Mortal Kombat X

Carol Peletier

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Jan 12, 2005
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Mortal Kombat X

So, I feel like this latest installment of MK has totally eclipsed Ultra Street Fighter 4. The visual quality, the game play, the stories, the characters!!!! I've felt like the SF franchise was losing it's appeal for a while now & i felt a bit bitter. it seems like MANY capcom franchises have just gone down the toilet (RESIDENT EVIL!?)

but MK is definitely moving forward, w/out losing the elements that make it so popular to long time fans like me!

I still stick w/ my girl Kitana, w/ Mileena as my alternate! I can't go wrong w/ her! But @ the strong urging of a friendly acquaintance I've been learning to use Cassie Cage & wooooo she's HOT! :D

Anybody else playing this? who are your go to characters?


Jan 16, 2005
I finally gave in and purchased a PS4 in May after not playing video games for years. My last gaming console was a PS2. :p But I purchased Mortal Kombat XXL and I LOVE it! I can't get over the graphics and the attention to detail in this game. Everything from the 3-D backgrounds, to the gore, violence and blood is crazy good! Let's not forget each of the amazing costumes, puzzles, and mysteries that intrigue players. I'm still struggling with that damn Test Your Might ladder though.

My favorite MK character is (and will continue to be) Sub-Zero. :D He's a badass for me, plus he's quick on his feet. The only downside I find is taller players tend to smack him around, but hey it's still fun. :cool: