Hellfire: Bloodborne - A Weekend Affair


The Watcher
every place
All across Time and Space, the possibilities are infinite. We have heard the fateful story of the Six, forged by destiny to become the unlikeliest of saviors, brought together by necessity. Many times the members of the Six overcome their own personal tragedies and find themselves fighting together for the greater good. This is not one of those times.

Many years ago, Mystech was run by Doctors Chandler and Victory, along with Dr. Kelly King. Helena and Diana were also part of the upper echelon, and they were networking, securing strong ties with the legendary Hellfire Club. The group gained power by leaps and bounds, and it looked like there was no stopping them. But within the formidable alliance of the Mystech group, a cancer grew. Dr. Victory became obsessed with his work on project Scion, and Dr. Chandler took far too many risks in his own experimentations. Eventually Dr. King took measures for damage control. She revealed to Diana that Victory had stolen DNA and created a child.

It was an unacceptable betrayal. Diana struck Victory down herself with one cold psi blast. Helena tricked Chandler into entering a holding cell with one of his own creations, which resulted in a gruesome demise. The three women took the reins of Mystech and never looked back.

The Scion was raised, not by surrogates, but by Diana herself, as Haleigh Davidoff. Kelly had children as well, while Helena had nieces and nephews. All were brought up in the environment of Hellfire. Cameron King was one successful case, while Kelly’s daughters and the entirety Helena’s ‘brood’ scattered or died. Ava Cassadine was also raised at Hellfire, her father Stavros being in the Inner circle with the Mystech trio. Gia Nefaria, the mafia princess of Mob boss Nefaria, grew up there as well. Zachary Armani is brought in around ten years of age by his Ambassador father. Helena collected something close to children, over the years, with Aleksander Hallbjorn, A.J. Savage, and Ashley Oldenburg. Kelly developed close bonds with her interns, Cassandra Johnson and Amanda Soto, who became like daughters to her. There are others who join the ‘family’ over time, like Benjamin Lewis and Jack Chondrich.

Eventually they took over the Inner Circle of the Hellfire Club, carving out positions for themselves amongst the courts. To outsiders, all seemed well. They were the most powerful incarnation of Hellfire to date. They were unrivaled within the Club, there was no threat they couldn’t defeat together. But there were cracks in the foundation.

Most notably, as Haleigh grew into adulthood, she proved to be quite headstrong. Diana was repeatedly reminded of Dr. Victory. She found her daughter to be obstinate, truculent, and devious. To Haleigh, her mother was domineering, stern, and overly critical. They were prone to staring matches -- even in group settings -- in which they would remain reticent and perfectly still, their mirrored hard glares locked for several minutes. Often, it would end with one or both of them furious, for no apparent reason.

Then came the day their match lasted so long, the entire group fell silent, watching with varying levels of concern. In the end, all that was left of Diana was diamond dust. Helena immediately reacted with alarm, but her own court, long since tired of her manipulations, put a fatal end to her attempt at vengeance. Kelly was the wise one, who had burned no bridges and decided her reign as Queen had gone long enough. She made her deals, and retired to her laboratory.

Haleigh ascended to White Queen, Ashley to Red, Ava to Black. Cameron rose to White King, and Alek to Red. Rounding out the White Court now is Heidi as Knight, Zach as Rook, and Gia as Bishop. On the Black Court Ava has chosen no King, but one of the terms of Kelly’s arrangement kept Cass as Princess, while Amanda is Ava’s trusted Knight and Ben is her Bishop. In Red, Alek and Ash have Savage as Knight, and Jack is their Bishop.

And so we watch....


White King
Hellfire Club
Real Name
Cameron King
New York City
Telepathy, Psionic, Telekinetic, Empathy, Flash Premonition
"And what does daddy do to naughtly little girls?"

A devilish smile crept up on Cameron's lips as he stared at the bare ass of the secretary bent over his knee in his office. A sweet voice belonging to the buxom blonde secretary called out in both pain and pleasure.

Secretary: "He punishes them."

Cameron laughed sadistically before his face turned back to it's normal stone cold.

"That's right."

Cameron slapped her ass a few times in succession as her milky white cheeks began to burn bright red, his hand leaving an imprint on her as he went. It was three thirty in the afternoon, and it was usually right around this part of the day that Cameron needed to flex his power over something, and thankfully he had selected his staff quite perfectly. Everybody that worked for Cameron and his wife were incredibly attractive and very willing to please, in a number of different ways. He was The White King, a God among men, but there was something about taking a milkmaid over your knee and forcing them into submission. His eyes went to his secretary's ass for a moment, hovering for a few seconds before flipping her back up and onto her feet. The secretary seemed used to it.

"Now that you know where you stand..what does my evening look like?"

The secretary returned to business as if nothing had ever happened before pulling out her blackberry and scrolling through.

Secretary: "The evening seems pretty open... Mrs. King has planned a mixer at the mansion tonight. Since the arrival of The European Court is so close, she wanted to gather members of The Inner Circle together to..well, do what they do best."

"Drink. Fuck. Strategize."

Cameron felt the blood warm in his veins at the thought of Haleigh as he looked up at his secretary.

"Turn around and lift your skirt up."

The secretary obliged almost immediately as Cameron pulled out his phone and snapped a picture of her chapped and red ass before sending it to Haleigh with a message.

>>To Haleigh: "Your king has been in a disciplinary mood today. I hope you've been a good girl."

"Okay. Turn around."

Cameron rose from his desk as he looked out the window of his building, which housed the offices for The Zenith Group. Cameron, Haleigh and Ava were the legacy children of The Hellfire Club. Combined they owned a whopping 95% of Hellfire Assets as well as holdings in MysTech. Haleigh was not a suit and never would be and that was where Cameron and Ava stepped in. They were the faces of MysTech and together, they ran the many businesses that operated under the branch of The Hellfire Club, or at least what they owned, and they were good at it. Together, the two of them practically owned New York and large parts of Europe and Tokyo. Right now, The European Court was experiencing a revival, and Haleigh had become wet at the idea of garnering more power for themselves. In a post Malice world, one had to work extra hard to ensure their safety. And Cameron and Haleigh excelled at being a power couple.

Secretary: "There is one more thing on the books, Mr. King.."

The White King began to make himself a martini at the bar. Normally a topless servant would have taken care of this for him, but he was excited for the weekend, excited for his wife to work her magick, and excited at the influx of very attractive, very devious people that were about to invade the mansion.

"And that is?"

Secretary: "You're mother is here, Sir. She'd like to see you."

Cameron rolled his eyes.

"For fuck's sake. You know to always say I'm in a meeting if she shows up."

He watched the secretary squirm for a moment.

Secretary: "Uh yes sir..it's just that."

A female voice filled the room as the double doors to his office opened.

Kelly King: "I killed a security guard and an intern on my way in, so she's understandably nervous. Give the girl a break, Cameron."

Every hair on his head stood upright as he watched his mother, The Former Black Queen of The Hellfire Club entered his office and made her presence known, as she always did.


Red Princess
Hellfire Club
Real Name
Cassandra Johnson
Los Angeles
Psionic, Psychokinesis, Levitation, Hypnosis
Hellfire Club – Black Princess’ Suite/Brothel

:: Cass panted heavily as she rolled over onto her back. For the past two hours – or was that four hours exactly? – she had been having incredible sex with one White Rook in her bedroom. ::

*hoarsely*: “Damn, Armani. You sure know how to make a girl scream.”

:: Cass grabbed her phone off of her bedside table and looked at the time. She groaned. Damn. She was supposed to be in the Brothel watching the dancers showcase their new routine in five. She sighed and got up, revealing her naked body. She looked ov er at Zach. ::

“So…that was fun. See you later.”

:: Without waiting for Armani to speak, she headed for her huge bathroom to have a short shower before heading for her closet, where she got dressed in what the dancers would be wearing in their show for the coming special guests from the European Hellfire. Cass was in charge of the dancers and the day-to-day and night-to-night basis and, since the coming arrivals are SO important, Cass wanted to dress in their outfits in case she had to show a few of them how it was done [she knew that one of them in particular was having some trouble as she was new]. She came out and immediately noticed Zach LEERING at her. Cass rolled her eyes. ::

“Bye, ho-bag.”

:: She knelt down to pat her dog, Bear, on the head. Actually, to be more precise, Bear was her dog, but he belonged to all of Hellfire. He was even a member of security since he was military-issued and all that. ::

“I would invite YOU, but you know the rules: no dogs allowed in the brothel.”

:: She wasn’t a legacy child, like Ava, Haleigh, and Cameron were, but she had certainly been there almost as long as they. First she was captured by MysTech, and then she was tortured and experimented on – yeah, like THAT was anything new. If MysTech had hoped to break her, they were wrong. Instead, due to her past and her will to survive, they figured out that she could – and would – be a huge asset to them. She had more than proved her worth and she had impressed Diana, Helena, and Kelly so much that they offered her membership to Hellfire. There, she found her niche and she made her way up the ranks, gaining favour with all three courts in the process. She became Kelly King’s intern and, in a weird and bizarre twist, she found Kelly’s experimets to be absolutely fascinating [now that she was on the other side of experimentation]. She also found a sisterly friendship in Kelly’s other intern, Amanda Soto. ::

:: Everything was going smoothly until a coup staged by the Legacies – Ava, Cameron, and Haleigh – took place and much to everyone’s dismay, Ashley Oldenburg, Ava Cassadine, Cameron King, and Haleigh Davidoff, had overthrown the three Queens and now they themselves were the Red Queen, the Black Queen, the White King, and the White Queen. Cass was relieved to see that instead of killing Kelly, like they did with the others, Kelly and the new Inner Court made a deal that included Cass being the Black Princess. ::

:: Cass was enjoying her new life AND her new family. She couldn’t help but reflect on what had happened as she hurried to the brothel. She was exactly where she was supposed to be. She announced her presence at the brothel with a BANG of the door. ::

“I’m so sorry, ladies, but I was in the middle of something.”

:: She made her way to the couch right in the center of the front and sat down, crossing her legs at the knee. ::

“You may begin.”

:: She watched them like a hawk, taking mental notes and nodded her head in approval at some of them. They were doing a sychronized lap dance on some of the other female dancers. ::

“Okay, stop. Stop!”

:: She got up and walked up the few stairs until she was on the stage. She looked at one of them, Madison, the new girl. ::


:: The girl’s face screwed up as she looked about to cry. Cass came over. ::

*gently*: “No, sweetie, no. There’s no need to cry. You’ve got this. I know you do.”

:: Though she could be brutal and ruthless at times, these were HER girls and it was her job to make sure that they were taken care of. She cleared her throat. ::

“Watch me carefully.”

:: While the girls were wearing plaid, pleated miniskirts, Cass was wearing a leather mini-miniskirt. She looked at the one in the chair. ::

“Are you ready, Caralee?”

:: Caralee nodded. The Black Princess had done this before, showing them the moves and SHOWING them the eroticness of them, teaching them how it was done. Cass straddled Caralee’s lap and locked eyes with her, not taking them off of hers for a second. She tossed her artfully tousled dark hair back and wetted her lips sensually. Then she began to sway, thrusting her pelvice in slow motions, wrapping her hands around Caralee’s neck. The dancer went throuch Cass’ legs with her hands and gently gripped Cass’ thighs. Cass touched her forehead to Caralee’s and the dancer responded by pulling Cass’ pelvis to her. Cass whispered in Caralee’s ear. ::

*whispers*: ”Now I want you to subtly stroke me with your thumbs.”

:: Cass sort of chuckled when the dancer began to do just that, and continued to gyrate on Caralee. ::

“That’s it, love! Now, by this time the platform on which your chair is on will have moved so we’re sideways to the audience. While still stroking me rythymically with one hand, use your other to make a pattern on my chest, with your fingers touching the tops of my breast and then dipping your fingers to stroke my nipples…yeah, like that! You’ve got it!!”

:: While Caralee was following instructions EXACTLY, the other dancers were watching intently. Cass took the opportunity to lower he face and then she began to kiss the dancer on the lips before stopping abruptly. ::

“And there you have it!! Try again, guys!”

:: Cass got off of Caralee, winked at Madison, and then went back to her seat. She was looking forward to this. After all, thanks to her choice of wardrobe, and she usually dressed like them while she worked, they could SEE how they were supposed to move and dance. ::

"Starting from the top!"


Birds of Prey
Real Name
Zachary Armani
Black Wing - - the Princess Suite

The Princess hopped out of bed with a casual comment about the fun of it, and a dismissive goodbye. He only stretched and lightly dozed as she showered, but as the sounded of running water was shut off, his eyes sprang open again. She came out of the closet dressed like she was ready for role play. When he took notice, she rolled her eyes and tossed another goodbye at him, then leaned down to pet the dog. After she left he looked at Bear.

“She secretly loves me.”


Meanwhile, in the White Wing....

Zach, the White Rook of Hellfire, was searching for his Queen. He came out of the main corridor to the foyer junction of the three court’s living quarters, and spotted his life model decoy, who was coming out of the Black Princess’s Chambers with Bear in tow.

“She makes you keep it clean shaven? Gods you look like a high school Boy Scout.”

Decoy Zach: The King likes me this way too.

“Don’t tell me things like that, okay? Exercise discretion. Now get back to the decoy dormitory, I don’t want anybody to see ‘me’ like... this.”

Decoy Zach: I was going to take the dog out...

“I’ll do it. Disappear from my sight.”

Decoy Zach: Alright, alright.

Zach was left with Bear, and he whistled, causing the dog to follow excitedly. Serendipitously, he happened to find the White Queen out in the gardens. She was staring there idly, spinning her blood soaked diamond ring around her finger with her thumb, her phone in her other hand. She was flanked by twin sentinels in White Suits, Mystech Wildpack members that stood as her personal guard. At her feet were the dismembered remains of something vaguely human. It was hard to tell, but surely that was a shoe cast aside with a foot in it.

“My Queen, must you always make such a mess?”

He teased, and she looked up, then gave him a nonchalant shrug. As he approached she turned her phone towards him so he could see the picture on it.

Haleigh: Who’s ass is this, his secretary’s?

She asked, as he scrutinized it, one eyebrow raised curiously.


He confirmed, as the dog sniffed the pile of body parts, and snatched what looked like a forearm.

“Oh NO Bear, drop it!”

Haleigh: Come On, let him have it. He’s a good boy, he deserves a treat.

She said, snapping a picture of her own handiwork and typing some text out, still spinning that ring with her thumb.

“Fine. Over there, Bear.”

He said, with a snap of his fingers, pointing in the direction of a shady area, so he wouldn’t overheat while he snacked. Zach turned back to Haleigh, who was pulling off one of the surgical aprons from Kelly’s lab.

“So what did this.... person do to provoke your wrath?”

Haleigh: She refused to find white Calla Lilies. Tried some bullshit excuse about it being too early in the season for blooms.

That bitch.”

Haleigh turned to some young wisp of a guy that Zach hadn’t even noticed was cowering nearby.

Haleigh: YOU are going to get me Calla Lilies, aren’t you? Good. White Lilies, Black Roses, Red Orchids. And go find find me a fresh shirt.

The guy moved quickly in the direction of the mansion. Haleigh directed the wildpack men to find someone to take care of the mess she’d made, as she dropped the apron casually. Zach cleared his throat.

“I wanted to volunteer as part of the envoy to pick up the Europeans from the airport.”

Haleigh: You mean you want to get a jump start on charming the pants off one of the ladies?

“I want to ensure good relations are built from the moment they land.”

Haleigh: Mmhm. I’ve already selected a Wildpack Squad, you can go with them as an emissary. I’ll find you a partner so they European Kings don’t get neglected.

“My Queen, please. I’ll be professional.”

She laughed, because she knew him too well. Somebody came running up to them with a white silk button down, and Haleigh stripped off her bloodstained blouse right there in broad daylight. Zach made no attempt to hide his interest. She smiled and threw her dirty shirt at him.
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Black Widow

Twisted Metal
Hellfire Club
Real Name
Haleigh Davidoff
Hellfire New York
Earth Elemental; Technokinesis; Strength, Resilience, and Immunity due to the TO virus
Hellfire Gardens

It really infuriated her whenever some fool made excuses for why they wouldn’t do as she asked. And this coward knew she would piss off the White Queen, so she tried to send her assistant to deliver her stupid excuses. As if Haleigh couldn’t instantly locate her phone and show up there to drag her dumb ass back to Hellfire. Haleigh tore the woman to literal pieces before she could even beg for her life, all while the assistant clutched his clipboard in muted terror.

She felt a buzz down her spine, and dropped a mangled limb into the pile at her feet, as her phone appeared in her right hand. It was from her husband, and in her mind she could hear him saying it. Your king has been in a disciplinary mood today. I hope you’ve been a good girl. The implication sent a thrill through her and a smirk crept across her mouth. She spun her diamond ring out of habit as she bit her bottom lip.

Zach: My Queen, must you always make such a mess?

She looked up at the sound of her Rook’s voice, and then remembered her kill. She shrugged as if to say ‘what do you expect?’. She turned her phone towards him, because she was pretty sure she recognized the rear in the picture, but a lothario like Zach would certainly know.

“Who’s ass is this, his secretary’s?”

She asked curiously, and he confirmed her suspicion. Bear came over to lick Haleigh’s hand, and she lowered her left to allow it. When the blood was all gone she pet his head and neck. The dog went for a meaty bone, and Zach immediately objected. Haleigh went back to playing with her ring, and took a picture of the mutilated body, as she told Zach to let Bear have a treat. As Zach sent the dog to chew in the shade, Haleigh tapped out a response to her favorite man.

>>To Cameron: But if I’m a good girl, I won’t get the belt....

She replied with a smirk, hoping that would bring him home from the office a bit quicker. Otherwise she’d have to find a suitable substitute. She turned to look at Zach. She pulled off the apron she’d hope would keep her white clothes pristine, as Zach inquired about the dead body.

“She refused to find white Calla Lilies. Tried some bullshit excuse about it being to early in the season for blooms.”

Zach: That bitch.

See, he understood. Haleigh found that blood had splattered all over her blouse. At least her pencil skirt was still clean. She turned to the former Florist’s assistant.

“YOU are going to get me Calla Lilies, aren’t you?”

The boy nodded like a bobble-head.

“Good. White Lilies, Black Roses, Red Orchids. And go find me a fresh shirt.”

He practically evaporated. Haleigh wondered if, once the terror wore off, the guy would be grateful for his promotion. She told her guards to find someone to get rid of the body, discarding her apron as Zach prepared to ask her for something.

Zach: I wanted to volunteer as part of the envoy to pick up the Europeans from the airport.

Haleigh gave him a skeptical look. Zach only ever volunteered if women were going to be there.

“You mean you want to get a jump start on charming the pants off of one of the ladies?”

She challenged playfully.

Zach: I want to ensure good relations are built from the moment they land.

He insisted, which only made it sound worse. Relations, indeed.

“Mmhm. I’ve already selected a Wildpack Squad, you can go with them as an emissary. I’ll find you a partner so the European Kings don’t get neglected.

Zach: My Queen, please. I’ll be professional.

He said, but she just laughed. A servant brought her a new shirt, and she wasted no time pulling off her bloody one. Zach was riveted, but it made her smile. She threw her shirt at him, but of course he wasn’t discouraged at all. He was giving her that look, the one that said he knew that blood and violence turned her on. She slipped into the silk shirt and begun to button it up, very slowly. He licked his lips as he waited patiently. When she was done she slid her hand inside his arm and guided him back towards the mansion.

“How’s Heidi feeling lately?”

Zach: Okay, considering. I’m pretty sure she still hates the Vamp, and she never got along with that ice guy either. She was definitely pissed when she heard about the coup, but Jack’s been cooling her off.

“They’ve really hit it off, haven’t they?”

Zach: Seriously. She completely stopped sleeping with me.

“Is that going to be a problem?”

Zach: I dont think so, unless the Red Queen minds.

“I doubt she will even miss him, with all the extra attention you’ve been paying her.”

She suggested. He didn’t reply with anything more than a sly smile.


White Bishop
Hellfire Club
Real Name
Giuletta Christina Nefaria
New York City
Kinetic Energy Manipulation
Hellfire Mansion – Brothel

Gia, dressed in her standard, was on her phone, making and confirming plans that Haleigh, the new White Queen, needed in order for the big event in honour of the European Hellfire entourage that was heading their way. With regards to the coup? Gia treated as she would any other event: business as usual. Sure, she sometimes missed Helena and Diana, but other than that, she was okay. Being a mafia princess, especially with a father who had died while incarcerated, you had to learn to roll with the punches. Besides, she was friendly with Haleigh so the coup didn’t really affect her.

She pushed the door to the brothel open and went up to the bar. She ordered a beer, straight up, and turned to the stage…just in time to see the Black Princess putting on a show training the new girl. Gia chuckled and shook her head.

“Training one of the newbies, I see.”

The big beefy bartender was staring up at the stage, slack-jawed. He nodded slowly. Gia scoffed and watched as Cass headed back down to her seat.

Cass: “Starting from the top!”

The music started once more and this time, ALL the dancers did their job PERFECTLY. Cass stood up.

“Yes!! That’s what I’m talking about!”

Gia smiled and shook her head as Cass spotted her and headed for the bar. Her grey eyes cut to the bartender/brothel security as he let out a small moan. The Black Princess had a naughty look in her eye as she hopped up onto a stool.

Cass: “I’d like some sex on the beach, please.”

Gia watched as the bartender’s eyes widened as he bent over a bit. Gia rolled her eyes.

“She means the DRINK, genius.”

She looked at Cass, who gave her a ‘who, me?’ look.

“You are so bad.”

The bartender coughed in such a way that told them that he was very aroused. Gia met Cass’ ice-blue eyes and they both laughed. Once he delivered Cass her drink, and Gia had taken a pull of her beer, Cass began to get VERY naughty. Gia shook her head as Cass took out an ice cube and started to make a pattern on her chest, her eyes never leaving him. Gia sighed and chuckled. Cass was always teasing and taunting various people. Gia chuckled as the bartender actually smacked his lips. When Cass leaned across the bar, it was too much for him.

Bartender: *gruffly*: ”Cassandra!”

They were both laughing as he RAN into the back room. She handed Cass some napkins.

Cass: “Damn. I was going to have him LICK up the water.”

Gia swatted her. Cass grinned as she used the napkins to wipe the water from her breasts. She picked up her drink and Gia followed her to the couch.

Cass: “Remember when I first came here? No, wait. Remember when, AFTER I’ve been in Kelly’s lab for a million years, both Diana and Helena - perfect, Madison! Perfect! - still didn’t trust me and so they ‘punished’ me by making me be one of these dancers?”

Gia remembered that. Being a dancer back then was the lowest of the lows. It was really designed to demean, demoralize, and humiliate a person, but somehow Cass had rose above all that and made the dancers into something more. Gia laughed.

“It was the first time I really ever had seen Diana flummoxed by something.”

Now the dancers – both male and female – were people to be admired somewhat. And, if all went well for them here, they were ‘promoted’ to perform over at Cass’ other business, Club XS. XS was a pretty wild nightclub to say the least. It was mainly for the ‘commonfolk’, the people who WEREN’T special enough to gain membership to Hellfire. Of course, Hellfire, specifically members of the Inner Circle, had their own VIP access area there as well. Dancers from Hellfire were ‘promoted’ to be servers there as well as performing in metal cages hanging from the ceiling.

Cass: *sighing*: “Sometimes I really miss those bitches.”

She clinked her cocktail glass against Gia’s beer bottle.

Cass: “To Diana and Helena.”

“To Diana and Helena.”

Gia looked around the room.

“You did a great job with this whole thing, Ruby. I’m really impressed.”

Cass: “Why thank you. I do my best.”

On rare occasions, Cass sometimes liked to perform with her dancers and it was always a huge hit with the crowd, Gia recalled.

“Your girls are doing amazing.”

Gia leaned her head against Cass’ as they watched the routine, Cass calling out instructions once in a while.


'bout to show you what Hell looks like
Hellfire Club
Real Name
Aleksander Hallbjörn
New York City
The Gardens

The Red King had spent midday taking report from his people, his purpose twofold. One: to make sure that security would be airtight while the European Court members were guests at the mansion. And two: to make sure that nothing would happen during their visit that his spies didn't know about. Of course, diplomacy's sake necessitated that the Euros didn't know they were being watched, which was why preparations were being seen to by him personally.

Not that he gave a fuck about these pretenders with such a high and mighty view of themselves. Everyone knew that the New York branch of Hellfire was the most powerful, the most influential. So for their courts to have to entertain these second rate leaders who looked down their noses at them when, quite frankly, they seemed to bring disaster with them wherever they went - it was insulting. But this was Haleigh's baby, so he was going to play nice. But that didn't mean he wasn't going to make sure they got something out of it. Plus, there had to be one of them that was a nice enough piece of ass to keep him from having to pretend he wanted to fuck his queen.

He needed a beer, and a shower, before he dressed for the evening. But first, he had something to discuss with the White Queen. She was in the gardens, and so now he was too. He paused to straighten his suit jacket, taking time to fix the cuffs so they were just so. Alek took pride in his appearance, his choice of clothing always impeccable, everything always crisp and clean. His white dress shirt was open at the collar, revealing a small chunk of the massive scar that ran over his chest. He smoothed his hair which was tied back from his face, and continued on the path. It didn't take long to find her, and he raised an eyebrow as some Wildpack guards carried a clearly dead body past him.

Haleigh was wearing a skirt that hugged the athletic curves of her ass and where it gave way to her legs, and he made sure to appreciate it for a few moments before he approached her.


He spoke formally, but his eyes were looking at her intimately.

"You smell like blood."

He moved his body close to hers.

"I like it."

His grin said what else he'd like, but after a moment he stepped back, and held up his iPad.

"I assume you've seen this."

Video feed from one of the security cameras played.

Cass: “To Diana and Helena.”

“To Diana and Helena.”
He held her gaze for a moment, the grin now gone from his face.

"This is a problem. One that you and Ava need to fix, or I will."

He hadn't risked everything so that the others courts could let their undisciplined members make them look weak in front of their guests.
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Frenzied Beast
Real Name
Arthur John Savage
Hellfire Club - - The Garage

Savage was half hidden under his ’73 Challenger, cussing each time he racked his knuckles trying to break a stubborn bolt free. He had the driveshafts disconnected, he had the exhaust dropped, he had the transmission cradled and ready to be pulled. He’d removed the starter, and the master cylinder, and every other thing that had been in his way. And it was this last seized bolt, that no amount of PB Blaster would free up.

He needed a better angle, but he was up to his elbows and the space he had allowed for one small ratchet, and not much else. He grunted in frustration for several minutes, and then he decided to just fling the wrench across the floor. He grabbed hold of the transmission with both hands and started to rock it sideways and back, until the head of the bolt snapped and the gearbox pulled lose.

“FUCK me.”

He growled. He hated to do it, but after hours of work, he was just fed up. He could easily replace the bolt. All that, just to swap out the clutch. He laid under the car, staring up at the newly exposed pressure plate, and then he reached for his beer bottle. Empty. Of fucking course. He rolled out from under the chassis, tossing his bottle into the trash can, and then he wiped his hands with a greasy shop towel. He was leaned over the cooler when he realized a familiar scent was mixed with the leather and gas smells that were usually found here in the garage.

My Queen..... how long have you been there?”

He asked, when he spotted Her.

“If I’d known you wanted to see me, I’d have cleaned up a little.”

He joked, shaking his hair back from his face.
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Birds of Prey
Real Name
Ashley Oldenburg
Ability to instill self-doubt, turmoil and intimidation
The Garage

The Red Queen slinked into the garage, wearing a pair of deep red cigarette pants and a sleeveless top with a plunging V neckline of the same color. In preparation for tonight, she wanted her closest people around her. They needed to project the strength and power of the Red Court - and most importantly to be envied and adored by their European guests. She was the only female on the Red Court by design, her inner circle unquestioningly loyal. Not to mention large, muscular, and gorgeous.

She stood there, amidst the parts and tools, with her arms crossed over her chest, trying to decide whether the half of Savage she could see was better or worse looking than the half she couldn't. She could tell something wasn't going right under the car, and she first watched a wrench clatter across the floor, and then him pull the gearbox clean out. A smile played on her lip. Frustration like that could be channeled into so many other things...

“FUCK me.”
And he was already reading her mind. He emerged from under the car, looking for another beer. She continued to admire the full package, now that it was totally revealed. And then his body tensed, and she could tell he knew she was watching.

"Got one for me?"

She smiled at him, raising an eyebrow.

Savage said:
My Queen..... how long have you been there?”
She stepped forward towards him.

"Oh, long enough."

The smile turned into a smirk.

"Please tell me the car didn't win, after all that."

Savage said:
“If I’d known you wanted to see me, I’d have cleaned up a little.”
She was directly in front of him now, and she put her hands on his chest.

"You know I like it dirty."

She smiled up into his face, reaching up to twirl a piece of his wild hair between her fingers.

"I need you by my side tonight, my Knight. We must show these Europeans where the real power lies."


Black Knight
Hellfire Club
Real Name
Amanda Soto
Mutagenic Physiology
Colombia University - Lecture Hall

"And I think it's good we conclude the class in discussing this particular line..."

Professor Amanda Soto sat perched on the top of her desk in the lecture hall, her long silken legs crossed one over the other as her ankles locked together, delicately bouncing up and down as she spoke. She looked like a beautiful predator and she was. Every way she moved and spoke seemed to be for the ultimate goal of stalking her prey. She could charm a snake, so to speak. Pulling her glasses from her face, she bit the stem on it for a moment, appearing lost in thought as she set them down on the table and stood on her incredibly high heels with ease.

"I want you to be weak. As weak as I am..."


"We read this at the beginning of the semester. What's it from?"

A young and eager student rose their hand as Amanda nodded in his direction.

"The Unbearable Lightness of Being."

She gave the student a look of approval as she began to pace through the lecture hall, her heels creating an almost hypnotic like sound as they clicked up and down on the wooden floors of the lecture hall.

"When we write true...literary erotica, it's crucial that we craft a prose that is both meaningful and yet simple..."

Her hands gesticulated to emphasize her point, invoking the feel of a conductor as she spoke.

"Now, we know the context of that line, and of using power exchange in exploring sexual dynamics in fiction. It has many layers. And yet, if you were not to know the context, to not know where it came from? It is the kind of sentence that begs to be analyzed. Causes one to reflect on it against our own memories. Prose like this answers questions..and asks them."

Amanda scanned the class, amused with herself. People were very easy to encapsulate, and her looks...well that just helped things along. Amanda was a literary scholar and accomplished writer in her own right. She blended graphic subject matter with deliciously provocative prose and it had made her the premiere authority on LIterary Erotica. She collected degrees like they were her paychecks, and she had been adopted as a baby by a very wealthy and prominent family. Amanda never needed to work, so she was truly driven by her passions, which led her to teaching at Colombia University, and caused her to stay as a dedicated and decorated Black Knight of The Hellfire Club.

Her eyes met a handsome blonde boy with silver eyes in the front row, as she anticipated. She sauntered over to him.

"Kyle...what questions does this sentence bring up for you?"

The boy's face flushed red for a moment. He was a confident guy, but not the best at expressing opinions in groups of people, unlike his mother, who's political career was beginning to impede on the work of MysTech and by proxy, The Hellfire Club.

"Uh..I mean, I think it's kinda sick. Who wants to make someone weaker?"

Amanda smirked.

"Perhaps if he knew he was dying soon, he might have more to say..."

"A lot of people, Kyle. For a lot of reasons. You're only looking at the surface. Haven't you ever..lusted after something or..someone when you know you shouldn't?"

Knowingly Amanda adjusted the large gold necklace in between her cleavage as she said this, her olive skin reflecting beautiful even beneath the flourescent lighting.

Kyle: "I guess so."

"Or have you ever just loved something so badly and so deeply that you wanted to destroy it completely..because it destroyed you? Consume it with your fangs and devour it whole?"

She watched Kyle become increasingly embarrassed. Amanda had been doing this to him for weeks. She was not the kind of woman who shot people from buildings far away, she liked to get to know her prey, to understand the kind of death they would like or deserve, and enact it with an operatic like drama. And it was why she remembered all the names of the many people who had lost their lives in her hands in service to Hellfire.

Kyle: "I mean maybe I'm not as advanced as you are, Professor."

The bell in the Lecture Hall began to ring as people began to file out. She was going to give them homework, but she also wanted to enjoy her weekend, so she let them pour out the doors in hordes. Her eyes remained locked with Kyle Kelly's as she gestured for him to stay back and take a seat after class, something that was becoming a regular thing. Soon, the two of them were alone as a certain amount of lights on timers began to flicker off, leaving a sultry light on in the center of the room.

"So have you been doing the exercises we've been going over?"

Kyle: "I really have. I think my writing is getting a lot better."

It wasn't.

"It has Kyle, it's just..."

Amanda leaned against her desk as craned her head back as if she was stretching to give Kyle a full look of her immaculate body and long black hair. She snapped back into reality and commanded his gaze in her eyes as she leaned over and down towards him, her cleavage in dangerous view.

"For this program..I require a certain level of committment. I don't produce burnout writers with no vision. I produce literary icons. If you plan to continue in this program, I am going to need to know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that you are committed. That you are ready to become what I can make you, Kyle."

Kyle: "I'm ready, Professor. I promise. I've never been more serious about anything in my life. I want to write. I have to."

Spinning on her heels, she returned to her desk chair and opened the bottom drawer, producing a velvet case of some kind and a messy journal with many scribbles, all a mysterious red ink. Kyle began to become enthralled with Amanda, suddenly eager to do whatever she wanted.

"Then you have no problem with a blood oath?"

Kyle: "Blood...blood oath?"

Amanda smiled as she walked back over to him, popping open the case to show a beautiful and ornate antique ink pen in black.

"Come on, Kyle. You're a writer. You know if there is any oath worth taking, it must be done in blood. Every student I've personally mentored is in the pages of this book. This journal. This book contains some very successful, very important names, and really..these names are their signatures. Written in their own blood."

Kyle should have been nervous, but he wasn't, thanks to Amanda's unique charm.

Kyle: "Uh..I'll..I'll do it."

"Now, before you do. Understand that I do not break my promises. If you give yourself to me, I can shape you into the writer..into the man that you can be. Your name in blood reassures me that you understand on a deep level what I might require."

Kyle: "I..I understand."

Amanda smirked. This was far more dramatic than it needed to be, but so was Kyle Kelly. This was partly how she got around the morality of her line of work. Sometimes she didn't want to kill the people she needed to kill. She got to know her marks, find something good in them. As she watched Kyle prick his finger and sign his name in a book that she had completely made up the night before after she had gotten a bit bored, it brought her great pleasure.

"Good boy, Kyle...Now.."

She leaned in and pressed her lips to his right earlobe with her warm breath.

"Go home."

A disheveled Kyle began to make his way out of the lecture hall in a haze, not sure if what just happened was real or a dream, so wrapped up in the charm of Amanda's snake like intensity. He would go home and try to sleep before breaking out in a cold sweat. The poison dipped quill would cause the highest concentration of Amanda's venom to course through his body as his tissue would begin to die and decay. In less than three minutes, he would be unable to breath and in less than five minutes, he would die by watching his own body decay in front of him, from his bedroom in the house of Senator Sharon Kelly. It would never be traced back to her, and Sharon would never be able to prove it, but she would know, deep down, that somebody murdered her child, and if she continued to push against the businesses of The Hellfire Club, specifically Cassadine Corporation, she would find HERSELF dead. But at least he would die thinking he might have been a really good writer. (he wasn't).

Now that she was alone, Amanda allowed herself to relax a little, pulling a bottle of expensive white tequila from her desk drawer, taking a few shots as she looked at her cartier tennis watch. She would need to be prepared for the mixer, something she was actually looking forward to. At the very least, today had given her a scandalous parlor story to tell, and besides, there were faces that were suddenly looking very appetizing, and on the heels of a European invasion, Amanda was ready to let loose, and make a bit of beautiful mess. Slinging her Birken over her shoulder, she walked out of the Lecture Hall and into a private black town car that was waiting for her, as it always was, like clockwork everyday, as she jetted off to the Hellfire Mansion, and entered it's doors.


Treacherous Bitch
Hellfire Club
Real Name
Ava Cassadine
New York City
Weather Elemental, Animal Control/Communication, Enhanced Senses and Strength

Ava's hand gently slid down the Onyx's velvet black coat, her panther sitting obediently by her side as she evaluated the dresses being presented to her.


Even Onyx seemed unimpressed, although every time the young girl's skirt shifted to the side revealing her toned thigh, a low growl could be heard coming deep within his chest. Ava's lips curled into a smirk as she patted her panther's shoulder, knowing how desperately he wanted to snack on fresh meat.

"Easy boy..."

He licked his long fangs as the girl looked nervously over her shoulder before she presented Ava with yet another dress. Letting out an exasperated sigh, the girl quickly put that dress back and snatched another one from the rack quickly to show Ava, her face filled with a nervous fear. Ava narrowed her midnight eyes, scanning down the length of the black material as she tilted her head to the side.


The girl wasn't breathing, quite literally.


A smile tugged on her wine stained lips as the girl let out a sigh of relief. Gently laughing, she uncrossed her legs and stood from her sofa, walking over to the girl and taking the dress from her.

"See....that wasn't so hard."

Ava brushed past the girl who had a mega watt smile, acting as if she had just won the lottery - or her life. Glancing over her shoulder at Onyx, Ava casually tossed her mixer dress onto her bed as she made her way over to her mini bar.


Onyx growled and the girls eyes immediately went wide in horror, a blood curdling scream soon following as Onyx leapt with a skillful ease, his jaw crushing around the girls neck and taking her to the ground like the prey that she was. Ava turned around, swirling the large sphered cube of ice in her tumbler of scotch, watching as Onyx's jaws remained secure around the girls throat, suffocating her. Her body jerked beneath him, eyes glazed with terror, until finally the movement subsided.

Sipping her drink, Ava walked back over to her sofa and took a seat. Picking up her cellphone from the coffee table, she began to text her Rook.

>I need another stylist.

Sending the text, Ava's eyes lifted to see Onyx begin to rip the girl's stomach cavity open, blood pooling all over her dark wood floors.

>And a maid.
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Birds of Prey
Real Name
Zachary Armani
Hellfire Club - - The Gardens

He knew she wanted a good fucking. There was never any other reason a woman took off her shirt in front of him. Plus it was Haleigh, who always wanted fucking, especially after a kill. He watched her, even as her shirt fluttered against his chest and fell to the grass. She put a fresh shirt on, tantalizingly slow. He licked his lips. Any second now, and she’d be pulling him back behind the hedges. She took his arm, and guided him down the path back to the mansion. Oh, she wanted to go inside for it? That was fine too.

She started asking about Heidi, no doubt because of the history between their White Knight and the Europeans. He filled her in on Heidi’s emotional state, and mentioned that the Red Bishop was helping. Haleigh made a comment about how well the two were getting along. Zach told her that Heidi had even stopped sleeping with him, which they both recognized as a sign. Neither of them really cared, though, so long as it wasn’t going to be a problem. Zach noted that the Red Queen might object.

Haleigh: I doubt she will even miss him, with all the extra attention you’ve been paying to her.

He knew his smile looked like the cat that got the canary, but he couldn’t get it off his face, even when he wiped his beard with one hand. Then the Red King was there, and Zach’s smile was gone. Haleigh’s hand slipped from Zach’s arm as she turned to greet Alek.

Fucking cock block.

He thought bitterly. Alek purposely leaned in close to Haleigh, and made a lame attempt at flirting. Haleigh had to flirt back, and Zach understood. She couldn’t very well snub the Red King, not without a negative effect on the strength of the Inner Circle in its entirety. This was quite probably the one time Zach would’ve been happy to see Mr. King show up unexpectedly. Alek showed Haleigh something on his iPad. Zach clearly heard Cass, and then Gia. They both toasted to Diana and Helena. Zach inhaled deeply, his eyebrows raising in surprise. This would not go over well with any of the current Queens. Haleigh’s tone was steely and cold.

Haleigh: A toast to ghosts.

Alek: This is a problem. One that you and Ava need to fix, or I will.

Haleigh turned back to Zach, finding his gaze.

Haleigh: You’ll take Gia with you to pick up the Europeans.

“Should I advise her that the dead queens are best forgotten?”

Haleigh: If I say something about it, it will be that if she misses my mother so much, she’s welcome to JOIN HER.

“You needn’t worry. I’ll take care of it.”

He assured his Queen, and without so much as a glance at Alek, he disappeared. He reappeared in the brothel, still holding his watch. Several dancers were practicing a routine. A hot routine. Zach focused his attention to the bar, where Cass and Gia were.

“Good afternoon, ladies. Gia, we have a mission.”


Pure Apathy
The Sisterhood
Real Name
Kelly Shaw
Omnisight, Mystical Detection, Techno Magick, Weaponry
The Zenith Group

"I killed a security guard and an intern on my way in, so she's understandably nervous. Give the girl a break, Cameron."

Cameron: "Really, Mom?"

"I could use a little less judgment from YOU, boy. Especially considering you've spent the afternoon tanning the ass of your secretary."

Kelly met her eyes with the secretary, who for the first time was seeming to appear nervous. Kelly had that effect on people.

"Don't just stand there, young lady. I believe there is a bottle of hemlock on reserve for me in the staff kitchen?"

The secretary quickly left the room as Kelly eyed her the entire way out of the office before turning back to face her son with a bemused and sinister smile.

"Your staff certainly is beautiful, Cameron. But you might want to hand out an aptitude test every now and then."

She walked over to her son and embraced him in as warm of a hug as she was able to muster in her body, which wasn't much as she kissed him on the cheek, squeezing his shoulders as she took a seat in HIS chair at his desk as the secretary returned with her ice cold class of Hemlock, to which she wrapped her manicured fingers around the flute and took a long sip.

"So how is my favorite son?'

Cameron: "You mean your only son?"

"Semantics. But go on.."

Kelly loved to push her son's buttons. He had always been the cockiest, most self assured child she had ever encounter, and Kelly bred that in him. She was surrounded by beasts in her adolescence, and she needed to make sure Cameron was STRONG. He may have been her only son, but he was definitely her favorite child. Her daughters never needed her, but Cameron did. Always tugging at her skirt and asking to be held. She almost never obliged, but to know there was a person in this world that loved her and needed her this much, it stroked her ego and stoked her literary mind. She had nurtured his killer instinct, his loyalty for his family. She had MADE him the King that he now was, both by last name and title within The Hellfire Club. He protected her legacy at Hellfire, which was something VERY important to her. She was the only survivor of the last uprising and while she had relinquished her crown, she would not hesitate to let the rest of The Inner Circle know that she could crush it all if she truly wanted to. There were ways to bring Helena and Diana back, but this group of novices gave her better options, more wiggle room. It was the only reason she allowed it to continue.

Cameron: "You really want to hear about my day?"

The doctor took another sip of her hemlock as she admired her nails for a moment and tucked a few strands of hair behind her ear with ease before her eyes met his. One trait of their bloodlines was their icy blue cobalt eyes. They all had them.

"Not especially. I was just taking a stab at being maternal. You know if I live long enough, I just might get it."

She stood from Cameron's desk chair and opened her purse, plopping a prescription bottle of bills onto the desk.

"Mostly...I just came to drop off this. It's the new prototype for 'M'. It's good stuff."

M was her own synthetic creation which acted as a form of ecstacy that only effected mutants. It did interesting things to their powers, gave them an incredible euphoric feeling, and was...of course incredibly addictive.

"I'm going to give Archer a test run of the stuff. See how much he moves. Could be a fun little side hustle. I mean at this point in my life, why not become a drug king pin."

Cameron: "Well for one, you're a lot smarter than that. And two, you're a King. Our family pushing street drugs is a little. Well it's trashy. We move weapons, not coke."

Kelly laughed. She actually enjoyed watching him believe he had any say in whatever it was that she wanted to do.

"We'll introduce Archer introduce it to London..wait for it to become a pandemic. I'll release a treatment pill, we'll open up rehab centers and in five years tops, I'll have a never ending supply of mutants nobody cares about to experiment on. I may not be involved in the day to day, but don't forget my son, I haven't lost my touch."

Cameron: "Touche."

"Has your wife?"

Talisman licked her lips as she asked the pointed question. The fact that her son was married to something that was the creation of Christopher Victory, in short, disgusted her. But Cameron's love for her was sadistically fierce and passionate. He coveted Haleigh above all others. She belonged to him and vice versa. Talisman tended to tread lightly and did what any other mother who hated her daughter in law would do - make passive aggressive digs to devalue her whenever she got. Cameron lost it, walking right up to his mother, their noses almost touching.

Cameron: "Imply that my Queen has lost her touch again, and I will take you to the Aqua Ring and make you watch her tear your body apart."

Kelly smuldered in Cameron's gaze, their eyes both the same level of intense. She loved to know this Cameron was still there. Somebody so protective, so loyal that he would kill and tear and bite and murder and PILLAGE. It was his best quality.

"Down, boy."

They broke each other's gaze as Kelly made her way towards the chaise lounge by the bookcase in Cameron's office, crossing her legs, unbothered by the interaction the two of them just had.

"I was simply checking. I promise I did not just come here to pester you about your....wife and give you drugs I promise."

She thought for a moment about how she was going to spin this one to Cameron.

"It's about your sister, Erika. I've invited her to visit for awhile."


Red Princess
Hellfire Club
Real Name
Cassandra Johnson
Los Angeles
Psionic, Psychokinesis, Levitation, Hypnosis
Hellfire Club – Burlesque House

:: Cass and Gia were back at the bar, this time taking some shots and laughing. Actually, CASS was laughing while Gia just sat there, looking nervous. ::

“Oh, come on. It’s just a harmless prank.”

Gia: “One that we talked about AGES ago!”

:: Cass shrugged her shoulders. Sure, they had talked about pranking Alek by saying something completely indecent somewhere in Hellfire where they knew it would be picked up by cameras and audio feed a long time ago, but hey. No time like the present. It’s not as if they were swearing allegiance to two dead bitches, after all. Cass had made sure that it would SEEM like it. If anything, Cass would take full responsibility for pranking the Red King. She wasn’t too worried. She had survived MUCH worse. Also, she had been known as a prankster back in the day. Sadly, it had stopped when she tried to prank Diana – completely forgetting that Malice was a telepath. ::

*scoffing*: “Oh, come on. We haven’t committed treason for real; we merely just said something just to give His Majesty a happy – the thought of us being banished from this place forever!”

:: Cass downed a shot. ::

“You know how much he dislikes us.”

:: Zach appeared before them. ::

*naughtily*: “Your decoy is pretty amazing in bed...care to challenge that?”

:: Alas, Zach was all business. ::

Zach: “Good afternoon, ladies. Gia, we have a mission.”

:: Cass raised her eyebrows at Gia, but the White Bishop looked scared as hell. Cass sighed and helped Gia off her stool and directed her to Zach. ::

“Have fun, guys.”

Black Widow

Twisted Metal
Hellfire Club
Real Name
Haleigh Davidoff
Hellfire New York
Earth Elemental; Technokinesis; Strength, Resilience, and Immunity due to the TO virus
Hellfire Club - - The Gardens

She could feel his eyes on her. Well really, she could see him checking her out on the surveillance feed. It didn’t bother her. Zach seemed to stand up straighter, though.

Alek: Haleigh.


She returned in a sultry tone as she released Zach and turned to face the Red King. She locked eyes with Alek, an enticing smirk on her lips. There was just something about her favorite sparring partner that always made her nipples hard enough to cut glass.

Maybe I should have worn a bra today.... nah, fuck it.

Alek: You smell like blood. I like it.

“Then you’ll LOVE the slippery new stain I just made on the lawn.”

She said, running her hand through her hand to adjust the way it was being affected by the light breeze in the afternoon air. Her eyes scanned his body slowly. He always looked good, and she liked to appreciate the way his musculature stretched his clothes, and be reminded of his strength.

“By the way, I fired the Florist. Not that you should care, but I know you like to be kept abreast of Hellfire staffing changes.”

Alek: I assume you’ve seen this.

He said, showing her a clip of Gia and Cass at the Brothel. She hadn’t seen it yet, but then she’d been busy.

“A toast to ghosts.”

She said coldly, looking up at him, a hard expression that made it clear she wasn’t amused. He wasn’t any happier about it.

Alek: This is a problem. One that you and Ava need to fix, or I will.

She nodded in agreement. If she handled insolence in the same manner her mother had, the two girls would be summoned to an Inner Circle conclave, to be humiliated and made an example of. But Haleigh knew there were other ways to skin the proverbial cat. The Black Princess was clearly the instigator, but her own White Bishop showed poor judgement in going along with it, instead of scolding Cass for her disloyalty. Haleigh turned to her White Rook.

“You’ll take Gia with you to pick up the Europeans.”

Zach: Should I advise her that the dead queens are best forgotten?

“If I say something about it, it will be that if she misses my mother so much, she’s welcome to JOIN HER.”

Zach: You needn’t worry. I’ll take care of it.

He replied, and then he was gone. Haleigh’s gaze went back to the Red King’s. Her chest heaved as she sighed deeply.

“Now as for the Black Princess. I can’t imagine Ava needs another reason to hate her. Perhaps you and I should speak with her instead.”


Frenzied Beast
Real Name
Arthur John Savage
Hellfire Club - - The Garage

The Red Knight had earned himself another beer, after finally getting the transmission separated from the engine. He left it sitting in the cradle. He had several newly exposed bolts to remove to get the pressure plate off, and then the new clutch kit could go on. But he would need a different size socket for these, and a fresh brew to quench his thirst. After rolling out from under the hot rod, he noticed he wasn’t alone.

Ash: Got one for me?

She asked, when he had his hand stuck down in the ice water. He turned to smile at Her. He always had one for Her. After all, She was his Queen. He pulled two bottles out instead of one, and straightened up to his full height, asking how long She’d been there to determine how much She heard.

Ash: Oh, long enough. Please tell me the car didn’t win, after all that.

“Well... YOU would have called it winning. She did get me to man handle her.”

He replied, and then he told Her that if he’d known she wanted to see him, he would have gotten cleaned up for Her. He was sweaty, for one, and smeared with grease. Her hands slid over him anyway.

Ash: You know I like it dirty.

An aroused growl rumbled in his chest. She touched his hair, smiling for him.

Ash: I need you by my side tonight, My Knight. We must show these Europeans where the real power lies.

“Then we shall.”

He replied simply, his dark hazel eyes finding Hers. His free hand slid from Her hip around to the small of Her back, and he abruptly pulled Her body against his.

“Is there anything else I can do for My Queen?”

He asked in a deep tone, flicking the cap off a bottle of beer with the tip of his thumb and offering it to Her.
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Birds of Prey
Real Name
Ashley Oldenburg
Ability to instill self-doubt, turmoil and intimidation
The Garage

Ash nibbled on the nail of her index finger as she watched him pull two beers out of the cooler and stand tall. Very tall. She congratulated herself on having such a fine specimen as her Knight. She asked if if he or the car had won.

“Well... YOU would have called it winning. She did get me to man handle her.”
The hint of a chuckle came across her features, and she lowered her lashes over her eyes, her gaze dripping with lust.

"A trick any woman worth having would know."

He seemed concerned about cleaning himself up, which seemed out of place in a man like this, but which showed the regard in which he held her. As it should be. But he knew a little dirty never bothered her, and she said so. She heard the growl coming from his chest. There it was. The beast. The wolf. It made something low in her body tingle with anticipation. His beast drew her to him, just as it had with Alek when they had first met what now seemed so long ago. The wildness of him, the loss of control, the surrender to baser instincts - it excited her. She touched his hair, teasing him with a smile. He didn't question her when she spoke of the display they must make for the Europeans, just assented and looked into her eyes.

His hand slid to her back, and her body began to purr. When he pulled her roughly against him, her smile broadened to a grin like the Cheshire cat. She could see his devotion, feel it.

Savage said:
“Is there anything else I can do for My Queen?”
There was a time when there was no one but Alek. She had always had a view of sex and monogamy as less important than most people made it, but with Alek, she didn't want anyone else. That was in the beginning, before she realized he wasn't the man she'd thought he was. AJ opened her beer with an incredibly sexy move of his thumb and offered it to her. She reached up and took it from him, her eyes not leaving his as she took a long drink , then set it down on a tool cabinet within reach. Her court was loyal. Even Alek - no matter if they despised each other behind closed doors, they always presented a united front when it came to Hellfire matters. They were a family of sorts. They had all been in the trenches together in the days of Helena. And then as now, Ashley cultivated their love, their desire, and in return thrived off of it.


Her hands which had been near his shoulders slid down his chest to the hem of his shirt.

"If you're going to insist on doing these kind of repairs yourself, at least do it without a shirt on."

She pulled his shirt up slowly, revealing tight golden brown abs and muscled chest. She pulled it up over his head and tossed it aside. He smelled of man, and her hips automatically pressed against his. The fingers of her right hand moved to trail precariously at her chest.

"Hmm...maybe you should show me what you've been working on...I wouldn't want to get grease on my shirt, though. Whatever will we do?"


White Bishop
Hellfire Club
Real Name
Giuletta Christina Nefaria
New York City
Kinetic Energy Manipulation
Hellfire Mansion – Burlesque House

Gia was sitting at the bar, feeling dismayed and uncertain…and here was the Black Princess, downing shots and laughing like this wasn’t a big deal.

Cass: “Oh, come on. It’s just a harmless prank.”

“One that we talked about AGES ago!”

Gia was upset about this. Perhaps she was having flashbacks to Diana’s reign of terror, but they just pranked the Red fucking KING. Cass scoffed.

Cass: “Oh, come on. We haven’t committed treason for real; we merely just said something just to give His Majesty a happy – the thought of us being banished from this place forever! You know how much he dislikes us.”

Gia opened her mouth to say something when the White Rook appeared. Cass perked up when she saw him.

Cass: *naughtily*: “Your decoy is pretty amazing in bed...care to challenge that?”

Gia rolled her eyes. 90% of the time, all the Black Princess could think about was sex, alcohol, shopping, and having fun…but mostly sex. The other 10% was when she was most dangerous. She had a bewitching beauty about her and a charming personality, but if you cross her or ANY of her loved ones – and Gia knew that she WASN’T included in this group – you would pay the consequences. Cass had been known to intimidate some – if not all – of the servants and maidservants here just because she could.

Zach: “Good afternoon, ladies. Gia, we have a mission.”

Instantly Gia felt as if ICE cold water had been thrown at her. Cass sighed and helped her off the stool and then handed her over to Zach.

Cass: “Have fun.”


Cass: *annoyed*: “Gia, GET YOUR SHIT TOGETHER. You’re having flashbacks to Diana. Diana is GONE – may her soul rot in hell for all eternity.”

That smartened Gia up. When the Black Princess started to get annoyed, it was best to instantly backpedal. Gia nodded while Cass looked at Zach.

Cass: “Be sure to ask her about the prank we just played on the Red King. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go find Ben; see what he’s up to.”

Distracted once more, this time by the only man in the world to have actually won her heart somehow, the Black Princess breezed through the doors to be greeted by her dog.

Cass: *excitedly; baby voice*: “BEAR! Let’s go find Ben, huh? Where is he? Let’s go find Ben!”

Gia stared at the door, listening to Bear’s excited barking as he and his mistress took off. Instantly her back straightened and she turned back to Zach.

“I have no idea as to how the Black Bishop could have possibly won her heart. It’s a complete mystery. The girl views pretty much everybody as a potential fuck buddy.”

Back to business now. She cleared her throat.

“So what’s this mission about?”


Mutant Policeman
Birds of Prey
Real Name
John Steele
New York City
Body tranforms into organic steel
Outside the Black Queen's Suite

Steel stood outside his Queen's rooms, alert and at attention. Ready. As the Queen's enforcer, it was his job to make sure she stayed safe, and he took his job seriously. The mansion was safe...until it wasn't. Helena and Diana had found that out. It would not happen to Ava. Not while he drew breath.

He remembered that day.

Are you with us, or against us?

With you, with you, always and forever, with you.

He had met Ava when he was little more than the punk kid from the streets of East London, doing petty, small time crimes and going nowhere. But Ava had always seen more in him. Now he was her Rook, and there was nowhere else he would even think of being.

She was inside, trying on dresses for tonight. He didn't like having her out of his sight, but it would not be appropriate for him to be present during her fitting. Besides, Onyx was with her, and the panther would die for his mistress. And raise the alarm whilst doing it. He could imagine his Queen, slipping into beautiful gown after beautiful gown...all revealing her perfect form...

He banished thoughts of what was going on inside from his head. Must not think like that.

A growl and a scream came from inside, but he knew it wasn't Ava's voice he'd heard. Not that she would ever scream in that way. Not in terror. No, Ava had given Onyx a treat. And as if on cue, he heard his phone alert him that his Queen had sent him a text. Then another.

>I need another stylist.

>And a maid.
He pressed a button and put the phone to his ear. He gave the soldier who picked up explicit instructions on the stylist he was to retrieve immediately for the Black Queen, not taking no for an answer. This wasn't the first stylist to meet with Ava's displeasure, so John had made a point to note the name of the next best stylist in New York, for just such an eventuality. His next call was to have a maid sent to his Queen's suite immediately. He put his phone on vibrate, and tucked it away politely before rapping on the door.

"My Queen? May I enter?"

He didn't open the door until she gave him leave to. He stepped inside and stood formally in front of her.

"Your new stylist and maid will be here presently. May I escort you to another location while your suite is cleaned?"

Onyx came over to investigate his presence, his nose pressing into his hand and tongue giving it an exploratory lick. So identified, Steel reached up and gave the panther's head a scratch before it returned to its meal.


Birds of Prey
Real Name
Zachary Armani
Hellfire Club - - The Brothel

Zach appeared in the Black Bordello, looking for the White Bishop, hoping to get her out of the mansion before Haleigh’s fury blossomed. Gia and Cass were pregaming, throwing back shots of something, as Zach ignored the hot new dance number and told Gia they had been given a mission. She was apprehensive, as if she’d been caught doing something wrong and knew she was in trouble, and to Zach, it was delicious. He smiled cruelly.

Cass: Your decoy is pretty amazing in bed.... care to challenge that?

Zach turned his head to look at her, the sharp smirk still on his lips, his gaze piercing.

“Princess... a gelded pony is no challenge to a stallion.”

He told her confidently. He was not at all threatened by his own LMD, which had the stamina, strength and skill, but none of the supernatural powers. Zach himself was capable of so much more. He could have made her come without ever even touching her. He could also have put her in such a heightened state of arousal that no orgasm would ever be able to slake her desire. It would be torturous for the Black Princess, but Zach would feast on her frustrated misery, and take great pleasure from it. It was tempting, but his Queen hadn’t authorized any action against Cass, which meant he’d be taking a risk to teach her a lesson. He wasn’t much of a gambler, so instead he turned back to Gia.

“We can’t be late.”

He said tactfully. She was helped off the barstool by Cass, which made Zach raise a critical eyebrow. Was she drunk? He was not in the mood to deal with drunk. Gia timorously questioned the Black Princess, who immediately rebuked her. Curiously, Cass cursed Diana, now that Zach was here to witness it.

Cass: Be sure to ask her about the prank we just played on the Red King.

Oh, just a prank, was it? Covering your cute little ass, are you Princess? Too late for that now....

He thought, as she made herself scarce. Gia wondered how Cass could possibly love Ben, but Zach didn’t attempt to explain it. Love struck like lightning, there was no predicting where or why.

Gia: So what’s this mission about?

Zach put his hand on the small of her back to guide her towards the convoy he knew Haleigh would have waiting for them.

“We are to escort the Europeans from their jet to the mansion. And on our way to the airport, we’ll discuss your perfidious prank.”