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Ororo's Ghost Story III, part 2

Discussion in 'Ghost Stories' started by Seer, Oct 26, 2017.

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  1. Seer

    Apr 5, 2006
    <<October 30 , morning>>

    << Upstate New York, Just over an hour outside of Manhattan, is the legendary village of Sleepy Hollow, this historic village is the perfect mix of nature and culture, it was also home, and now the resting place to another legendary figure in the world of fashion and glamour, Elizabeth Arden.>>

    << surrounding this village is a beautiful, sprawling forest, a lake, and ultimately a stunning mountain range. On the summit of one of those mountains, sits the mega mansion of another legendary and very eccentric fashion maven, Sally Spectra. >>

    << The mansion is a world unto itself, a haven away from every day, ordinary life, and beyond the reach of even those who consider themselves to be "of means.">>

    << It literally is out of reach for most, accessible only by a private cable car that Sally owns. There is a mountain path, but only the fool hardy, or perhaps the most experienced of climbers would try to go up or down this path.>>

    << Sally's fashion empire is an economy unto itself, and the mansion, allows her to maintain her reclusive, over the top, and eccentric lifestyle, with only her staff, and her (affectionately termed) "STRAYS" and some mountain dwelling animals that live in the wooded areas around the mansion. >>

    << THIS MORNING, the inner circle of the Kelly Modeling Agency is making its way to the private cable car station in Sleepy Hollow where they will be greeted by Alek and Cassandra, as well as several trays of hors d'oeuvres, and the finest champagne, along with some music to keep them entertained while they make their way up to the mountain top mansion.>>

    << But it's not just the KMA inner circle that's going. Joining them is the fashion industry's most important columnist, Cameron King. He is both famous AND infamous, known for making OR breaking many a model's careers, as well as some big name fashion designers, but he's always enjoyed a fabulous relationship with Sally. He is NOT highly regarded by several models in the KMA family, notably Morgaine and Ashley. The feeling is mutual on his part.>>

    << Cameron knows how to live and revel in the lifestyle he's accustomed to, and like Sally, he can be a tad eccentric at times. He is the subject of gossip, particularly when it comes to his choice of "dance partners" in the bedroom....no one is sure if he likes one, the other, or BOTH.>>

    << Several of the TOP buyers and editors in the industry are present as well, the "ready to wear boys", who decide whether or not designs can be mass produced for the general market, and a few PRIVATE, and long term loyal customers including Dina York, who's husband practically owns most of New York. Along with Dina, is her daughter, Elizabeth York. Dina is a socialite, and a social climber, and she has been trying to get her daughter on the radar of Sharon Kelly in order to turn her from a "Mouse" into a "Super Model", this has included forced diets, pre planned wardrobes, and participation in parties and events that Elizabeth really isn't interested in it. All of this has made for an unhappy existence for Elizabeth, and this trip is no exception. Dina, as an individual buyer, spends PLENTY of money at Spectra events, and is one of Sally's best customers. She buys for herself AND her daughter. >>

    << All of these people, are now coming together, for an event that promises to be memorable...and for some....DEADLY.>>

    << As they arrive at the cable car station, they await the arrival of the cable car itself, which is on it's way down now, and will be docking >>

    << in the cable car, Cassandra and Alek stand. Both of them are dressed up, per Sally's preference, and they're wearing her designs, made especially for each of them. >>

    << The cable car is suped up and ready to accomodate it's guests, with Cassandra getting the champagne ready.>>

    << She looks at Alek, who stands by the doors, operating the controls of the car, and rolls her eyes, wondering what the point of him is.>>

    Cassandra: Sally must really enjoy the time it takes to groom YOU into something presentable.

    << she says in a haughty tone, as she takes a moment to admire her own reflection in one of the windows of the cable car>>

    Cassandra: She's certainly TRAINED you well enough, hasn't she? Standing upright, Pressing buttons, and even using complete sentences!
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  2. Ruby Red Princess Hellfire Club

    Aug 10, 2011
    Cassandra Johnson
    Los Angeles
    Psionic, Psychokinesis, Levitation, Hypnosis
    << October 30th – Morning >>

    Upstate New York – Cable Car

    :: Cassandra woke up in her bed and yawned. Today was the day where she would greet everybody who was anybody in the fashion world – along with the bane of her existence [Alek]. After making sure that Maxie was fed and had her good morning attention, Cassandra went into her bathroom and had a short bath before making her way to her closet and put on the outfit that Sally had specially made for her; Maxie had a matching ‘outfit’. ::

    “Let’s go, Max!!”

    :: Maxie bounded after Cassandra with a mew and they both went downstairs for Cassandra’s breakfast. Then they made their way down the path to the cable car. Alek was already there, like the good boy that he was. Cassandra wished that she had some treats to give him. Cassandra SHOVED passed him, making him stumble a bit, showing that she wasn’t as WEAK as she looked! ;) ::

    *baby voice*: “Good boy, Alek! Who’s a good boy, huh? Who’s a GOOD BOY?”

    :: Cassandra glanced down at his crotch for 1.5 seconds before looking back up at him. ::

    *sweetly*: “And how is BABY Bear doing this morning? He’ll be okay for when our guests come on board, hmmm?”

    :: She laughed while she boarded the car and Maxie jumped in after her, immediately exploring her surroundings. The kitten was used to the cable car, but Simba had motion sickness every time he went with her. Alek and Cassandra got into a bit of a squabble, especially when Maxie began attacking his shoes, but they soon settled down. Cassandra wouldn’t start setting things out until they were well on their way; the first few minutes were a rough start. ::

    << Soon… >>

    :: Once they were well on their way, Cassandra got up and got everything ready for their guests, starting with the champagne. As she carefully filled the flutes, with Maxie rubbing against her boots, she glanced at Alek and rolled her eyes, wondering WHY he was there. ::

    *haughtily*: “Sally must really enjoy the time it takes to groom YOU into something presentable.”

    :: Cassandra caught a glance of her reflection in the window and preened for a bit, admiring the way her dress looked on her. Sally knew her tastes EXACTLY. ::

    “She's certainly TRAINED you well enough, hasn't she? Standing upright, pressing buttons, and even using complete sentences!”

    :: She wondered why models were drawn to him. He wasn’t attractive AT ALL. She wished that Drew was there instead. Drew was awesome, but he was excitedly getting ready for the upcoming show. ::
    Carol Peletier: i think its cute that she has Maxie as her companion. with all the space in that mansion, Maxie will never be board lol. & Cass' outfit was suitable too!
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  3. Berserker

    Berserker 'bout to show you what Hell looks like Hellfire Club

    Feb 1, 2017
    Aleksander Hallbjörn
    New York City

    Alek moved the car down the cable towards the station at the bottom of the mountain. He watched the speed, making sure that the car ran smoothly. He had spent a good amount of time yesterday making sure the car was in perfect working order, but the car was old, and he didn't want to take any chances. As much as he wanted to get to the bottom as soon as possible, rather than be stuck alone with Cassandra one second longer than he had to be. He just kept his mind on the supermodels at the bottom - most of whom he'd met before and enjoyed "private time" with. He was looking forward to more of the same, and would be happy to see the champagne flowing freely as soon as they stepped into the car. Outside of the clothes and amenities of the mountaintop retreat, this was one of the main perks of the job, and he intended to cash in on it.

    Alek was dressed in a dark suit, impeccably tailored, with a shirt open a few buttons at the collar, and no tie. Sally knew exactly the cut of jacket for someone with his frame, and which fabric to use so that the suit didn't look cheap.


    Alek pulled the earplugs out of his ears. The trip was much more pleasant without her inane yapping.

    He looked at her cooly, barely turning his head towards her, as he watched her look at her own reflection in the window, a thing that only the most self-centered of people do.

    "Yeah, you've got a little something...between your teeth, right here."

    He pointed on his own teeth, smirking.

    "I'm not the one passing a tray around like the maid."

    His eyes went back to the track ahead of them.

    "Though it must be difficult, to be around such beautiful women, when you look like- well, you. Especially when you don't even have a career going for you."

    He pulled the car into the statation and brought it to a halt, opening the doors. There were guests already assembled and waiting to board. The corner of his mouth turned up into a smile. Let the games begin.
    Carol Peletier: LOL @ the maid comment
  4. Prophet White King Hellfire Club Staff Member Contributing Member

    Jan 12, 2005
    Cameron King
    New York City
    Telepathy, Psionic, Telekinetic, Empathy, Flash Premonition
    "Well you can tell Zac Posen that while HE may think that paisley suits are innovative, the rest of the world moved on from them SEVERAL seasons ago. The review stays as is. If he wants to change my mind, there's still the spring collection."

    Cameron King hit the end button on his iPhone (which was adorned with a special case that provided the RIGHT kind of light for selfies and all things selfie related) as he threw the phone to the side of him in the back of the private town car, taking a moment to adjust the platinum diamond cuff links on his Tom Ford 2017 Capsule Collection Suit, before adjusting his sunglasses and looking out at the window as the road dissappeared behind him on his way to Sleepy Hollow.

    "Zac's just mad I never called him back after Anna Wintour's Christmas Party."

    His eyes darted to his perpetually nervous looking male and female assistants before cracking a devilish smile.

    "Speaking of Christmas..did we ever find the number for Naomi Campbell's dealer? I'm spending the weekend on a mountain, and while Sally never fails to impress..I'd like to be good and high if I am going to have to deal with some of the shrieking harpies of KMA - and Ava is probably freebasing whatever has been provided as we speak."

    Assistant: "Yes..we did. It's all packed."

    Cameron looked confused.

    "Yes we did WHAT...?"

    Assistant: "Yes we did...Sir."

    "Much better. Champagne?"

    One of the assistants provided him an ice cold glass as he took a sip, never taking off his sunglasses. They were part of the look. He eyed the other assistant.


    A laptop was sat in his lap with the screen open as Cameron logged in, taking a moment to check the media buzz surrounding the weekend. Most of the news on the web was bullshit, but Cameron had sources and eyes everywhere. These people left tips on certain fake social media accounts and Cameron put the pieces together. Part of his success was knowing what EVERYONE was doing, wearing, and screwing at all times. He began to scan his screens.

    "So it looks like Vivica Lennox will be there, which figures because she will show up anywhere, even to livestream the opening of an envelope. Ava, of course, that cokehead could never resist a pair of snow capped mountains..."

    He began texting while scanning his laptop, the penultimate multitasker.

    "Ashley...well, it seems as if Sally's loosened her stance on chest hair coming down the runway. And wait a minute now???"

    Cameron tapped on the keyboard of his laptop as his eyes widened and he laughed loudly.

    "MORGAINE?! The elusive chanteuse? SHE is going to be there?!"

    Cameron laughed loudly.

    "Oh this is RICH. I thought her runway career went down in flames with her husband and mother's plane!"

    The assistants looked horrified by Cameron's words. He rolled his eyes and downed his flute of champagne completely and ignored them. This was fashion. It was all about the DRAMA and the SPECTACLE of it all. The bigger and more tragic the BETTER!

    "Sally's certainly taking a risk with THAT one, but then again...maybe I'll get lucky and she'll swan dive off the runway in some sort of tragic fashion. I HAVE always wanted to take that bimbo down a notch."

    He snapped his fingers as another glass of champagne appeared in his hands from one of his assistants. Cameron leaned back, thoroughly excited to drink a lot, exchange some bitchy barbs and enjoy Sally's company. Weekends like this were what he lived for, and he intended to LIVE IT UP! Realizing he was the first one at the station, he cracked an even BIGGER grin.

    "Yes. First ones here. Now we get to see what kind of cars they arrive in and how many seasons old their luggage is! Perfect!"

    The doors opened as Cameron unloaded his vintage Louis Vitton trunks as his assistants looked a little bit too comfortable for his liking. Once his luggage had been loaded into the station, he cocked a confused eyebrow before delivering a shit eating grin once again.

    "I know I promised that one of you would be attending me on this trip..."


    "But I lied. I just wanted the company on the ride up. Besides there's too much to do at the office. I need eyes in the city. I've e-mailed you both detailed lists of events and tasks that need to be taken care of while I'm gone and make sure they get done...or you'll BOTH get a spanking!"

    Cameron slammed the trunk of the town car and made his way over to cable car where Alek and Cassandra were both standing. He took a delicious few moments to size the both of them up. If he was going to be alone with the hired help, he was glad they were both so hot. One looked like the Brawny Paper Towel man and the other looked like Belle from Beauty and the Beast. So young, supple and naive. Oh, he would have fun with these two. He was...VERY convincing when neccessary.

    "Bonjour, kittens! How are you both doing this morning?!"

    He walked over to Cassandra and gave her a european greeting, making sure to cup her butt for a moment, before doing the same thing to Alek.

    "Now...Brawny. [looking at Alek] Belle. [looking at Cassandra]. What does a guy gotta do to get a STIFF...martini and a great view of the cars arriving? This trench was MADE for this kind of wind. I want to see which one of these bitches are fronting about their success."
    Persephone: LMAO. Oh. My. God. Hoooney!
    Carol Peletier: just MESSY! LOL
  5. Recall Belle Epoque Birds of Prey

    Dec 15, 2005
    Vivica Lennox
    Total Memory Recall, Photographic Reflexes, Super Senses
    "I know! It's not like your girl to go all secretive on you...but I promise I will be sending you guys some exclusive and absolutely LEGENDARY pics and videos soon. Seriously, if you aren't following me now? You better get on it, because you're only gonna find it here! Have a good weekend everybody, and remember! Don't get cute...get drop dead gorgeous!"

    Vivica pressed the button on her phone as she sent out her message to all social media accounts and watched the likes and comments flood in like clockwork. She was sitting in the back of her private town car with her regular driver Tom at the wheel as Vivica took a few moments to sit there in silence. It was definitely going to be an interesting weekend to say the least, but her mind couldn't help but wander back to Marissa. She was a famous person..how could the media outlets not be reporting on her death? Why would SHARON know before the media? There wasn't a tweet, a snap, a gram. Nothing was being revealed and it left Vivica with a bad taste in her mouth. For a moment she wondered if SHARON had killed Marissa. She didn't think Sharon was the murdering kind, but she wouldn't put it past her. If Marissa had threatened her business in some kind of ireparable way, who knows. Vivica knew herself, and if somebody threatened her enough, she would most definitely reach in her vintage Chanel clutch for her pistol and let somebody have it. Crimes of passion were real - and in the fashion world - passions tended to run high.

    She had opted not to take an assistant with her this weekend because she knew the type of people who were going to be there, and she definitely did not want to contribute to yet another woman in the fashion industry being sexually harrassed by some kind of pervert. At least not one on her payroll. Vivica could handle herself and she trusted those around her, but Marissa's death had left her a little shaken, despite how annoying and pathetic Marissa was in her everyday life.

    "It's just around the corner, Tom!"

    Tom: "I know Miss Lennox. I've taken you here plenty of time before.."

    "Right..sorry! I don't know why Tom..something about this trip just seems weird. I'm excited..but cautious for some reason. My gut tells me something bad is gonna happen."

    Vivica sipped from a Bloody Mary as she leaned back in the car, crossing her legs.

    Tom: "You're just a worry wart. You do this everytime. You get anxious and scared..and then it's all fine. It's a party. You don't want to be the wet blanket of the party."

    She smiled and crinkled her nose.

    "Even if it's a Yves St. Laurent blanket?"

    Tom: "You know i've lived my whole life not knowing what any of the words you just said meant, and I think I'm okay with it."


    "It's called fashion, Tom. Look it up some time!"

    The two laughed as they reached the station and Tom got out Vivica's luggage, a set she picked specifically because she knew that Cameron King would most likely already be there, surveying the land and judging any and everything she was wearing, thinking and feeling. She made sure everything about her was on ten. She made her way over to the area, adjusted her ball cap and smoothed her dress down, cracked her head back and forthe and exhaled deeply.


    "The luggage is vintage, the dress is Hermes, the boots are ferragamo and the clutch is Chanel, you cheeky little bastard."

    Cameron smiled and sauntered over to him and laughed loudly, embracing her in a big warm..and a little too LONG of a hug as she fought the urge to vomit. She was entertained by him that was for sure, but she hated how obnoxious he was.

    Cameron: "And the baseball cap?"

    [leaning into his ear]

    "The Garment Distrcit...Shhh."

    Vivica looked towards Alek and Cassandra. She somewhat knew them, but not really. Sally had a knack for taking in strays and she knew that these were two of them.

    "Hi Guys! Nice setup you have here! Mind if I snap a pic?"

    She didn't wait for the answer as her camera clicked several times taking a picture of the cable car and the beautiful spread. Vivica shot her million dollar smile back to Cameron.

    "You must be bursting at the seams with all this regalia? I half expected you to show up in a ball gown."
  6. Persephone Treacherous Bitch Hellfire Club Staff Member

    Jan 17, 2005
    Ava Cassadine
    New York City
    Weather Elemental, Animal Control/Communication, Enhanced Senses and Strength
    Scanning through emails and social media comments as Charles drove her through Sleepy Hollow to the infamous cable cars that would bring them up to Sally's Estate, Ava smiled to herself at the comments flooding the picture of herself she had Charles take before leaving her penthouse. 'Top secret job with an amazing designer. More to come soon!'. People were freaking out, buzzing about who the designer could be, where she was going, begging her for more pictures, to give them hints, etc. It was fantastic. It was EXACTLY what Sharon wanted: positive buzz surrounding KMA before the shit storm of Marissa's death became public news. But frankly, Ava did NOT want to think about that. Was Marissa apart of her model family? Yes. Was she an obnoxious canker sore that Ava couldn't stand? Yes. So, while she didn't want the bitch dead, it would be nice to know she wouldn't have to hear Marissa crying about Zach all weekend long.

    The sedan pulled to a stop and Ava looked out the tinted windows and seeing that Vivica and that worm Cameron were already there. She wished Marissa took that asshole with her to the afterlife.

    Charles: "I'll grab you bag, Miss."

    "Thank you, Charles."

    Stepping out of the car, Ava's six inch nude Louboutin heels made her already killer legs look like they should be insured for a million dollars. Paired that with her perfectly tailored Versace mini skirt, and fitted plunging blazer, it left no doubt in anyone's mind as to why she was the top billed model at KMA. Staying true to Sally's brand, her large cream bag was a Spectra Couture vintage piece that Sally herself had gifted Ava last Christmas. And finally, she slicked her hair back into a pony tail to expose the contours of her neckline, and makeup neutral yet smokey. Charles brought up Ava's luggage to the cable car as she made her way inside.

    Vivica: "You must be bursting at the seams with all this regalia? I half expected you to show up in a ball gown."

    "The night is still young."

    Ava chimed in with a charming smile, leaning in and giving Cameron a cheek to cheek kiss that made her want to slit her own wrists.

    "Cameron King, always a pleasure."

    Greeting Vivica in the same manner, Ava's eyes were immediately on the muscular mountain man that was Sally's eye candy. Some people didn't understand why Sally took in strays, but when said strays looked like Alek? How was there any questioning it. Smirking, she moved over to Sally's assistant Cassandra and took a flute of champagne the girl offered her. Giving her a nod of thanks, she moved over to Alek while taking a sip of the bubbly liquid.

    "Is it hard?"

    She asked simply, her midnight eyes lowering to his pants before flicking back up to meet his.

    "Working the cable car?"

    Her smile salacious and carrying to her eyes.
    Carol Peletier: LOL "is it hard" :p
  7. Orion

    Orion Ambassador Birds of Prey

    Sep 25, 2008
    Zachary Armani
    New York
    New York

    Zach woke up, cuddling warmth, his face buried in auburn hair that smelled of orange-blossom and sandalwood. The feeling of her skin against his was enough to turn him on like a light switch. He lifted his head, pulling her hair off her neck so he could kiss there, and her bare shoulder, as his hand crept down the front of her. He wondered what she was dreaming about. She was already in the mood, as she stirred awake with a gravelly moan.

    Morning sex was the best thing there was. It was also the only reason Zach ever cooked a woman breakfast. He suspected breakfast was the only reason Haleigh ever stayed at his place, so it was a win win, on top of the win-win-win of sex, snuggly sleep, and more sex. So naturally if Zach ever went home without a woman, Haleigh was the one he called.

    Since she was a big-shot at the top of Hearst Communications, she was too busy with her career to want any kind of strings-attached relationship. And the sex was fantastic. She always showed up when he called, he always sent flowers afterward. It was a nice arrangement, and that was even without mentioning the business benefits.

    Haleigh: The creative director for Harper's Bazaar wants KMA girls for the spring issue, you think Sharon will be interested, or is she already booked?

    She asked over breakfast.

    "I'll pitch it to her. By the way, I might have the inside scoop for you regarding a top secret event this weekend."

    Haleigh: You talking about Spectra's show?

    "Damn, how do you already know about that?!"

    Haleigh: I have spies everywhere.

    Zach chuckled, because he could believe that. After they ate, she was out the door with absolutely zero awkwardness whatsoever. Zach took a quick shower and pulled on a Spectra special deep green three-piece. It fit perfectly, but then Sally's suits always did.

    It wasn't long before he had the cityscape in the rear view mirror of his black stingray. His sports car loved winding two-lane highways, and while it may have been almost fifty years old, it handled like a dream. The GPS said the drive took an hour, but it didn't feel like it had been that long when he pulled into the cable car station in Sleepy Hollow.

    Zach parked the car and got out, slipping the strap to his camera bag over his shoulder and grabbing his suitcase with one hand. He scanned the group from behind his Ray-bans as he walked up. Sally's people had brought down the car. Ava was already flirting with the groundskeeper. Zach wondered if the guy was still tending that herb garden. He'd have to discreetly ask when the opportunity presented itself.

    The abominable asshole Cameron King was annoying whoever he could. Zach prepared himself to be polite, because Sharon made him play nice, even though she didn't really like the guy either. They had to work with him, and Cameron knew it, so he took advantage of his 'power'. One day somebody was going to wipe that stupid smug smile right off King's stupid scruffy face. Zach almost couldn't wait for that day.

    Zach was delightfully distracted from trying to come up with something nice to say to the worst person on earth when a kitten began rubbing against his ankles, meowing. Zach set his luggage down with the rest and knelt down, gently scooping up the little feline. He smiled warmly, cradling the kitten with one hand and stroking its soft fur with the other as it purred loudly.

    "Aww, who brought this little sweetheart out to play? We'd better keep you away from Ash's new pet, you're too precious to be preyed upon."
    Carol Peletier: Haleigh cameo! :)
  8. Ruby Red Princess Hellfire Club

    Aug 10, 2011
    Cassandra Johnson
    Los Angeles
    Psionic, Psychokinesis, Levitation, Hypnosis
    Sleepy Hollow, New York – Cable Car Station

    :: Alek made a show of her mornings ‘greetings’ by pulling out an earbud. Whatever. He SO heard what she said. Things got under way and soon they began riding down the mountain, the only hiccup in the first leg being Maxie attacking his shoes. Cassandra clicked for Maxie to come to her side and the little kitten came, letting her mama hook her leash onto the back of her harness – but only because Alek threatened to toss her out the window if she didn’t stop with the shoes. ::

    GOD, he’s SO touchy!

    :: During the second leg, Cassandra got up and, with the end of Maxie’s leash looped around her wrist, she quickly went about setting things up for everyone. Alek may have hated being stuck in the cable car alone with her, but SHE hated being alone with HIM. She admired herself in the window. ::

    Alek: *smirking*: “Yeah, you've got a little something...between your teeth, right here."

    :: Cassandra pulled away and gave Alek a withering glance…but she still went over to her clutch and took out a mirror to check. Just as she thought: perfect as always. She made a crack about Sally training him good. ::

    Alek: “I’m not the passing around a tray like the maid.”

    :: Cassandra lifted one shoulder in a shrug. ::

    “All of them were busy with the preparations back at the house. You know how models can be: crazy, cranky, bitchy, etc, etc. Must be because they’re hungry.”

    Alek: "Though it must be difficult, to be around such beautiful women, when you look like- well, you. Especially when you don't even have a career going for you."

    “Sure, they’re beautiful…if you like the emaciated Holocaust survivor look.”

    :: Cassandra didn’t bother acknowledging the line about her career. She DID have a career: as Sally’s executive assistant and sometimes model whenever Sally needed one and it was too short notice to call anybody; though Cassandra modelling only happened on RARE occasions. ::

    :: They finally arrived and, with Cassandra close behind him, Alek SHUT THE DOOR IN HER FACE. Grimacing, Cassandra opened the door herself and took Maxie over to a patch of grass so that she could go potty [the kitten, NOT Cassandra]. ::

    Cameron: “Bonjour, kittens! How are you both doing this morning?”

    :: Maxie looked up and around at this new voice and face. Once she finished, Maxie mewed at her mama, letting her know that she was done. Cassandra scooped up Maxie’s ‘business’ in a bag and disposed of it in a nearby trash can. She quickly took out some Purell from her clutch and cleaned her hands. ::

    “I’M doing marvelous! How abot you? Oh!”

    :: Then she laughed as Cameron grabbed her butt. ::

    *teasingly*: “Testing out the goods, I see.”

    :: He did the same thing to Alek. Cassandra ALMOST felt sorry for him [Cameron]. Though she thought that Cameron King was a worm, she’d never act like he was disgusting around him. He was just TOO damn good at his job. Out of all the fashion journalists in the world, HE was the ONLY one who could – and WOULD – make or break a career. He did his career with excellence. Too bad his personality didn’t match. ::

    Cameron: "Now...Brawny. [looking at Alek] Belle. [looking at Cassandra]. What does a guy gotta do to get a STIFF...martini and a great view of the cars arriving? This trench was MADE for this kind of wind. I want to see which one of these bitches are fronting about their success."

    :: Cassandra shared an amused glance with Alek. This guy was definitly full of it. ::

    *sweetly*: “Well, since your trench was made for the wind, we could place you on top of cable car itself so that you could ride it like Miley Cyrus riding her wrecking ball…”

    :: Her expression was one of faux dejection. ::

    “…but we don’t allow that. Public safety and all. You understand.”

    :: Vivica Lennox, one of Sharon Kelly’s models, arrived looking like a perfect TEN. ::

    “Wow! If I had a Dancing with the Stars paddle, I’d hold up a TEN.”

    :: But then, practically ALL of the Kelly Girls were perfect tens. Marissa, on the other hand, was downright psychotic. ::

    Vivica: "Hi Guys! Nice setup you have here! Mind if I snap a pic?"

    :: And then she started up a conversation with Cameron. Just then another one of Sharon’s models, Ava Cassadine, arrived. Her eyes immediately went to Alek Hal Born but she greeted both Cameron and Vivica before barely acknowledging Cassandra and went straight to Alek. ::

    Ava: “So is it HARD?”

    :: Cassandra fought back the urge to vomit. ::

    Ava: “Working the cable car?”

    :: Cassandra interjected. ::

    “I hope that all your vaccinations are in order, Miss Cassadine. One can never know what HE might be carrying.”

    :: Then she became distracted as she felt Maxie’s leash slip away from her. ::

    *confused*: “Maxie?”

    :: Cassandra looked all over until she spotted Maxie rubbing against the ankles of the only normal person in the assembled group [besides her]. Cassandra grinned. In all her years with Sally, Zachary Armani was one of her favourite people. She walked over to him. ::

    Zach: "Aww, who brought this little sweetheart out to play? We'd better keep you away from Ash's new pet, you're too precious to be preyed upon."

    “Maxie knows a normal person when she sees one. Hi Zach!”

    :: Cassandra came in for a hug, making sure she brushed her lips against his neck without actually kissing him before pulling back and taking the small kitten from his arms. ::

    “She obviously likes you. These guys…”

    :: She jerked her thumb behind her at Ava, Cameron, and Vivica. ::

    “…didn’t get the special treatment.”
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  9. Valkyrie

    Valkyrie War Birds of Prey

    Oct 8, 2013
    Ashley Oldenburg
    The Clocktower
    Ability to instill self-doubt, turmoil and intimidation
    Upstate New York

    Ash was in her element. She loved being out in the wilderness - the mountains especially. Sure, she loved to shop, party, dine out at fabulous restaurants. But in her down time she liked to get away from it all and be out in nature - rock climbing, skiing, hunting - whatever struck her fancy at any particular moment. She pulled up to the station in her royal blue Hummer with the lift kit and vertical door mods. She wouldn't drive in the city, but out here she liked the solitude.

    That morning she had said goodbye to Orgasm, leaving her with her French maid Victoire. Who also wore a French maid costume as her uniform. She was 23, gorgeous, didn't speak English, and was excellent with her mouth. It was the perfect arrangement. And if Orgasm killed her while she was away? No one would miss her. Plus she wouldn't have to worry about the little cub starving.

    She stepped out of the truck, wearing jeans and a white oxford unbuttoned to her waist. She grabbed her fur sable vest from the back seat and pulled out her suitcase. Some people had already arrived, and the cable car was waiting. She scanned the crowd for Morgaine but didn't see her, but then again, chances were she'd be meeting them at the top. Sharon hadn't arrived either, which Ashley found obnoxious: if she had to be here at this ungodly hour of the morning, so did Sharon.

    Ava was here, though, chatting up Alek the human dildo. And Cameron Fucking King. She rolled her eyes. Morgaine and her would have fun talking shit about him, though, the only bright spot to his presence. What was with that suit? A little much for the mountains, for someone who was supposed to know fashion. And here was Zach, talking to Sally's assistant, and holding a kitten. Ash raised an eyebrow at that, dropping her suitcase and sauntering over. She reached down to squeeze Zach's firm ass before whispering to him.

    "That pussy's no where near as beautiful as mine."

    She continued on to stand next to Vivica, giving her an air kiss in greeting.

    "So, Viv, keeping the internet on its toes this morning, are you?"

    She watched as a limo pulled up next to her own car. The driver opened the back seat and helped an older woman out, followed by a girl who was probably 20. Ashley wrinkled her nose.

    "Ugh, put them back in."
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  10. Persephone Treacherous Bitch Hellfire Club Staff Member

    Jan 17, 2005
    Ava Cassadine
    New York City
    Weather Elemental, Animal Control/Communication, Enhanced Senses and Strength
    Ava greeted Vivica and Cameron, obviously making sure to be pleasant with her co-worker and the man who could make or break someone's career in the fashion world. But her eyes focused on the outdoorsy beef cake that Sally loved to keep around for probably no other reason than to oogle the fuck out of him. Ava didn't blame her one bit. Taking a glass of champagne from Sally's mousey little assistant, she gave her a nod of thanks before brushing by and smirking immediately at Alek. Naturally she flirted with anyone who was hot and stood on two feet. Man, woman, didn't matter. And bush men were no exception. But the little girl with her little cat decided to be a little snarky.

    Cassandra: “I hope that all your vaccinations are in order, Miss Cassadine. One can never know what HE might be carrying.”

    Lifting a single brow as she glanced over in the girls direction, she gave her a sweet smile.

    "Still a virgin I see?"

    Flipping her hair as she looked back over at Alek, the girl luckily went over to bother Zach. Poor guy....she'd feel sorry for him if she wasn't still annoyed that he stood her up the day before. Karma's a bitch.

    "She’s like your kid sister you wish your parents had aborted."

    Wrinkling her nose playfully.

    "Maybe we'll get lucky and Zach will take one for the team."

    She joked, knowing Zach would probably rather deal with Marissa's dead ass than kid sister Cassandra. Looking past Alek's shoulder, Ava saw a reflection of Ashley walking up to the cable car and turned around to look at her. Giving her a wink, Ava smiled.

    "I'm pretty sure I can convince her to fuck us both this weekend."

    Looking back at him with a grin.

    "The right party favors make her accepting of the male species."
  11. Oracle

    Oracle The Eye in the Sky The Six

    Oct 8, 2013
    Elizabeth York
    The Clocktower
    Genius, Hacker
    Upstate New York

    Zizi looked out the window of the limousine. The scenery was pretty, but she was dreading their destination so much that she could barely enjoy it. Plus her mother had been instructing her the entire ride with "dos and don'ts". "DO flatter Sharon Kelly and Sally Spectra." "Don't slouch. You're short enough as it is." "Do smile at everyone." "Don't fidget." She wanted to open the car door and throw herself out. But of course, the child locks were on.

    Dina: "Must you look so sad all the time? People will think you were abused."

    Zizi kept staring out the window, pausing a moment before replying.

    "Mother, I really don't want to go to another fashion show. Couldn't I ride back into the city with Smithton? Or I could stay here in Sleepy Hollow even? I'm sure there's a nice bed and breakfast..."

    Her mother made a dismissive sound, as expected.

    Dina: "Rubbish. How can you expect to launch a career if you don't meet the right people?"

    But Zizi didn't want to launch a career. At least not as a model. As if she could be one anyway. Even her mother thought she was ugly, so she didn't understand why Dina insisted on trying to make her into a model. They pulled in to the station where the cable car waited, and Zizi sucked in a breath. The idea of having to get out of the car and be around all those strangers was excruciating. She just wanted to stay in the car and hide. But her mother was getting out of the car, and then Smithton was holding out his hands to help her out as well. Her mother looked into the car with a scathing look, and Zizi relented. It felt like everyone was staring at her and laughing.

    She kept close to her mother as they moved towards the others. There were well known models there whose names she knew of course, plus some others she didn't. She saw a handsome man holding a kitten, her downcast eyes stealing glances now and then. It was so sweet the way he was petting the kitten.

    She hoped they were going to get on the cable car soon - the faster they got up to where they would be staying the faster she could disappear into her room.
  12. Berserker

    Berserker 'bout to show you what Hell looks like Hellfire Club

    Feb 1, 2017
    Aleksander Hallbjörn
    New York City
    The Bottom Cable Car Station

    "Mr. King."

    He came over to pick up the journalist's suitcase, feeling a hand on his ass on the way. He had been around King before, and Alek knew this was a person that Sally wanted to keep happy, so if he wanted to be hands on with him, he didn't mind. As long as he didn't go too far.

    "Probably all of them, Mr. King."

    He picked up the suitcase and loaded it into the baggage compartment. Vivica Lennox arrived next, who chatted with Cameron a bit before turning her phone in their direction.

    He held up his hand.

    "I really don't-"

    But she had already taken a picture. And then, jackpot. Ava Cassadine stepped out of a sedan, her skirt short and the neckline of her jacket even shorter. She was the epitome of class, and he knew what a party girl she could be. He eyed her cleavage, thinking about shoving his head between those tits. He busied himself at the controls of the car, when Ava moved over to him, sipping champagne.

    A smile threatened across his lips, as his eyes shifted to her face.

    He turned to face her, leaning casually on the controls.

    "It's SO hard. And long...hours. Maybe you want to take it for a test drive?"

    He looked her up and down like he wanted to devour her. Which, of course, he did.

    Alek smiled. He liked her, a lot.

    "Oh, most definitely."

    Cassandra went to talk to that photographer guy, but his attention at this point was all on Ava.

    "Is it too late?"

    He chuckled, knowing exactly how to make it come off as charming. Ava turned, and he looked in the direction of her gaze. Ashley Oldenburg had arrived in a frickin' huge hummer, and was coming up to the car. She was dressed in jeans, but somehow still managed to make it sexy. Especially with her shirt unbuttoned, making it clear that she wasn't wearing a bra.

    Ava turned back around, and he reattached his eyes to her, smiling.

    "Isn't she still...?"

    "Well, then."

    He leaned in closer to her.

    "I'll be sure to make this party memorable."
    Prophet: I like this Alek!
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  13. Orion

    Orion Ambassador Birds of Prey

    Sep 25, 2008
    Zachary Armani
    New York
    Sleepy Hollow -- Cable Car Station

    Cass: Maxie knows a normal person when she sees one. Hi Zach!

    Zach turned towards a familiar voice and was pulled into a hug.


    He said, wrapping his free arm around her, and angling his body so they didn't squash the kitten between them. He leaned down to leave a kiss on Cassandra's cheek.

    My, what a sex kitten she's turning out to be. I wonder if she's eighteen yet....

    He thought, as she remarked that Maxie must like him, because none of the others got the feline's attention. Zach massaged the back of Maxie's neck gently, and rubbed behind her ears, as he tossed a glance at the rest of the group, and then looked back at Cass.

    "Oh they get plenty of special treatment as it is."

    He deadpanned, and then he smiled warmly, reaching out with his free hand to capture a windswept lock of Cass's hair, and bring it back down to lay with the rest.

    "Your hair is getting so long..."

    He said, and he was about to flat out ask her if she was still a teenager, but then he saw Ash get out of her monster truck, and he couldn't take his eyes off her. That shirt.... no bra. Good Gods.

    Here she comes.

    She grabbed his ass, and got in his ear. He was trying his damnedest to think of anything but how sexy she was. That pussy's no where near as beautiful as mine. She whispered, and he had to stifle a growl. He was going to have her this weekend, he decided. If Jackie wasn't down for the ménage à trois, then he'd make do with each of them separately. Zach looked back at Cass as Ashley sauntered off to say something to Viv.

    "Ashley says hi."

    He offered humorously, still stroking Maxie gently, until another car pulled up, and Zach turned to see if it was Jackie, or Sharon, or Morgaine, since that seemed to be all they were waiting on. No, it was someone else, and Zach recognized her as Dina York, one of Sally's most prestigious (and pretentious) long-time customers. Cass was taking Maxie off his hands, which was perfect timing, because Dina would totally squash the kitten, just to get herself a properly inappropriate hug from Zach.

    "Mrs. York, what a pleasure."

    He said with a genteel smile, dropping the camera bag at his feet and opening his arms, because there was no fighting it. Dina York's husband practically owned the entire city, so there was no way she was going to divorce him, but that didn't ever stop her from laying up against Zach, her arms around his neck for way too long, before her hands felt their way down his shoulders and arms. He let her do it, though. It was probably the closest thing she got to sex anymore. She was too snobby to fool around with the help and her husband no doubt avoided her like the plague. She was bossy, and not in the sexy way.

    "I daresay Dina, you get more beautiful every time I see you. your husband better watch out."

    He said, in a conspiratorial tone, kissing her cheek. He liked to flatter women, even the ones he had no interest in sleeping with, he liked to provoke smiles. And it didn't matter if the women didn't deserve it. He liked to think maybe they were a little nicer when they felt good about themselves. When Dina finally detached herself from him, Zach had a chance to notice the girl who was standing in her shadow. Cute as a button, she was, very girl-next-door. Zach gave her a charming smile.

    "And who is this with you? She kind of looks like a young Princess Leia, doesn't she?"
    Clara Oswald: Zach and his Princess Leia fetish :D
    Prophet: Zach being smooth as BUTTAH in that post to Zizi LOL
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  14. Oracle

    Oracle The Eye in the Sky The Six

    Oct 8, 2013
    Elizabeth York
    The Clocktower
    Genius, Hacker
    The Cable Car

    The handsome man was talking to her mother, who was then hugging him. Zizi looked at them shyly out of the corner of her eye.

    Men were always telling Mother how beautiful she was. She supposed that was why Dina hated having such an unattractive daughter. And then he smiled at her, and she got butterflies in her stomach.

    Yep, that was her. Carrie Fisher not Carrie Underwood.

    Dina: "May I present my daughter, Elizabeth. Elizabeth, this is Zachary Armani, THE best photographer in fashion today."

    "Zizi," she stammered.

    "I go by Zizi. Nice to meet you, Mr. Armani."

    Dina: "Your name is Elizabeth. Honestly, I don't know where you come up with these ridiculous notions."

    Mother turned her attention back to Zach.

    Dina: "Zach! Maybe you should take some photos of Elizabeth - she's a model, you know. Well, going to be. She just needs the right portfolio..."

    Mother was acting like all of this was a fabulous idea. Zizi wanted to crawl under a seat in the car and die. And her mother just would not stop. She kept going on and on and it was sounding more ridiculous with every word. She was sure Zach was just waiting for the opportunity to go back to the supermodels and laugh at her.
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  15. Silver Swan Alleo Themyscria

    Sep 23, 2005
    Sharon Kelly
    New York City
    High speed flight, super strength, invulnerability, sonic scream, spinning stars
    Sleepy Holly- Cable Car Station

    [ A black cadillac escalade pullled up, and soon, the driver was out, opening the rear passenger doors, and helping Sharon Kelly out, followed by Jackie Deveraux. ]

    [ It was fine for the girls to dress down, and to their individual styles for this part of the trip, they would transform when it was time for the show. This weekend was meant to be a mix of work AND fun. But Sharon Kelly stayed sharp and stylish, in keeping with her image as the CEO of the Kelly Modeling Agency, and one of the savvy business women in NYC. Today was no exception, as she walked toward the cable car in her ensemble. Sharon followed the school of thought that a woman's clothing was her battle armor, and she not only showed off her sense of style, but commanded respect, and flattered her shapely figure, down to those legs, carried by those spiked high heels.]

    [ She moved with a purpose, and could be seen on her Galaxy, looking rather serious as she was talking to Lorna. The driver followed after her and Jackie, quickly loading their luggage for them, saving Alek a step, as he helped both women into the car. ]

    [ She paused from her phone conversation]

    HELLO, darlings.

    [ she said loudly, filling the cable car with her energy, and taking over as she usually does whenever she's in a room]

    I know I'm PUSHING it this morning, but it simply could not be helped. URGENT business at the office.

    [ indeed, She had BEEN at the office since 6 am, up until the last possible moment to allow her to get here, and Jackie, who opted to stay in the apartment on the top floor that night to save herself a trip, caught a ride with her to Sleepy Hollow.]

    [ Even when Sharon was in a hurry, she made it look "easy"....but ZACH knew her better than almost anyone in the cable car, there was something ELSE going on, something else must have happened at the office. Now was not the time to ask, but he'd get ahold of her once they were up at Sally's mountain top mansion.]

    [ Cassandra offers Sharon and Jackie a flute of champagne, and Sharon gladly accepts]

    Thank you, sweetie!

    Have another one of those ready for me shortly, will you?

    [Then, Looking at Alek and Cassandra]

    Off we go!

    [ She said with a smile, indicating that Alek could get them going at anytime now.]

    [ She greeted the other special guests as she made her way to her seat, with Cameron standing up to greet her in his own way]

    Cameron, honey, [ WORM was more like it], looking DASHING as ever!

    Dina, always a pleasure to see you, darling!

    [ the last person she greeted, and got a look at before sitting down was Elizabeth York, the young daughter of Dina York. She was a sharp contrast to the models on the cable car, but NOT in a bad way. Zizi smiled at Sharon, and despite her youth, and those big beautiful eyes, there was a sadness behind them that caused Sharon to pause just for a moment and look at the girl. She offered her a reassuring smile and wink, before the cable car began to MOVE , and their ride was about to begin!]

    [ Soon, she took her seat next to Zach, and continued her conversation with Lorna, crossing her legs at the knee, he couldnt help but get a peek at them, how toned they were, how good she looked, but there was a hint of stress behind her tone this morning.]

    Now, Lorna, darling....I don't want to hear another word about it! You just get that paper work filed for me IMMEDIATEY. Just think of it as...a SPECIAL PROJECT, at the TOP of your "to do" list.

    Darling, I'm COUNTING on you to hold down the fort for me and keep the girls going in their various engagements while I'm going for the weekend!

    If you need me, you know how to reach me!

    [ A goodbye, and then, She GULPS down the rest of her champagne, signaling Cassandra for that second flute]

    Ah, that's the ticket!

    [ She says as she settles in, adjusting her jacket.]
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  16. Prophet White King Hellfire Club Staff Member Contributing Member

    Jan 12, 2005
    Cameron King
    New York City
    Telepathy, Psionic, Telekinetic, Empathy, Flash Premonition
    Well Belle certainly was proving how the BEAST got her, because she was very receptive to Cameron. But it was a smart move for her. Now Brawny, he just wanted to fondle a little. He was part of the gift basket so to speak. As they explained pleasantries with each other, Cameron peered into the distance, waving his body back and forthe, trying to make out the cars as they past.

    Vivica was the first to arrive and she did not dissappoint. The thing about Vivica that made her such a good model was that she just didn't dissappoint. Beautiful enough to do catalog, runway, high urban fashion and VIDEO. She was such a millenial and Cameron was a firm believer in the future of fashion in the cyber world - and Vivica was one it's brightest stars. Cameron was an asshole, but it was because he KNEW his SHIT. He KNEW what would sell, what would captivate - in people and in clothes. Vivica was an interesting and new flavor he was sure would be in the world of fashion forever.

    She approached, treating the walkway like it was a runway in a rather fun outfit. Nice lines, killer boots and a fascinator hat. It was a good look, and she knew it.

    Vivica: "The luggage is vintage, the dress is Hermes, the boots are Ferragamo and the clutch is Chanel, you cheeky little bastard."

    The two embraced as he cracked a smile, holding her hands in his for a moment.

    "And the baseball cap?"

    She leaned in and whispered

    Vivica: The Garment District..."

    Vivica said hello to Belle and Brawny before turning back to him.

    Vivica: "You must be bursting at the seams with all this regalia? I half expected you to show up in a ball gown."

    He was about to speak when...

    Ava: "The night is still young."

    He turned his head to see the stunning visage of Ava, and as usual she REAKED of money. He thought Ava was the perfect model. Poised, Elegant, Dangerous, Dark, Sexy. Not to mention her after hours antics added to her appeal. She was the bad girl, if the bad girl had a disgusting amount of money and free time. He enjoyed Ava as the signature model for KMA far more than he preferred Morgaine, and he never wasted an opportunity to say that in print. Still he couldn't help but want to poke her, if only so he could write about it. The severe and edgy white lines of her dress hugged her form as her gold band beamed against the sky.

    "It's at the cleaners. It got stained in Mary Kate Olsen's blood. Long story."

    Ava: "Cameron King, always a pleasure."

    The pair did a two cheek kiss.

    "I know it's a lie, but GOD do I enjoy hearing you that."

    She immediately turned to face Alek. As she moved over towards his, Cameron's mind was abuzz with wonder at what kind of trouble Ava was about to get into. Suddenly smelled something particularly cheap and foul.

    Zach: "Aww, who brought this little sweetheart out to play? We'd better keep you away from Ash's new pet, you're too precious to be preyed on."

    "You're too precious to be preyed on."


    "I wonder how many times he's said THAT in his life?"

    Cameron always felt conflicted about Zach. He was so disgustingly cliche but so fucking hot. Just so sexy. But come on? A sexy photographer that romances all his models? DONE. But you couldn't help but want to get swept up in his naughty little games. In short, Cameron thought Zach was the kind of guy you hated until he was inside of you. As soon as Zach picked up the kitty, Cassandra's panties fell right to the floor.

    Cassandra: "She obviously likes you. These guys...didn't get the special treatment."

    Cameron eyed the cat with an unamused but humorous glance.

    "Eh, pussy is always intimidated by me."

    "Oh wait, who is that in the distance? Is it Hulk Hogan?! Why is he here?! Oh waits...that's ASHLEY."

    The lumburous yet saunty cat walk Ashley did over to the group was as tired as she was. Ashley was the body girl trying to get into Vogue. She was the antimodel, which only made her MORE of a model. Cameron KNEW she was pretty fabulous, and she was a fucking hot piece of ass, models like her bothered him. They took the high out of the words high fashion. They commercialized it. She was too catalog for his liking even when she was REALLY serving it. Plus, she always had to rub her dick in everyone's faces.

    "She didn't even say hello!? Bitch..."

    Next to arrive was Elizabeth York and Dina York and Cameron perked up. Oh what a lovely little mess Dina was. So desperate, such a social climber. She owned half the city and she still wanted people to like her or validate her. But goddamn was it fun throwing shade that went right over her head. Elizabeth seemed like she was more of a "horse and books" kind of girl than a "fashion" girl but Dina didn't seem to get that. However, when he looked at her, he knew with the right styling and the right kind of image, she COULD make a killing in fashion, as one of it's indy darlings. But Dina never Cameron enough credit for his savvy, and he needed her to BEG for his help before he would give it to her.

    Dina: "Zach! Maybe you should take some photos of Elizabeth- she'.."

    And that was the exact moment Cameron lost attention. If she was going to pull that tired act all weekend, it was going to be a long weekend. Cameron sipped his martini and snapped his fingers with his hands for a second as he sauntered over to Ava and Alek, his wicked grin returning.

    "So Ava..word on the street is Morgaine is gonna be at this little show. Sharon Kelly ready to pull the horse from her pasture? Is that because she's BACK? Or did Sally forget that models since Morgaine's time have gotten quite a bit thinner..?"

    [to Alek]

    "What do you think, cutie? Is our current signature model miss Ava on her way out of the top dog spot?!"

    Cameron laughed and took a sip of his martini, as a bit of it spilled on the floor.

    "Oh, I'm kidding Ava. But seriously? What's she been like? Crazy? Spiritual? Boring...?"

    Just then he noticed Sharon walking by, so he rose, completely distracted from what he had just asked.

    Sharon: "Cameron, honey, looking DASHING as ever."

    "I prefer urban uptown, but thank you, darling!"

    He looked around, wondering if this were all the people riding up. Where was Morgaine...and that Marissa girl? She was a Spectra regular..Sally enjoyed her. That was interesting. He turned back to Alek and Ava.

    "So are we expecting any more people?"
    Clara Oswald: That thinner comment is hilarious
    Carol Peletier: Morgaine has something for Cameron during this trip, that's fer sure! LOL
  17. Charope Brilliant Confrontation Birds of Prey

    Sep 23, 2005
    Alycia Barnett
    Amazon attributes & abilities; Feminum bracelets; Silver Bow & Zeus' Divine Lightning
    Sleepy Hollow- Cable car

    [ Sharon said that as a Kelly model, her life would belong to the agency, Jackie assured her that her life was accustomed to discipline, and with that, her life changed overnight.]

    [ In just 24 hours, Jackie went from being on the mainstreet , to flying down the Autobahn. She was riding on a wind and she was content to let it carry her to her dreams, success, and beyond!]

    [ To make it easier on herself, she opted to stay in house at the KMA building , and in the morning, she caught a ride with Sharon, but on the way to Sleepy Hollow, Sharon seemed tense. Marissa's death, and apparently some other pressing matters that she'd been discussing with Lorna...including..."personal papers?" It sound rather...ominous, like Sharon was preparing for some kind of....personal DISASTER?!]

    [ Jackie always had a knack for being in just the "right" place to pick up on things, but sometimes, the unexpected information she had could either be a boon or a curse. She was new to the KMA family, and she didn't want to overstep her boundaries with the woman who'd agreed to take her on, and so she played it cool, acting as though she hadn't heard what she had, but she made a note of it, and if nothing else, she'd confide in Zach, whom she knew was very close to Sharon. ]

    [ At the moment, their driver was whisking them through the beautiful village of Sleepy Hollow, and now, toward the outskirts of the town, near a beautiful, sprawling lake, with a forest in the background, and mountains on the horizon, they arrived at a curious looking cable car station. On the walls of the dock, there was a stylized "S", which must have stood for Sally Spectra. Sharon told she owned this cable car , and that it was the only way to get to the mountain mansion.]

    [ Jackie was nervous and excited all at once, but most of all, she was READY for this weekend. ]

    [ They arrived, and once out of the vehicle, Jackie walked alongside Sharon, and their driver followed up, quickly loading their luggage as Alek helped them aboard.]

    [ Jackie and Alek locked eyes for a moment. He was a man with immense stature, and definitely had the look of an "outdoors man" about him, but somehow he wore that suit and it fit him perfectly. Still...there was something about him, in those eyes...that unsettled Jackie just a bit, and it wasn't the fact that he took more than a passing look at her chest ;) . Still, she played it cool, accepting his strong, steady hand as she boarded, wearing a simple fall outfit, that showed off her slim, ample form, complete with sunglasses, and carrying her purse and a jacket ]

    [ She warmly greeted her new found modeling family, and noted the other guests on board, including the INFAMOUS Cameron King, along with Dina and her daughter, Elizabeth, and a few of the top buyers and editors, people she'd no doubt have to make nice with.]

    [ Cassandra offered her some champagne]

    Thank you.

    [ She smiled at the young girl]

    [ Sharon loudly greeted everyone and indicated to Alek it was time to go]

    [ Jackie slipped into a seat and settled in and looked around]

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  18. Ruby Red Princess Hellfire Club

    Aug 10, 2011
    Cassandra Johnson
    Los Angeles
    Psionic, Psychokinesis, Levitation, Hypnosis
    Sleepy Hollow, New York – Cable Car Station

    :: Zach brushed a lock of hair from her face. ::

    Zach: “Your hair is getting so long…”

    :: Cassandra looked at him strangely. Her hair has been the same length that it had been in the TEN years she had been with Sally [she was now 28]. ::

    *confused*: “My hair has been exactly the same length that it had always been.”

    :: And then the Viking [Ashley] showed up and Zach all but drooled openly at her as she strolled up to him. Cassandra fought back the irresistable urge to roll her eyes. Zach turned back to her. ::

    Zach: “Ashley says hi.”

    “Uh huh. Sure. Riiiight.”

    :: Like one of the Kelly Girls would ever deign to say hi to her. She'd faint from shock if any one of them could tell her her own name. Then Zach lost interest in her AGAIN as another car pulled up. She couldn’t exactly blame him, what with all the bitches models appearing out of the woodwork all of a sudden. But it wasn’t a model this time. It was Dina York, along with her beautiful daughter, Elizabeth. They instantly entered into a conversation with Zach, and Cassandra thought it would be awkward to say something like, “Hey, I’m over here,” so she quickly backed away and headed back into the cable car. She'd have plenty of time to greet Dina York later. ::

    No, it’s okay. I get it. Assistants are SUPPOSED to be ‘invisible’.

    :: Maxie mewled and so Cassandra set the little kitten down, making sure she kept a FIRM grip on the leash this time, and went about her duties, making sure the flutes of champagne were filled, fussing with the hors d’oerves and what not. ::

    Sharon: “HELLO darlings!”

    :: Cassandra turned from what she was doing and pasted a smile on her face. Sharon Kelly arrived and she looked FABULOUS as usual and she had someone with her, a GORGEOUS someone, who was no doubt one of her models. She offered the both of them some champagne. ::

    Jackie: “Thank you.”

    “You’re welcome.”

    Sharon: “Thank you, sweetie!”

    What am I, five?

    Sharon: “Have another one of those ready for me, will you?”

    *politely*: “No problem, Miss Kelly.”

    I’ll definitely have one ready for you…ready to throw in your face!

    :: But she wouldn’t actually do that to Sharon Kelly. Sharon and her companion took their seats and Cassandra filled some more flutes so that they’d be at the ready if people needed them. ::

    :: A running tally: Cameron King – Jerk; Vivica Lennox – 1st bitch; Ava Cassadine – 2nd bitch; Zachary Armani – Normal; Ashley Oldenburg – 3rd bitch; Dina York – Supreme Bitch; Elizabeth York – I’m-Sorry-That-You-Have-A-Mother-Like-Dina; Sharon Kelly – Friend or Foe?; Sharon’s New Model [Jackie] – Anybody’s Guess. And she was now stuck in a cable car with ALL of them. Yay. Oh look! Sharon was now signalling her like a fucking DOG. Cassandra gritted her teeth, put on a big smile, and brought Sharon the flute of champagne that she wanted. ::

    Sharon: “Ah, that’s the ticket!”

    :: Maxie stuck close by her as Cassandra made her way to the only available seat at the very back, which suited her just fine. The day had just begun and she was already exhausted. Maxie jumped onto her lap and Cassandra petted her, the softness of her fur and her quiet purring calming her down. ::
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    Jan 12, 2005
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    The Cable Car

    << an Icy voice immediately replies, coming from BEHIND everyone, in the very back of the car>>


    << Jackie gasps, as heads turn to see Morgaine standing there. NO one had seen her board, but there she was just the same.>>

    Everyone's here. Thank you for asking.

    << She says as she eyes Cameron with disdain>>

    << Some stare at her in disbelief, wondering how the hell she got there without anyone seeing her, but others, like Ava, Ashley and the rest of the KMA family, knew she had this..."WAY" about her. EACH of them had something that made them stand out, and this was her's.>>

    << Sharon was the first to break the uneasy silence>>

    Sharon: TERRR- IFIC! [ she says, beckoning Morgaine to come and sit down next to Jackie, and then turning back to look at Alek] Let's get this show on the road, darling! The weekend AWAITS us!

    << Jackie stares at Morgaine for a moment, no doubt because she's already heard so much about her. Morgaine looks at her with a calm expression, and then, as the cable car begins to move, she smiles.>>

    Hi there.

    You're the newest Kelly girl.

    << Extending her hand>>

    And I'm probably the "oldest."

    Welcome to the family!

    << as she winks at Jackie, an odd "chime" faintly rings in the air, some would just assume it was a sound for the car itself as it was beginning to move forward and begin this ride up to the Spectra mansion.>>

    << Jackie and Morgaine are seated right behind Ashley.>>

    << Morgaine reaches forward, and whispers to Ashley>>

    I never get motion sickness....except when that little creature (Cameron) is around, then I want to projectile vomit all over that gaudy suit he's wearing!

    << rolling her violet eyes. She leans back and looks at Jackie>>

    Oh, don't mind us...we're just not exactly fond of that worm, Cameron King. He just happens to be "THE" most important fashion columnist.

    Ashley: AND an olympic class RAT.

    Jackie: Soooo...:: eyeing him and sizing him up:: ....I should "make nice?"

    Morgaine: Well...some would say there's no worse fate in the world than getting on Cameron's "death" list.

    << Ashley scoffs, while Morgaine puts the back of her hand to her forehead, feigning distress>>

    << As they begin their ride in the cable car, eventually everyone begins to settle and socialize, with Cassandra now moving throughout the cabin with food and drinks for those that want it.>>

    << Cassandra reaches Morgaine, and offers some champagne.>>

    Thank you! It's nice to see you again, Cassandra.

    << an indication that Morgan knew her. Of them all, Sharon, Zach and Morgaine had the longest history with Sally and her "Strays">>
  20. Seer

    Apr 5, 2006
    << Cable Car Ride>>

    << And now, with all the models and distinguished guests present and accounted for, Alek got the cable car moving and soon they were on their way>>

    << It would be a little while before they arrived to the dock at the mansion, and now it was time for everyone to settle in, relax and socialize. Of course, even in these close quarters, the lines of status and class were apparent, though some in the car were not as pretentious as others.>>

    << A slow moving view throughout the cabin allows us to see everyone interact.>>

    << And all around them, the beauty and natural wonder of the forest, the lake, the sky and the mountains now surrounded them.>>

    << they left one world behind, and were closing in on another, where normal rules didn't apply.>>

    << it would be a memorable weekend...and for some...it would be their LAST.>>

    << But for now...>>
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