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  1. Carol Peletier

    Murphy Brown is returning

    Candice Bergen to return to CBS in 'Murphy Brown' revival ----------- This is exciting! I can't wait for the Roseanne revival, as well as Murphy Brown! I feel like if only they'd waited just a little longer, a Melrose Place reboot could've succeeded. I'm not sure how I feel about Dynasty...
  2. Carol Peletier

    "Work family" and office politics

    Do you consider your coworkers a "work family?" Do you add coworkers on facebook, and/or see them outside the work place? Do you allow yourself to become involved in the "politics" of the office? Personally, I can say NO to all of these. I do not consider my coworkers anything other than...
  3. Carol Peletier


    I know the show is a few years old now, but I recently had the chance to rewatch the entire series, & it was really ahead of its time in some ways. Anybody else here a fan of the show? Would it be worth revisiting now that more & more states are legalizing recreational marijuana?
  4. Carol Peletier

    Halloween 2018 movie

    Halloween 2018 movie It's been a while since I've been excited about a horror movie, but I'm definitely looking forward to this one! Jamie Lee Curtis returns. Judy Greer has been cast as her daughter. John Carpenter is the executive producer, & the composer for the film, they even brought...
  5. Carol Peletier

    Happy Thanksgiving

    Happy Turkey Day, board fam! If you celebrate Thanksgiving, or not, whatever you're doing, be warm, be safe!
  6. Carol Peletier

    AMC's "Secret History of Comics" - The Truth About Wonder Woman

    From the Creator of the Walking Dead comic series, "Secret History of Comics" on AMC takes a deep look at comic books, and iconic characters. The episode: The Truth about Wonder Woman , narrated by Keri Russell (who voiced WW in several DC DVD features), it features in depth commentary...
  7. Carol Peletier

    Kevin Spacey comes out as gay after allegation of sexual advance on 14 yr old

    Kevin Spacey apologizes, comes out as gay after allegation of sexual advance on 14-year-old ------------ Spacey is a mess. It's almost as if he thinks that he can deflect from his VILE acts against a 14 yr old boy by coming out as gay.
  8. Carol Peletier

    Ororo's Ghost Story III: Cast

    Main Cast: Sally Spectra- a true diva with diamonds, and the legendary, "reigning queen of the rag trade". She lives in a very large mansion on top of a mountain that is accessible by cable car only. She surrounds herself with "strays" and other "unusual" types. She's rich, and very well...
  9. Carol Peletier

    George A. Romero has died

    George A. Romero, 'Night of the Living Dead' creator, dies at 77 --------------- Wow. Sad news! :( This man was a master horror movie scribe. His movies conveyed messages on society and social contructs. He's the father of the modern movie zombie too. RIP.
  10. Carol Peletier

    13th 'Dr. Who' will be a woman

    Doctor Who: the 13th Doctor will be a woman, the first female Doctor in the show’s history -------------- Wow! this a historic mark, but should it have taken 5 decades for this to happen?
  11. Carol Peletier

    Quentin Tarantino exploring new movie on Manson Family

    Quentin Tarantino Exploring New Movie on Manson Family --------------- I think this is a bad idea. Tarantino has a distinct style w/ his films, but some things should be left alone. The Manson Family should not be romanticized or glamorized. And he should be careful w/ how he handles Sharon...
  12. Carol Peletier

    Wonder Woman

    I went to see Wonder Woman today. It's the first comic-to-movie adaptation I've allowed myself to see in 11 years (& that one was X-men: The Last Stand). I would NOT have gone to see this film had it not been for the hearty endorsement by Lynda Carter who, for my generation, & several others...
  13. Carol Peletier

    Happy birthday, GARRICK

    Today is our very own @Rampage 's birthday!!! :cool::mike::rampage::garrick:
  14. Carol Peletier

    Pop Icons: Best of music in 1987

    This is a great montage! Back from when music was fun, creative and substantial!
  15. Carol Peletier

    American Experience

    Has anyone watched an episode of PBS' American Experience? I highly recommend it. I've watched several, including the one on the Oklahoma City bombing,
  16. Carol Peletier

    Injustice 2: Black Canary Confirmed, Gameplay Trailer Revealed

    Injustice 2: Black Canary Confirmed, Gameplay Trailer Revealed
  17. Carol Peletier

    Report: CANNONBALL, MAGIK, SUNSPOT, More in NEW MUTANTS Casting Call

    Report: CANNONBALL, MAGIK, SUNSPOT, More in NEW MUTANTS Casting Call ----------------------- Among the listings: Moonstar is reported to be in the film,but no casting call notice was put out b/c an actress has already by cast in the role. I'm REALY curious as to who has been cast. Will...
  18. Carol Peletier


    regarding the inauguration of Donna Tramp?
  19. Carol Peletier

    Heather Locklear's return to television

    Heather Locklear returned to TV in Tyler Perry's "Too close to home" as the cold, vengeful First Lady. --------------------------- I'm JUST learning about this show. I'm really not a fan of Tyler Perry, & I'm surprised that Heather Locklear was working w/ him. I've read that many feel...
  20. Carol Peletier

    Will and Grace revival ordered to series

    ‘Will & Grace’ Revival Ordered to Series at NBC ----------------- This was such a fun, funny show! I'm glad to see it's coming back for a reunion, and from the sound of it, this will be a properly done reunion.