been so much talk and pressure surrounding this project, I'm glad SOMETHING is finally coming from it!
  9. Prophet

    Resident Evil: Final Chapter Trailer

    I'll admit I got into the movies because of The Six and wanting to understand things better lol. But I'm pretty excited about this!
  10. Prophet

    Lady Gaga "Million Reasons"

    Lady Gaga just dropped the second single for her upcoming album "Joanne"! What do you think? I really like this song. I think Lady Gaga does excel at pop/dance music but I've always enjoyed her more when she strips everything down. When she first came out everybody liked to compare her to...
  11. Prophet

    Streaming Shows

    I was wondering what some of your guys' favorite shows that are exclusively streaming on things like Hulu, Netflix and Amazon? I feel like I've watched everything that's available on the internet haha. I really enjoy Casual on Hulu as well as Difficult People and Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt on...
  12. Prophet

    Dragon Age

    any Dragon Age fans on here? I recently stumbled upon Dragon Age: Inquisition and I fell in love. It's a really immersive RPG where your characters decisions effect the course of the game. You are able to have friendships and lovers and they even have gay and lesbian characters as well as a...
  13. Prophet

    Got Bored...

    Was thinking of doing a sort of futuristic style story involving the children of The Six and's what I came up with. Can you guess the parents the kids come from? I mean some of them are obvious but the others?
  14. Prophet

    That Time When...

    Sam and I finally met in PERSON in Los Angeles last Summer! Such a cool and weird experience! :D Oh best believe we also had a nice big gossip session about The Six too hahaha!
  15. Prophet

    Netflix Announces Premiere Dates

    Click Here To See The Lineup What are you guys excited for or have you not checked out what Netflix has to offer in original programming? I absolutely fell in love with "Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt". There were so many breakout performances on that show and I am really surprised that the lead in...
  16. Prophet

    Suicide Squad Supertrailer So what does everyone think? The trailer makes it look a little confusing, like they are trying to capitalize on Guardians of The Galaxy with that soundtrack? I mean it definitely looks...
  17. Prophet

    Chris Rock & The Oscars

    From: Huff Post Entertainment Tyrese Gibson is urging Chris Rock to step down as this year’s Oscars host. Gibson, 37, weighed in on the controversy surrounding the Oscars for the lack of diversity among nominees, saying people need to start taking a stand — and it should start with Rock...
  18. Prophet

    Happy Birthday Clara Oswald!

    Happy Birthday Clara! *Marilyn Monroe Voice* "Happy Birthday to You.. And Delilah I guess, too? You do everything for us.. Even though sometimes we act like rabid animals at the ZOO!" Sorry it was the best I could come up with..Morning Brain! Hope your day is fun and I hope you enjoy your...
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    Has anybody checked this show out? It's pretty good! I mean I still have no idea what's going on but I think it's really beautifully filmed and it's done by the Wachowski siblings, so there's that. - Sense8 IMDB Plus there is some DAMN GOOD eye candy!
  20. Prophet

    Happy Birthday Rampage!

    Happiest of Birthdays to one of our own! Garrick! I hope your day is full of fun laughter friends and family!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!