Ororo's Ghost Story III: Cast


The Six
Real Name
Stepping Discs; Flight ; Magick -Sorceress Supreme
Main Cast:

Sally Spectra- a true diva with diamonds, and the legendary, "reigning queen of the rag trade". She lives in a very large mansion on top of a mountain that is accessible by cable car only. She surrounds herself with "strays" and other "unusual" types. She's rich, and very well maintained. She drinks, and lives/plays as hard as she works.

Sharon Kelly- A beautiful, powerful, well connected woman in the world of fashion, she is the owner of the Kelly Modeling Agency, which is the home to some of the world's most celebrated supermodels. A one time model herself, Sharon is widowed, and much of her success is owed to her late husband, who's death remains the subject of rumours and gossip to this day.

Morgaine "Morgan" Carole - The ORIGINAL "signature super model", she was Sharon's first protege. As her star and her profile was reaching it's height, she lost her fiancee', her mother, and her sister in a terrible accident, the details are the stuff of nightmares and disbelief. Morgaine ABRUPTLY disappeared from the fashion scene after that and has been a recluse, with only the only occasional contact with Sharon. She's a legendary muse in the fashion industry, and With Sally Specta's insistence, and persuasion from Sharon, Morgaine emerges this one last time.

Ava Cassadine- Morgaine's successor as the "signature super model" of the Kelly Modeling Agency. A young woman already accustomed to a life of luxury, modeling was a new adventure, and with guidance from Sharon, she found she excelled at it, opening doors for her socially that she never dreamed possible. She and Sharon are very close. Ava has only met Morgaine once.

Ashley Oldenburg- known among her peers as "the model with the football shoulders", Ashley is a beautiful model with nordic features. More than a pretty face, Ashley is also an olympic class skier, mountain climber, and big game hunter, she's ALSO reputed to be a "full time skirt chaser." She has regularly exceeded Sharon's expectations, and Sharon tolerates (most) of her unusual behavior because of that.

Vivica Lennox- She represents a "new first" for the Kelly Modeling Agency, becoming the supermodel to make a massive splash online, via instagram, twitter and facebook. She is Sharon Kelly's "influencer" in cyberspace, reaching all the would be fashionistas around the world, and extending the reach, appeal and relevance of the Kelly Modeling Agency. But make no mistake, she can strut on the runway, and knows how to work the traditional fashion scene.

(Alycia)- Jacqueline "Jackie" Deveraux - The NEWEST model to the Kelly family. Jackie is young, bright, AMBITIOUS, and definitely more than a pretty face, possessing talents that one might not expect. She brings an impressive portfolio with her. With the endorsement from Sharon's lead photographer, Zach Armani, she is chosen to "fill in" for a model that is unable to make the Spectra fashion show.

Zach Armani- A man who knows this business from all angles, he was rescued from a dead end life by Sally Spectra, and rose from being one of her "strays" to being a model, to becoming a very close friend to Sharon Kelly, and her lead photographer. He is the best at what he does, but much to Sharon's annoyance, he is ALWAYS falling in love with her models, many of whom he's had hot and heavy affairs with. His lovers have included everyone to from Sally and Sharon, to Morgaine and Ava. He will meet his match in Jackie.

Cassandra Johnson- Young and soft spoken...to a point, She pulls double duty as Sally Spectra's executive assistant, and as a talented seamstress. She lives at Casa de la Spectra and is viewed as a daughter by Sally, allowing her to live a comfortable existence in the mansion. She knows many secrets, and she knows that loyalty is everything. She is definitely in Sally's favor.

Andrew "ANDRE'" Murphy- One of the "strays" that Sally keeps at her mansion, he has a secret that only Sally Spectra knows about, and she holds it over his head, forcing him to cooperate in matters of design, and not getting proper credit. Having renamed him "Andre'" because it sounds more regal, Sally has taught/molded him in the ways of fashion and design, but will not allow him to have equal billing or ANY credit at all on the latest collection.

Aleksander "Alek" Hallbjörn - Yet ANOTHER of Sally's "Strays." Sally has given him a makeover to make him look LESS "meat and potatoes"...but he's still very much a "bear", which is well and good because he oversees the operataion /maintenance of the mansion and the grounds around it, and even the mountain itself, including the cable car. He is tasked with making runs back and forth to town to get supplies for Sally and the mansion. He has benefited from being in her presence in a number of ways, including the "sampling" of models and other attractive guests at shows of her's in the past. He can be a bit of a brute to those that he senses he can intimidate, but he toes the line with Sally, knowing not to bite the hand that feeds him.

Cameron King- The world's #1 Fashion columnist, and, as Morgaine once described him, "A repulsive creature." Cameron can make or break any model's career with his dreaded "fashion flop" list, and he can cause a celebrity's Q rating to drop with one bad review of his/her red carpet look. He and Sharon are friendly, and have been for years. He is one of the FEW that knows SOME of the details about what happened to her husband, but he needs Sharon as much as she needs him. Most models "make nice" with him, but Morgaine and Ashley openly despise him. His sexuality is a "hot topic." "Is he or isn't he?"

Elizabeth "Zizi" York- The shy daughter of a truly gaudy rich bitch (name to be determined) who's husband practically owns the state of New York, Zizi is a beautiful girl with a kind heart and genuine spirit that has been relagated to the status of "Plain jane" by the short sighted, shallow, and often cruel remarks of people like Cameron King. Her mother can buy her ANYTHING in the world, and is one of Sally's best private customers. She's TRYING to remake Zizi into "model material" so that Sharon would consider her to join the Kelly Modeling Agency. Her world is about to change as she meets people like Zach and Ava.

*Other characters will appear as needed, and the killer will also appear throughout the story. No one is safe. *