Madonna confirms she dated Tupac

Carol Peletier

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Jan 12, 2005
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Madonna admits dating Tupac Shakur & that Rosie Perez set them up


This has been heavily speculated for years. But there was one clear piece of evidence that kind of confirmed it even before Madonna finally admitted it. Rosie Perez had alluded to this this a coupleyears earlier when she did an interview on Wendy Williams' show. Wendy showed a throwback of Rosie w/ Tupac when they were on their way to the '93 Soul Train Music Awards & Rosie explained how their going to the event together came about. She stated that Tupac offered to escort her to the event when her original date stood her up & in the limo on their way he went on to say "& you gotta introduce me to Madonna!" & When Wendy asked Rosie if she did introduce them, Rosie said yes & that Madonna & Tupac left the awards show together.

During this time period, Madonna collaborated w/ Tupac on a song for her Bedtime Stories album called "I'd rather be your lover", but that version was dropped for another version of the song featuring Me'shell N'degencello doing the rap instead of Tupac. The version w/ Tupac can be found on youtube. There were also rumours that Tupac engaged in threesomes w/ Madonna & Jasmine Guy during this time period. For fans of Madonna and/or Tupac, this story is of interest.
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