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  1. Harbinger

    Dynasty: Shit Alexis Says!

    Best BITCH on television, EVER!
  2. Harbinger

    The Danger Room 2

    ::Far beneath the ground floors of The Parthenon Hotel lay several basement levels, all dedicated to the efforts of The Six. Complete with Training Rooms, Holding Cells, Medical Labs and Panic Rooms, these truly were a testament to the expansive reach and connections that made them truly...
  3. Harbinger

    Stormy Seas

    :: Guardian was in her luxury suite....having already showered, changed and refreshed herself...she was now wearing a form fitting, low cut black tank top and some black "hot pants" shorts. another provocative and figure flattering ensembled that flew in the face of the Seer's cold exterior. She...
  4. Harbinger

    Necessary pain

    :: Standing with her arms folded...the seer watched with disgust. Alison's cobalt blue eyes sparkled with extreme contempt as Jasmine hit Morgan at her core with the news of who she was and attempting to brow beat the sorceress for the one thing that would haunt her for the rest of her life...