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Ororo's Ghost Story III, Part 5

Discussion in 'Ghost Stories' started by Seer, Jan 18, 2018.

  1. Seer

    Apr 5, 2006
    << The storm is now in full effect, doing its best to challenge the structural might of the Spectra megamansion.>>

    << All through this luxury palace, the KMA models, Sally Spectra, and her staff enjoy their evening.>>

    << We slowly move down the hall of one of the guest floors, leading to the double doors of Morgaine's suite. >>

    << Zach Armani has just left her a little while ago. A tender, sweet reunion between old lovers, and close friends that will last through time and space.>>

    << And now, Morgaine moves into the large gothic shower chamber, and begins to lavish herself in a hot, steamy shower, humming softly.>>

    << We see her svelte, feminine form through the shower curtain as the view slowly pulls back.>>

    << A lingering view of the small siamese kitten sitting on Morgaine's canopy bed can be seen. >>

    << A SHADOW lengthens along the wall, and passes over the small, nervous kitten. She turns her little head, watching as the shadow preceeds the SHAPE that is making it's way....toward the shower chamber!>>

    << It is often said that animals are the first to sense, to know the presence of evil. This is no exception.>>

    << The kitten mews with protest, only to be ignored by the shape that has invaded Morgaine's suite, and woefully UNHEARD by Morgaine herself.>>
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  2. Spellbinder Bitchcraft The Six Staff Member Contributing Member

    Jan 12, 2005
    Stepping Discs; Flight ; Magick -Sorceress Supreme
    << Inside the large, luxe, gothic shower chamber, time passes as Morgaine lavishes herself, humming along softly to "RAIN" by Madonna, which plays over the sound system.>>

    << As the steam and mist forms around her beautiful nude form, she indulges herself, washing away the pain, the sorrow, and the distress...if only for little while.>>

    << The comforting words of Ashley and Zach continue to reflect and whisper in her "memory" as she closes her violet eyes.>>

    << She is truly at ease right now. She does not hear the plaintive cry of the siamese kitten gifted to her by Sally. She does not hear. She does not see the shadowed shape that is slowly approaching her. >>

    << With each flicker and flash of lightning from the storm outside, the shape moves closer. CLOSER. CLOSER!>>

    << "Rain" reaches its climax, and just as Madonna proclaims, "Here comes the SUN!" The shower curtain is RIPPED back, suitably startling Morgaine, who was not expecting anymore company after Zach.>>

    << GASP!>>

    << The shape wastes NO time...as he (or she) savagely ATTACKS Morgaine!>>

    << The sickening sound of a sharp blade, slicing through flesh, being plunged with such unflinching violence that it cuts right to the BONE can be heard...AGAIN AND AGAIN.>>

    << Morgaine's initial attempt to defend/protect herself is short lived, and as she loses her sense of awarness and self from the white hot PAIN of the assault, and loses her footing, her attacking brutally stabs her MORE still...her torso, her back, her arms, even her hand.>>

    << it's the kind of an attack only a PSYCHO would make on someone.>>

    << Her initial screams are swallowed up by the sound of thunder outside. No one bears witness, except the small, defenseless kitten, who is truly terrified.>>

    <<With each stab, the viel between this world and the next becomes...less apparent to the blonde haired, violet eyed woman.>>

    << She even thinks she sees her MOTHER at one point.>>

    << And soon, after the savage assault ends, the figure retreats without hesitation, leaving a badly wounded, bloody Morgain half standing, half slumped against the shower wall.>>

    << She cries out softly...raises her hand, holding it out for someone...ANYONE to hold it in this, her last moments of conscciousness...and life.>>


    << She tries once more to speak...but all she can do...is make a last...>>

    [ gripping the shower curtain, she pulls it down from the rod, as she collapses]


    [ She falls, slumped over, half of her body in the bathtub, the other half hanging over the side.]

    << her violet eyes opened, but the sparkle in them is gone, only a dull, vacant look remains, much like that of Marissa, when she was found by Sharon and Zach.>>

    << Morgaine's blood begins to flow with the water, down the drain of the tub, and she lays there, slumped over.

    << The only witness to this shocking, terrifying event, is the small, helpless kitten, who now sits on the floor of the bathroom, trembling as she looks at her mommy.>>

    << What was supposed to be a happy reunion, and the beginning of a new chapter in her life, became a dark and bloody swan song for the world's most celebrated super model.>>

    << all that she was, all that anyone imagined her to be, all that she HOPED was still waiting for her, is all FINISHED now.>>

    << Morgaine Carole is dead. >>
    Persephone: Oh shit I wasn’t expecting her to die! Lol
    Screen Legend: oh wow. :( By the way, it's really mean to make an innocent little kitten witness this. :p
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  3. Persephone Treacherous Bitch Hellfire Club Staff Member

    Jan 17, 2005
    Ava Cassadine
    New York City
    Weather Elemental, Animal Control/Communication, Enhanced Senses and Strength
    As tempting as it was to skip dinner and spend the rest of the evening with Andrew in bed, Ava never put pleasure before work in any regard. She may have had a reputation for being a party girl, but she also had a reputation of being very professional and reliable which she wasn't about to start to tarnish now. So she peeled herself out of his arms, got dressed in his gorgeously designed gown, and reluctantly headed down to dinner with the rest of the KMA models and guests.

    The dinner went by pretty fast considering, but it wasn't lost to Ava that Morgaine had not shown up. She just had the comeback of a lifetime, so for her not to be celebrating seemed a little odd. But then again, with everything Morgaine had gone through and overcome to get back to KMA, maybe she just needed time to process? Either way, Ava wanted to give her friend some space but hoped she would run into her a little later. She didn't nearly get enough time to gush about how fabulous it was walking the runway together again, and Ava hoped this would be one of many more shows together as the two featured models of KMA.

    Ava sat in a beautiful private study she happened upon after leaving the dinner, the fire the only light illuminating the gorgeous room. It had it's own private mini bar and the second level [accessible by the spiral staircase] was filled floor to ceiling with books. With a tumbler of scotch in one hand and an old book of Greek Mythology in another, her long legs were crossed at the knee with her magenta Ralph Lauren mini dress leaving little to the imagination. The thunder crashed outside violently and lightning flickered the dimly lit space that the firelight did not touch. Her midnight eyes scanned the book, reading over the story of Theseus and Ariadne. Though she had an oversized hot pink blazer on, Ava felt a chill overcome her body suddenly - goosebumps appearing along her skin. She looked up from the book....and she could have sworn she heard screaming. Her brows furrowed, the thunder crashing loudly again outside. No, it was the weather...it was just the storm....

    "Get a grip, Ava."

    She chastised herself softly before downing the rest of her scotch. Looking back down at her book with less interest now, she was beginning to rethink her choice to relax alone.
  4. Charope Brilliant Confrontation Birds of Prey

    Sep 23, 2005
    Alycia Barnett
    Amazon attributes & abilities; Feminum bracelets; Silver Bow & Zeus' Divine Lightning
    Spectra Mansion- private Study

    :: Just as Ava settled, there was a strong wind, that WHISTLED! Lightning flickered across the window as a hand reached out, and touched Ava on the shoulder!::

    :: Ava's reaction caused Jackie to jump a bit herself. She put her hands up in a "peace" motion. ::

    Oh wow! I'm sorry! I didn't mean to scare you!

    :: Jackie came around to the front of where Ava was sitting. Ava stared at her for a moment::

    Sally told me to look around after dinner, so I've been taking in this place! It's a world unto itself!

    :: Jackie looked around the study.::'

    Every room has something unique to offer.

    :: As Ava finally began to relax a bit once more, the two women paused, and the storm can be heard outside....::

    But on a night like this....I wouldn't want to be alone in a house this size.

    Even a place as strong and sturdy as this is bound to...

    :: Jackie too thought she'd heard something...odd in the air. It was very faint. Maybe it was just the wind.::

    ..."Settle" at night.

    :: what's what her mama used to tell her whenever she heard "creaking" and "groaning" noises coming from the old attic in her child hood home. MOST times, it helped her calm enough to go to sleep.::

    :: Thunder crashed once more, and this time, the lights flickered, ever slightly. Jackie wrapped her arms around herself::

    If this were a horror movie...this would be the perfect place for a killer to hide among the unsuspecting victims.

    :: Oh if only Jackie and Ava KNEW just now....::

    Well again...I'm sorry if I scared you. I was just taking the scenic route back to my suite.

    I was going to look in on Morgaine, make sure she was okay, since she didn't come down for dinner.

    :: Morgaine had been very welcoming and supporting of Jackie, especially during her first major show. Jackie had passed her test with Sally Spectra with flying colors, and she was hitting it off well with her new KMA family. Everything was going far better than she could have imagined...so far!::

    I'll leave you to your book!

    :: Smiling at Ava.::

    See you later.

    :: and with that, Jackie takes leaves Ava alone once more in the private study.::

    :: Feeling the warmth from the fire in the study gave Jackie an idea, a nice hot shower would chase away the chills, and she could then slip into something more comfortable for the evening.::

    :: She made her way toward the wing of the mansion where her suite was. It was not too far from Morgaine's. As she drew closer, she decided to follow her instinct to check on Morgaine after all...::
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  5. Sally Spectra Fashion Goddess

    May 12, 2011
    New York City
    Spectra Mansion- living room

    << In the living room, Sally, Cassandra, Andrew, Sharon, Dina, Cameron, , Zizi, and Zach were enjoying after-dinner drinks. The large, comfortable living room was glowing from the roaring fire in the fire place. Light fixtures were only dimly lit, letting the fire provide natural light and warmth in the living room.>>

    << One of the maids attended Sally's guests, while Sally herself was attended by one her PERSONAL men. He was dressed impeccably, except for a SHIRT, which he did not wear. Just the way Sally liked it. In Alek's absence, When he was not filing her flute with champagne, feeding her strawberries, or giving her a massage, OR providing her with the views of "the front AND the back" that she liked ;) , he stood sentry over her. >>

    << Cassandra sat nearby, with her pet cat in her lap. It had been quite a day, and the senior feline was properly tired from all the excitement.

    Ahhh, that's the ticket!

    << She said as she enjoyed another drink.>>

    A wonderful meal this evening, my darlings?

    << The others agreed as they enjoyed their drinks.>>

    And a triumphant weekend, especially for my talented ANDRE?

    << drapped across her double chaise lounge, she nodded at Andre with an approving smile as she lifted her flute in salute, and then took a long drink. Her attendant quickly recharged her flute. >>

    What a SHAME that Morgaine didn't come down to join us.

    Sharon: Yes it is...she probably needed some time to herself after the big show and the photo shoot. Jackie said she'd go look in on her.

    << No one could begrudge her that, but the woman DID make one hell of a splash in her comeback.>>

    Sharon: I'm sure everything's fine, and she's just resting right now. << she quickly glanced at Zach, knowing where he'd been not too long ago ;) >> You know how Morgaine is...she was never the biggest eater.

    Sally: Vanity, my dear. That girl NEVER wanted anyone to see her eat! WHY? I told her all the time, A girl's GOT to eat! How else can she maintain her strength...

    << eyeing her attendant with wicked delight as he passed by, bending over to set a tray down. Sharon and the others couldn't help but smirk as Sally appreciated the view.>>

    ...for EXTRACURRICULAR activities??

    Sally: Ah well, the night is young, as is the weekend. There'll be PLENTY of time for her to eat, drink and be merry...and before she DISAPPEARS again, I'm going to talk her into staying HERE with me for while. I'm sure she found my little gift waiting for her in her suite (the siamese kitten). She needs things to keep her occupied, keep her mind OFF of....

    << the all knew.>>

    Sharon: << chuckling after a few moments>> It WOULD be nice to have her in the same HEMISPHERE as the rest of us...having her in the same state would be a bonus!

    Sally:: I believe Ashley and Vivica are checking out the game room, and Alek should be on his way back. Alek will likely chhallenge Ashley to any number of games/contests.

    Sharon: And he'll lose them all!

    Sally: My dear, I doubt he cares about THAT!

    << They laugh at the thought. Ashley was unapologetic in her skirt chasing ways, but as Zach knew, there was more to her than meets the eye!>>

    << As they all sat and enjoyed their drinks and conversation, they had a breathtaking view of the STORM that was raging outside and around the mansion.>>

    Sharon: Is it safe for him to be traveling back up in the cable car in this weather?

    Sally: Ah, given the time he left to take the others back down to Sleepy Hollow, he didn't have to spend TOO much time in the storm. He should be here in less than 10 minutes!
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  6. Prophet White King Hellfire Club Staff Member Contributing Member

    Jan 12, 2005
    Cameron King
    New York City
    Telepathy, Psionic, Telekinetic, Empathy, Flash Premonition
    :: Dinner was unexpectedly...well boring. Cameron was much more interested in the buzz being generated on his phone anyway. Everything had planned earlier in the evening was going better than expected. He stood over the sink in the bathroom down the hall from the living room as he washed his hands, the clear water mixing with a crimson red as it slipped down the sink for a moment. Cameron was definitely drunk, which depending on those in his presence could either be a good or a bad thing. Shaking his head for a moment, he focused on his reflection in the mirror, and was, as per usual, very pleased with what he saw. ::

    "Well good to see my face is back in fuckin' order. Too bad that bitch's career won't be."

    :: Cameron looked down at the sink, taking a moment to realize that it wasn't just water washing down the drain...but blood. ::

    "What? Did I cut myself?"

    :: He began to look his hands over, for any signs of distress. He tended to be a bit of a clumsy drunk. He noticed a gash on his left hand. Unsure of how he had gotten it, he stopped caring because he was drunk, rinsed his hands in the sink, dabbed it with a paper towel until it stopped bleeding and headed back out towards the living room where everybody was laughing..and once again talking about Morgaine. ::

    Sharon: "It WOULD be nice to have her in the same HEMISPHERE as the rest of us...having her in the same state would be a bonus."

    :: Cameron grabbed a martini from one of the bar areas and took a sip. ::

    "Just make sure she's MUZZLED whenever I come to visit. The last thing I need is rabies."

    :: He looked around for a moment. ::

    "But she's probably napping...or more likely unable to get her dress unzipped. I'm sure she'll...turn up."

    Sharon: "Is it safe for him to be traveling back up in the cable car in this weather?"

    Sally: "Ah, given the time he left to take the others back down to Sleepy Hollow, he didn't hve to spend TOO much time in the storm. He should be here in less than 10 minutes."

    "Ooh! The Brawny Paper Towel Man! Yes! Let's get that little nugget warmed up by the fire!"
  7. Ruby Red Princess Hellfire Club

    Aug 10, 2011
    Cassandra Johnson
    Los Angeles
    Psionic, Psychokinesis, Levitation, Hypnosis
    Casa de Spectra

    :: Cassandra went about her duties about alerting the staff about the oncoming storm and how they should take care of the usual preparations. Next, she, along with Maxie, went to the security offices to give them a heads up about the huge storm that was brewing. Yes, Casa de Spectra did have EXCELLENT security, but Casa de Spectra was still on a mountain and sometimes the security feeds DID happen to break down during a storm. Cassandra just didn’t want them to be caught unawares. Maxie loved visiting the security offices because they usually had treats for her as well as her friend, a small Siamese kitten. This visit did not disappoint, and Maxie got all the treats that she could get. However, there were only two treats left so Maxie picked them up in her mouth and carried them as she followed her mama through the mansion. They soon encountered Maxie’s friend, and Maxie made a happy noise in her throat at the sight of her. She trotted up to her and gently laid down the treats in front of the other kitten. ::

    “Awww, Max! You wanted to share your treats with your friend!”

    :: Cassandra reached out and petted the kitten. ::

    “You really are a cutie; I’m glad that Maxie has a friend like you.”

    :: The kitten rubbed her head against Cassandra’s hand and then laid down beside Maxie to eat her treats. ::

    “I know that Sally has gifted you to Morgaine, but I hope that you, as well as Morgaine, come back to visit often. Maxie would miss you if you didn’t!”

    :: The small kitten mewed in response before getting into a playful tussle with Maxie. Cassandra stood up. ::

    “Okay then. I’ll get ready for dinner. Maxie, you know where to find me.”

    :: Humming a bit, Cassandra continued on her way, wondering what she would wear. Being around all the models, she knew that she had to always bring her A-game. As she reached her suite, Cassandra had decided on a black pantsuit. She quickly dressed, and spent time on her hair and makeup, before heading out into the hallway where she encountered Maxie. They both made their way to the dining area where they had great food and great drinks. However, it was pretty boring. Cassandra didn’t mind, though, and she accepted Sally’s offer to have after dinner drinks in the lounge. ::

    :: Once she was settled, Maxie in her lap, Cassandra felt as if she could finally relax. That is, until Maxie woke with a start and meowed LOUDLY. Maxie jumped off her lap and paced in front of her, meowing and acting uptight about something. Before Cassandra could grab her, Maxie took off like a shot through the doorway. For reasons unknown, Cassandra felt a slight chill tingle up and down her spine. Maxie almost never left her side. Cassandra recalled then that Maxie was acting weird when she was by the windows as well. ::

    It’s nothing; absolutely nothing.

    :: Sharon asked about Alek. ::

    “Oh, don’t worry about him. He’ll be fine.”

    No doubt he’s thinking up ways on how he can pull the ‘poor me, I got caught in the rain’ act with all the bimbos [Ashley, Av, Vivica] here.
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  8. Oracle

    Oracle The Eye in the Sky The Six

    Oct 8, 2013
    Elizabeth York
    The Clocktower
    Genius, Hacker
    The Living Room

    Zizi stood by the fire, soaking in the warmth of the flames. She had passed a lovely afternoon after her chat with Sharon reading in her own suite, blessedly alone. But the weather had gotten progressively worse since the photo shoot, and even with the fire there was a chill in the air. A maid came by and brought her a cosmopolitan, which she took from the tray without even a glance at her mother.

    "Oh, everything was lovely, Sally, thank you."

    She smiled broadly. The dinner had been wonderful, and she was really beginning to relax. Add in Zach's promise to show her how he was going to develop the photos he'd taken, and take her first photos for her portfolio? The weekend was certainly turning around from where it had been yesterday.

    Zizi turned to where Andre stood and gave him a smile.

    "Yes. Andre, your outfits were sensational. Truly. I loved them all."

    "Do you think she's okay? I know she had a personal tragedy - I hope she's not getting...depressed."

    Sharon let them know that Jackie was going to look in on her, and assured them that everything was fine, which made Zizi expel a sigh of relief. The conversation turned to Morgaine's eating habits, or lack thereof. Her mother looked pointedly at her.

    Dina: "Morgaine didn't get where she is by eating hamburgers and milkshakes: it takes discipline to make it. One shouldn't criticize Morgaine because she has willpower and is willing to do what it takes to succeed. And see how fabulous she looks?"

    Sharon said how nice it would be to have Morgaine nearby again, and then Cameron had to go and make one of his awful comments, the horrid little man.

    "So, what does everyone have planned for the evening?"
    Carol Peletier: Dina is brutal LOL!
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  9. Titan Birds of Prey

    Nov 28, 2011
    Andrew Murphy
    Belfast, North of Ireland
    The Living Room

    Andrew was standing behind one of the sofas, his eyes glued to the door. He was absentmindedly sipping a wee whisky, but his thoughts were all about Ava. He kept stealing glances of her during dinner, and was still now having flashbacks of their afternoon together. Her smooth, bare skin. Her dark eyes. They way she spoke. She was a dream, and all he wanted to do was see her again.

    But she hadn't come to the living room for drinks with them. His eyes kept going to the door, to see if she might be coming to join them. No luck so far.

    He made a sound in the affirmative, distracted. As much as he liked most of the people in the room, his heart wasn't in socializing.

    He turned to Zizi, and gave her a warm smile. She was, after all, trying to be nice. He forced himself to pay attention to the conversation. Andrew didn't know Morgaine well, but it did seem odd that after such a return she wasn't here celebrating or at least schmoozing. But the others didn't seem that worried, so he didn't bother to be either. He started to zone out again when they started discussing her eating habits. But his ears perked up again when Alek's name was mentioned.

    Great. Andrew sighed. He'd probably go straight to find Ava. And they'd disappear together never to come up for air until the weekend was over. What the hell did she see in that guy?

    Or maybe the cable car could break down and he could spend the night dangling from a bit of metal rope in the middle of an electrical storm.

    "That's good."

    There was less than enthusiasm in his voice, and he stole another glance at the door.

    He held up his whiskey glass.

    "You're looking at it."
  10. Persephone Treacherous Bitch Hellfire Club Staff Member

    Jan 17, 2005
    Ava Cassadine
    New York City
    Weather Elemental, Animal Control/Communication, Enhanced Senses and Strength
    The storm seemed to be getting stronger outside, the thunder crashing and lightning flickering relentlessly in the sky. Normally Ava found a calm in storms - she loved them. She felt connected to them. But tonight? She felt very on edge for some reason. Fuck, maybe she needed some stronger drugs to relax. Sighing out, Ava craned her neck from side to side as she tried to settle back into the book she was reading. She was finally starting to relax when a massive crash of thunder paired with a hand on her shoulder made her jump and scream out it was like something out of a horror movie.

    Jackie: Oh wow! I'm sorry! I didn't mean to scare you!

    The book had tumbled to the floor and luckily she had put her empty glass on the table otherwise that would have shattered everywhere. Ava held her hand against her chest, heart racing, as she looked over at Jackie with wide eyes.

    "Jesus Christ, Jackie! Are you trying to kill me?!"

    She exclaimed with an exasperated breath. Exhaling a heavily, Ava shut her eyes and shook her head, letting out a laugh finally.

    "Don't answer that."

    She teased playfully, finally smiling at Jackie.

    Jackie: Sally told me to look around after dinner, so I've been taking in this place! It's a world unto itself. Every room has something unique to offer. But on a night like this....I wouldn't want to be alone in a house this size. Even a place as strong and sturdy as this is bound to...."Settle" at night.

    Ava's eyes scanned around the room for a moment before falling back onto Jackie. She lightly shrugged, the fright of the past couple of minutes finally passing.

    "So you're saying we should go back to my room?"

    Cracking a smile, Ava obviously ribbing Jackie on her extra curricular activities with Zach and Ashley that have become KMA knowledge.

    Jackie: Well again...I'm sorry if I scared you. I was just taking the scenic route back to my suite. I was going to look in on Morgaine, make sure she was okay, since she didn't come down for dinner.

    Ava waved off Jackie's apology.

    "It's alright. I probably had too much coke...or not enough...yet to be determined. [chuckling] Either way, say hey to Morgaine for me. Let her know I expect her skinny ass at breakfast tomorrow so we can count calories and gush about the show. You know, typical model stuff."

    Ava did a playful hair flip before laughing.

    Jackie: I'll leave you to your book! See you later.

    Smiling warmly at Jackie.

    "Have a good night, Jackie."

    As Jackie left, Ava sighed heavily and picked up her book from the floor before sitting back against the couch. Nibbling her bottom lip, she ran her fingers along the embossed gold letters of the old book for a moment before finally standing. After the jump scare Jackie gave her, she deserved a strong drink. Tossing the book onto the couch, she grabbed her empty tumbler from the table and walked over to the mini bar, pouring herself a double shot of scotch. Downing half, Ava shut her eyes and smiled, her tense body relaxing.

    "Much better."
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  11. Orion

    Orion Ambassador Birds of Prey

    Sep 25, 2008
    Zachary Armani
    New York
    Casa de Spectra — Living Room

    Zach had spent a while with Morgaine, and this time they actually talked, unlike last night. It was nice, though. They were able to discuss topics, personal and somewhat painful, that needed to be addressed. Their mutual loss, because Zach loved Karen too, and their shared sense of guilt, things that no one else understood but them.

    Afterward, Zach made his way to the Brandy Lounge. He wanted to get it all set up for after dinner, so he and Ash could just slip away together and be alone for a while. He had his sleeves rolled up, and he was moving the furniture around to his liking, so the scene would look good for the photos. He lifted the divan, somewhat awkwardly and carried it over by the fireplace. It wasn't heavy, it was just bulky and not easy for one person to carry.

    Luckily no one was here to see his struggle, so at least he could pretend it was no trouble at all. Once it was all arranged perfectly (because nothing less would do, for her, in his mind) he locked the room up so it wouldn't be disturbed and then went back to his suite to shower and dress, just for her, for dinner. He was looking forward to it, very much, even IF other people were going to be there.

    She wasn't there.

    Now he was standing by the window, watching the storm rage, and brooding a bit. He checked his phone. Lots of emails, and a few texts that had accrued during dinner, but not a peep from her. What if she was waiting for HIM to say something? He decided to text her.

    To Ash>> Hey, the Brandy Lounge is ready for your shoot. LMK when you want me...

    Sally asked everybody if the meal was wonderful. Zach added a 'Mmhmm' to the chorus of appreciation, even though he'd barely tasted the food. There was some talk of Morgaine not coming down for dinner, but she'd been in a good place when Zach had left her, so he wasn't worried.

    Sally: I believe Ashley and Vivica are checking out the game room, and Alek should be on his way back. Alek will likely challenge Ashley to any number of games/contests.

    Sharon: And he'll lose them all!

    Zach's jaw clenched, involuntarily.

    He's nowhere NEAR her league...

    He thought, but managed not to say.

    Sally: My dear, I doubt he cares about THAT!

    Zach couldn't laugh with them, so he drank instead. Sharon wondered if it was safe for Alek to be traveling back up in the cable car, given the weather conditions. Zach silently hoped not. Unfortunately Sally was reassuring. Cameron King was enthusiastic, calling him the Brawny Paper Towel Man. Now THERE was a convenient grenade to throw at a competitor, if there ever was one.

    "Oh come now, Cameron, why would he need a fire to warm up? I'm SURE he'd prefer to snuggle up next to you instead."

    Zach suggested. Zizi tried to smoothly change the subject, asking what everyone had planned for the evening. Andrew seemed content to just hang around with the group and drink. Not Zach. He had a promise to keep.

    "Well, I'd love to do the same, but I DID agree to take some updated photos for Ash. You know, since we're here at the infamous Casa de Spectra."

    He said casually as he turned from the window to the group. Well, his tone was casual. The curve of his mouth was triumphant.
    Carol Peletier: i like how he sees Cameron as a wild card where Alek (his competition) is concerned
  12. Valkyrie

    Valkyrie War Birds of Prey

    Oct 8, 2013
    Ashley Oldenburg
    The Clocktower
    Ability to instill self-doubt, turmoil and intimidation
    The Game Room

    Ashley had slipped into bed after her shower, taking a long and luxurious nap. She fully expected to be awoken by Ava slipping into bed next to her, but she never came. She lay in bed, sipping the whisky she had taken surreptitiously from the kitchen. The burn of it going down brought her slowly back to her senses, and she threw the covers off herself and went to sit at the vanity, carefully applying her makeup and fixing her hair. She pulled out her phone and rattled off a text to the one person not annoying her or pissing her off by their inattention: the queen of social media herself.

    [to Vivica] >>> Drinks, pool and bitchfest? Game room. 10 minutes.

    She brought the whiskey bottle with her, which was dangerously low, but she knew that the game room had a minibar that would be fully stocked, so she wasn't worried. It wasn't long before Vivica arrived and they were having a healthy competition while they (mostly Ashley) ranted about the others.

    "I just don't know what's gotten into Ava. I mean, first Alek, then Andre? What the actual fuck?"

    She hit a striped ball with way too much force and it shot around the table like a bb in a boxcar.


    She picked up her rocks glass and took a drink while she waited for Vivica to take her turn.

    "This is me we're talking about. They should be hanging around waiting for me, not the other way around. I do not play second fiddle to cavemen or beanpoles."

    Or anyone else.

    She watched the table and seethed.


    She looked at Viv expectently, then threw up her hands.

    "If I'd known I would be treated like this, I would have gone back to New York. Plenty of people there are dying to fuck me. Even if it would have meant sharing a cable car with that degenerate."

    As if on cue, the game room door opened to reveal Alek, wet hair plastered to his face.

    "And what the hell are you doing in here? Shouldn't you be out dragging someone around by their hair?"
  13. Berserker

    Berserker 'bout to show you what Hell looks like Hellfire Club

    Feb 1, 2017
    Aleksander Hallbjörn
    New York City
    The Game Room

    It had been an uneventful trip down the mountain. He'd only threatened the suits from New York a few more times before they'd reached Sleepy Hollow. They would think twice before disrespecting Sally again. The trip back was another story, the storm picking up and the car rocking on the cables making him feel like he was inside a giant blender. Of course the power cut out on the way, so the storm was in full swing before he'd returned to the top. He was soaked to the skin almost instantly, but it hadn't stopped him from casually going through the mansion looking for a place to warm up that ideally included one Miss Ava Cassadine.

    But he'd heard voices coming from the game room, and decided to insert himself into the middle of the two females inside. With a preferable emphasis on insert. He opened the door, and went right in, without knocking. He betrayed no body language that he wasn't exactly where he ought to be. Ashley, however, looked quite perturbed. That was okay - he liked her fire.

    "Sweetcakes, I'd drag you right to the nearest dark corner. Or light corner."

    He strode towards the fireplace.

    "I got caught in the rain, so I thought I'd warm up by the fire, have a drink."

    He warmed his hands, but turned his head to appraise both ladies.

    "Though I think the two of you could warm me up faster."

    He turned to warm his backside, and he nodded his head towards the pool table.

    "I could teach you girls a thing or two about pool, if you'd like."
  14. Valkyrie

    Valkyrie War Birds of Prey

    Oct 8, 2013
    Ashley Oldenburg
    The Clocktower
    Ability to instill self-doubt, turmoil and intimidation
    The Game Room

    A perfectly nice game of pool with a beautiful woman ruined. At least until she could get him to fucking leave. She made it clear that his presence was not wanted, that he should go back to his caveman hair dragging activities.

    She made a gagging sound and rolled her eyes.

    "Not if there were no women left on earth and you were the last man. I'd rather do it myself."

    "You're telling us this like we care. Isn't there some tiny servant's room with an electric fireplace you could go to to be pitiful? Some place that isn't here?"

    Ugh. She couldn't believe she had let Ava convince her to be in the same zip code as this asshole, let alone the same bed. Those pills must be better than she'd thought.

    "Not a chance. Bye."

    "Please. Does this look like an eighties movie to you?"

    Her pocket buzzed, just as she was about to tell him to get the hell out. Distractedly she pulled it out and looked at the incoming text.

    A small smile played on her lips. He had probably spent all afternoon getting the location ready for her. That made sense. Of course he wouldn't have had time to come find her before this.

    To Zach >> You're asking the wrong question. It not WHEN I want you it's in what POSITION. I'm on my way.

    She punctuated it with a tongue sticking out emoji. Suddenly remembering that other people were in the room, she looked up.

    "I've just remembered something I have to do."

    She downed the rest of her drink and left the glass.

    "I'm sure Viv would love that pool lesson, Alek."

    She practically ran out of the room, with a half apologetic look at Vivica.
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  15. Charope Brilliant Confrontation Birds of Prey

    Sep 23, 2005
    Alycia Barnett
    Amazon attributes & abilities; Feminum bracelets; Silver Bow & Zeus' Divine Lightning
    Spectra Mansion- Grisly Discovery

    :: Jackie makes her way up a small fligh of stairs, and down the hall toward Morgaine's suite.::

    :: She knocks, and hears soft music just on the other side of the door.::


    :: She knocks once more. ::

    Morgaine, it's Jackie. I was just coming to make sure you were okay? We missed you at dinner tonight.

    :: Thunder rumbles, and Jackie notices the door is just slightly ajar, and so she slowly opens it a crack. She doesn't see anyone in the view she now has. She opens the door wider, and notices that there's mist all around the suite. She hears Madonna's "Take a bow." playing and hears the shower running in the bathroom.::

    ::Jackie slowly steps inside, leaving the door open.::


    :: Still no answer. ::

    :: As she slowly moves along through the bedroom of the suite, she notices Morgaine's outfit from earlier draped on a chair near by, and a flute of champagne on the nightstand by the bed, half consumed.::

    :: The mist is heavier, the closer she gets to the bathroom, and she notices it's rather warm too.::

    :: She looks around. Still no sign of anyone.::

    :: Closer to the large bathroom, she spots Morgaine's little siamese kitten, who's on the floor, shivering.::

    Hello kitty! Where's your mommy?

    :: bending down, she notices the kittens fur is a bit wet especially on the paws....and there's something else...something...crimson on her little paws!::

    What is this!?

    :: "Take a bow" is nearing the end, as Jackie stands up and moves into the bathroom::


    :: the shower is running, full stream, and there's a heavy mist in the bathroom, the mirrors are fogged, and there's water on the floor. Water and...::

    :: she notices...::


    :: And then as she turns ever so slightly, she finds Morgaine laying, slumped half in/out the bathtub, blood all over her body, which is riddled with stab wounds.::


    :: She staggers back, backing into the sink. her hand FLIES to her mouth::

    OH my.....:: sounding as if she were out of breath:: OHMYGOD!


    :: She can hardly form another word as her hazel eyes widen and her breathing grows more rapid::

    OH....OH NO...

    lightning flashes, providing a haunting strobe effect over Morgaine's dead body, with her eyes still open, "LOOKING" at Jackie. and as thunder crashes...Jackie shakes her head, and begins to::

    :: SCREAM!::

    :: Jackie screams...and RUNS from the bathroom. The poor kitten had already retreated, and was now out in the hall. ::

    :: Jackie's screams are DEFINITELY heard by more than one person throughout the mansion.::

    HELP ME!
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  16. Recall Belle Epoque Birds of Prey

    Dec 15, 2005
    Vivica Lennox
    Total Memory Recall, Photographic Reflexes, Super Senses
    :: Vivica was feeling the vibes of the house, and after committing herself to having some "offline" time, she was smoking a joint in her room, listening to some Lauryn Hill. The weekend had been a success so far, with a few minor irritations. ::

    "And besides...Cameron deserved to get his lights knocked out!"

    :: She laughed to herself as she set the joint down at her vanity, and drank pink champagne from a tall flute. Vivica had a good memory,even better when she was stoned, and her crystal clear account of what Morgaine did to Cameron had replayed several times in her head throughout the day, to where she couldn't help but to chuckle. ::

    "And every chorus is written for us..."

    :: Vivica sang along to the lyrics in her mind when she saw a flash of light from the corner of her eye. It was a text from Ashley, which given Vivica's mental state was actually very well timed. ::

    >>Ashley: Drinks, pool and bitchfest? Game room. 10 minutes."

    >>Vivica: "YASSS. Girl I'm always down to throw a little shade. Especially after that queeny little assistant at the fashion show gave me the wrong size shoes on PURPOSE. See you soon."[/i]

    :: The social media break was over. ::

    :: Vivica screen-shotted Ashley's text message and immediately uploaded it to Instagram. ::

    Caption: "When this bitch texts, you respond. #mood[/i]

    :: Vivica pulled herself together in a green maxi dress, her hair intensley slicked back, and a rare occurence of her wearing her natural hair as she made it into the game room. ::

    Ashley: "I just don't know what's gotten into Ava. I mean first Alek, then Andre? What the actual fuck?"

    :: As Ashley lined up, Vivica smirked and helped herself to the bar, mixing up a proper manhatten, another one of the many talents of Vivica Lennox. Everybody who lived in New York had bartended at one point or another. ::

    "Honey, Ava is a succubus slut of the highest order. She's practically reinvented the art form of sleeping your way to the top. Are you REALLY that surpised?"

    Ashley: "FUCK."

    :: Ashley hit the cue ball with suprising force as the balls bounced around. ::

    :: Vivica lined up her shot. ::

    Ashley: "This is me we're talking about. They should be hanging around waiting for me, not the other way around. I dno not play second fiddle to cavement or beanpoles. Right?"

    :: Vivica hit the cue ball, sinking her first solid. A few years ago, Ashley and Vivica were known for swindling men and women at pool halls all across Germany. A true brains & beauties bond. ::

    "Calm down girl...you're right! Why are you letting Ava of all people get to you? I mean...she's aight, but she isn't the end all be all of womanly sexiness..."

    :: She laughed and gestured around her hips and breasts and butt with her hands. ::

    "Thank you very MUCH!"

    :: Vivica laughed and Ashley continued. ::

    Ashley: "If I'd known I would be treated like this, I would have gone back to New York. Plenty of people there are dying to fuck me. Even if it would have meant sharing a cable car with that degenerate."

    "Damn girl...you sure you want to kill him? of FUCK hi--"

    :: Alek appeared out of thin air to Vivica's surprise. ::

    Ashley: "And what the hell are you doing here? Shouldn't you be out dragging someone around by their hair."

    :: Vivica took a sip of her manhatten. ::

    Alek: "Sweetcakes, I'd drag you right to the nearest dark corner. or light corner."

    "Well then it's a good thing I wear wigs."

    Ashley: "Not if there were no women left on earth and you were the last man. I'd rather do it myself."

    :: Alek made his way to the fire needing to warm up. She could see why the ladies loved him. He was a rugged and handsome little snowflake, not quite her own taste, who knows, she was pretty high and her manhatten was settling in her nicely. ::

    Alek: "Though I think the two of you could warm me up faster."

    Ashley: "Not a chance. Bye."

    "And I already warmed myself up just fine on my own thanks."

    Alek: "I could teach you girls a thing or two about pool, if you'd like it."

    :: Vivica laughed loudly, taking another sip of her drink. Either she was very stoned, or what he just said was very laughable. Ashley and herself would wipe the FLOOR with him, no question. ::

    Ashley: "Please. Does this look like an eighties movie to you?"

    :: She leaned her head in. ::

    "OR your wildest DREAMS?"

    :: And then Ashley got COMPLETELY sidetracked, without even acknowledging Vivica's supreme burn right now because she was staring into her phone with a looked that Vivica recognized - she was about to get laid. ::

    Ashley: "I've just remembered something I have to do. I'm sure Viv would love that pool lesson, Alek."

    :: And she was gone. ::

    "Oh I can't stand that bitch!"

    :: She laughed as Ashley trampled out of the room like a valkyrie towards valhalla and soon it was Vivica and Alek alone. Vivica eyed him up and down before realizing her drink needed to be refreshed. She turned her head towards Alek as she mixed her drink. ::

    "You know...I don't need no lessons...but, I'm feeling relaxed and social, and I am looking damn good in this dress. So maybe we could play a few games...make a few wagers?"

    :: She smirked as she topped her drink off, brought it to her lips and set it down on the counter. ::

    "I mean..unless you have a date with that white walker [Ava] herself?"
    Persephone: LMAO @ good thing I wear wigs.
    Carol Peletier: the WIGS though! LOL
    Berserker: LMAO
  17. Persephone Treacherous Bitch Hellfire Club Staff Member

    Jan 17, 2005
    Ava Cassadine
    New York City
    Weather Elemental, Animal Control/Communication, Enhanced Senses and Strength
    After a few more drinks and feeling more than a little bit tipsy, Ava decided that reading and relaxing was going to put her ass to sleep, and the night was far too young for that. Exiting the library, Ava began to head down to her room so she could change into something a little bit more sexy. Maybe accidentally run into Alek or Andrew...or both. A girl could dream. Taking out her phone as she walked, she was about to text Ashley when she heard a blood curdling scream causing her to jump and eyes to go wide. Her hand was over her chest, heart beating fast, face panic stricken.

    Jackie: HELP ME!

    This wasn't another joke or game, and it sure as hell sobered Ava up real quick. Running down the hall to where Jackie was screaming for help, Ava's heart dropped once she realized the screaming was coming from Morgaine's room.

    "Oh God...."

    She came RUNNING out of Morgaine's room, the look on her face portraying absolute terror.

    "Jackie!?! JACKIE! "

    Ava grabbed Jackie by her upper arms, trying to get her to focus, to say SOMETHING.

    "What happened?!? Where's Morgaine?!"

    Jackie was beside herself and Ava feared the worse. She was terrified to go into the room, but she had to. She pushed passed Jackie and entered Morgaine's room. She could see the bathroom light shining from afar, Ava slowly crossing the massive suite toward the door. Her breathing was heavy and it felt like her heart was beating in her ears.


    She called out, her voice shaking.


    There was no answer and tears immediately began to well up in Ava's eyes. Finally, she reached the bathroom door and gasped in, her hand covering her mouth and eyes as big as saucers at the sight.

    "Oh my God...Oh my God...."

    Tears fell down her cheeks at the sight. Morgaine was DEAD. Ava was in shock and couldn't move, her eyes glued to the scene like something out of a horror movie. Her mentor was dead. Her friend was dead.

    "How is this real....this can't be real....Holy shit....."

    Trembling, Ava realized she was still holding her phone and quickly began to dial 911. Her hand shook, her thumb barely hitting the right numbers. But the service was down due to the storm.


    Then an even more sobering reality hit her in that moment....Morgaine didn't just die.....she was KILLED. Slowly lifting her eyes from the phone to Morgaine's dead body, Ava shook her head and began to back away from the scene.

    "No..no...no..no....I need to get the FUCK off of this mountain..."
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  18. Berserker

    Berserker 'bout to show you what Hell looks like Hellfire Club

    Feb 1, 2017
    Aleksander Hallbjörn
    New York City
    The Game Room

    Ashley made some comment about him dragging women around by their hair. Hey, it wasn't his fault that women liked real men. Including Ashley. He made it clear where he'd drag her. Both of them. Preferably one in each hand.

    "I don't mind a bit of dress up."

    He winked at Vivica.

    He grinned cheekily at her.

    "That's okay, I don't mind watching."

    She was acting like he hadn't already seen every inch of her the day before. If she wanted to keep up some rich bitch ruse in front of the other models, so be it. But he knew the real score. He made his way to the fire, pushing his wet hair off his face. He suggested that maybe the two of them could help him warm up better than the fire could. Ashley declined, but Vivica said something incredibly interesting.

    He raised an eyebrow.

    "Oh, is that so?"

    He kept that image saved for later, while his eyes stayed on Vivica.

    "Give me a call next time. No one should have to do it alone."

    He went over to the minibar to fix himself a drink, suggesting he give the girls some tips on pool. Showing a woman how to line up a shot was a classic because it worked.

    "Please. Does this look like an eighties movie to you?"

    Vivica: "OR your wildest DREAMS?"

    "This looks exactly like a dream I had last night, actually."

    He took a long sip of his drink, eyeing them both up appreciatively. Ash was on her phone. Maybe she was texting Ava. He wondered where she could be. And what she was wearing. Or not wearing. A smile crept over his face as his imagination started taking over. Ashley's voice brought him back to the here and now, though.

    "Was that Ava?"

    But she didn't reply.

    And then she was gone, as quickly as if she had teleported. He turned his attention to Vivica, who was now fixing herself another drink. Excellent.

    He licked his lips.

    "I have to agree that you are looking incredibly good in that dress. What sort of wager did you have in mind? Something involving that dress perhaps?"

    "I'll rack. You can break."

    There was plenty of time still to find Ava. And hell, she might find him first.
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  19. Seer

    Apr 5, 2006
    Terror in Spectra Mansion

    << A rapid montage of: Zach Armani, Sharon Kelly, Sally Spectra, Cassandra Johnson, Cameron King, and the rests of the guests are ALL suitablly startled by the screams of Jackie Deveraux!>>

    Sharon: JACKIE!?

    Sally: She sounds TERRIFIED!

    << Zach didn't waste anytime. He was on his feet and going up the stairs in the flash, with Sharon hot on his heels.>>

    << Sally Spectra and Cassandra stood up.>>

    Sally: Andre, darling...stay HERE with Dina and Zizi. Make sure they remain comfortable and secure.

    << With a quick smile, and gesture, Nicolas, her handsome, TOPLESS attendant, helped her along to the stairs and she moved with a purpose up those stairs, followed by Cassandra. If something was wrong, as the MISTRESS of the mansion, Sally HAD to find out what was going on, but there was no need for her "civilian" guests to be exposed to whatever...problem was developing.>>

    << Cameron King, the only other media presence in the mansion beside Vivica, wasn't ABOUT to miss whatever this was, and so he too followed.>>

    << Zach was the first to reach the utterly DISTRAUGHT Jackie AND Ava, just outside of Morgaine's suite. He couldn't get a word from Jackie and Ava simply POINTED.>>

    << Inside the large suite...what should have taken moments, felt like HOURS in some way, for Zach to make his way through the mist filled room toward the bathroom.>>

    << He finds Morgaine...bloody, and DEAD, slumped over the bathtub. The shower is still running. >>

    << And in that moment, everything. just. STOPPED.>>

    << It wasn't until he realized that Sharon and Sally were about to see this, that he SNAPPED back to awareness. He couldn't stop them from seeing this. Cameron was behind them. Cassandra and Nicolas were with Jackie and Ava.>>

    << Morgaine Carole was dead. There'd been a MURDER in the mansion.>>

    << And as far as anyone knew, ZACH was the last person to see Morgaine ALIVE.>>
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  20. Silver Swan Alleo Themyscria

    Sep 23, 2005
    Sharon Kelly
    New York City
    High speed flight, super strength, invulnerability, sonic scream, spinning stars
    Spectra Mansion- Living Room to 2nd floor

    [ Sharon was just enjoying another drink, and leisure, conversing with the others when...]

    [Sharon almost choked on her drink]

    Good heavens! JACKIE!?

    [ Sharon was HOT on Zach's heels, moving with speed that definitely required skill when running in high heels]

    [ They could hear AVA too, she sounded as though she were in a PANIC! ]

    [ Sharon's mind RACED! what could be happening!?]

    [ They reached them]

    Jackie! Ava!

    [ Sharon went to them both, trying to steady them]

    What's the matter!? what's HAPPENED!?

    [ Jackie was inconsolable at this point, and Ava just POINTED to Morgaine's suite. Zach immediately inside, while Sharon did her best to steer Jackie and Ava into Morgaine's bedroom, and SEAT them. ]

    Cassandra, please...stay with them, okay? I've got to go with Zach.

    [ She quickly made her way to Zach. She heard him CRY out...]


    [ As she reached him, and her silver eyes quickly followed the path from his distrought form to the source of the distress...She too saw Morgaine.]


    [ Her silver eyes were fixed on Morgaine....and she couldn't move them. She couldn't do ANYTHING. She just stood there...FROZEN. She even FORGOT to BREATHE as her heart practically stopped.]


    [ And shock gave way to a PAINED scream as both her hands flew up to her face, which was now contorted with terror]
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