Rae Ann - "The Gentleman - Part One"


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Rae Ann Reynolds
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Virginia City, Nevada - 1983

The sounds of roaring exhaust pipes echoed and barrelled through the city of Virginia City as motorcycles of all kinds flooding in and out of the city streets like horses, seeming to follow their own kind of traffic rules against and old west type landscape. Virginia City was an early mining town and about one of those only points of interest in Northern Nevada there was. By day, it was a friendly place filled with gullible tourists wanting to pan for gold and get into "duels" with toy guns pretending to be cowboys, and night? The city became flooded with a different type of outlaw. Bikers from all over the country had dubbed Virginia City the "The Wild West" and was a crucial business and social location for biker gangs across the country. Complete with gambling, rock and roll and women of the night, Virginia City was a place with no rules, and that was exactly why Rae Ann Claiborne had gone there. At least that's what she told herself now. Before she was just a scared girl hopping on the back of a hot blonde biker to escape her mobster ex-boyfriend, but things had turned out alright. She was young, hot and charming. And Jay- the biker was equal parts dangerous and sexy, which kept her interested. For a few months they had been shacking up in the second story of one of the storefronts in town, across the street from the Bucket of Blood Saloon.

The Bucket of Blood Saloon, a historic bar that allegedly got it's name from a particularly violent poker fight, was a very popular biker bar and tourist attraction. The building dated back to 1875 and was at often times, specifically referred to by law enforcement as being "too tough for women and churches", which practically gave Rae Ann ladywood, being the daughter of a Preacher and all. During her days, a twenty year old Rae walked the streets offering psychic readings to tourists. The money couldn't have been easier. Even if she weren't a true psychic, she was convinced that she could have still swindled tourists out of their cash. At night, Rae bartended at the saloon, and recently began singing live. The owners were unsure of having a female act in a biker bar, but before long her musical and vocal talent had won them, and the bikers over and her semi-regular gig turned into a headlining act Fridays and Saturdays. And tonight the house was packed.

Sitting in a disgusting and dirty backstage dressing room, Rae Ann cut several lines of cocaine on the small hand mirror in front of her and cleared them quickly with her nose, rubbing her nostrils with her fingers feverishly for a moment. Rae Ann loved singing on drugs, it somehow dulled the visions of ghosts and angels and demons and somehow let her connect more with the audience and feel the music. In a sense, she dulled one sense to heighten another. And due to the fact that Virginia City was such an old town with a colorful past, Rae Ann found herself "dulling" at a pretty frequent basis, but then again, in 1983, so was everyone else.

Female Voice: "How did I miss that it was snowing?"

A buxom blonde woman with edgy hair, heavy makeup, and large breasts strutted into the room with a guitar case in hand. Rae smirked at her own reflection and primped her hair, speaking to the woman without looking.

"Easy, Sheila. You're stupid."

Rae laughed out loud as she passed the mirror to her left and Sheila took a seat next to her, pouring out white powder from a compartment in her necklace. Sheila was Rae Ann's right hand woman and musical partner. She was hot, horny, and the best guitar player that Rae had ever met. They spent hours a week, smoking joints and working on musical arrangements. Sheila was talented, but she was no singer, and the two found themselves complimenting each other quite well. They called themselves "Jezebel" - a female rock duo that would bang your boyfriend and knock your block off if you crossed them. And on stage, their talent (and sex appeal) couldn't be denied. Sheila lined up lines with a lazer blade, talking in between snorts.

Sheila: "That crowd was insane! I almost got into three bar rights just trying to get behind stage. Jezebel is playing a packed house tonight!"

"Jay says there's some big meeting between the Vagos and The Angels. Some kind of deal in Mexico went south. We'll be lucky if we get through our first song before complete chaos breaks out in the streets."

Sheila: "Ah Christ. This coulda been our big break. You worried about Jay?"

Rae Ann laughed.

"Sheila, I don't worry about ANY man. Besides, Jay's more of a social Vagos. He ain't in on the important shit."

Sheila: "I need to find a biker for myself. I think it'd made me feel safe."

"Honey if I had your tits, I'd be eating lobster tails outta a gold platter served by a shirtless man while using my rich fat husband as a footstool. Don't settle for a biker, they're nothin' but trouble."

She applied some bright red lipstick to her lips and began to apply.

"But if you're looking to fuck 'em and forget 'em..then slide on the hog, babe."

The two women laughed as a tall overweight man with a long beard and leather vest came into the room.

Man: "Decent?! Hope not! Five minutes."

"Thank's Cal..ya pervert."

Sheila primped in the mirror, impressed with what she saw.

Sheila: "We're gonna rock their balls off tonight."

"And then step on the--"

<< BOOM! >>

A bitter cold took grip of Rae's body as she was BOMBARDED with the pain of DARK and BRUTAL energy. Her entire mind screamed as this energy tore through her body, she grabbed her heart, afraid she was having a heart attack as her psychic senses went into overdrive. In her mind's eye, she could sense the presence of an entity that was once of this world. She could only see in flashes. A man. Leather gloves. The screams of hundreds of young women and girls at once. A soul that became so tainted it transformed into something else.


Something BAD was in the city limits of Virginia City. And JUST as the crackling black and encompassing energy began to leave her body, Rae made out the face of a young raven haired woman with sparkling blue eyes and porcelain white skin. She had shackles on her wrists composed of the same energy that had just smacked Rae in the psychic face. As quickly as it had come, it soon left as Rae seemed JOLTED back into reality to the face of an incredibly mortified Sheila.

Sheila: "Oh my god! Rae! What happened?! I thought you were having a heart attack!"

Sheila wasn't perceptive enough to see the energy, only Rae's physical reactions to it. Her chest was heaving and there was a decent amount of cocaine coursing through her veins, which made her able to recover from the ordeal a little bit easier. After taking a few moments to gain her composure, she looked at Sheila, unsure of what say, scared of this dark entity entering the city, and a packed house waiting for her to get on stage and sing. Her diilated pupils stared at Sheila in silence for several seconds, before a large SNORT could be heard as Rae Ann did several more lines of cocaine and wiped her nose.

"Brain Freeze. Now let's go rock."

She could tell that Sheila was not convinced, but being high herself, she was hoping that her musical partner would chock it up to being on drugs and forget it and it seemed that she would. One final primp in the mirror and Rae stood up, hoping she had done enough drugs to block that constant call in her brain to investigate, to try and help. As she stood behind the curtain, she could hear the loud gruff voices of dozens of bikers, screaming and hollering. The smack of the pool stick against the cue and terrible jukebox music playing from the machine in the corner of the bar. On cue, the music stopped as Cal's voice could be heard on the microphone from onstage.

Cal: "Alright, alright, alright! Shut the fuck up you shitheads!"

Rae Ann laughed.

Cal: "Now who wants to see some hot chicks shake their shit on stage?"

The crowd errupted and cheered as Rae rolled her eyes while Sheila smirked to herself.

Cal: "with their clothes on...unfortunately?!"

The crowd booed.

Cal: "Give some love to the one and only....JEZEBEL!"

With a RIP of her guitar, Sheila began to strum like crazy as the crowd cheered and the curtains rose, a sea of very dangerous men had their eyes locked on stage as Rae walked to the the center in total darkness and right on cue with the crescendo of Sheila's guitar solo, a SPOTLIGHT erupted on Rae's face, her bright brown and messy hair shining brightly in the spotlight. Pursing her lips, she winked at the audience and delicately and slowly wrapped her hand around the base of the microphone, pulling it from the stand and bringing it close to her lips.

"Hello, you dumb assholes! Are you ready for us to bust your balls?!"

The crown once again errupted in cheers as the drums started and the bass came in with a high tempo beat. Now, she was in her element, in front of an audience, with them at her every whim. There was no dark entity. There was no pain. There was no past. There was only the present.

"These bastards are in for one HELL of a show!"


An hour into their set and Jezebel was flying high. Rae Ann commanded the stage, covered in sweat as she sang her deep and soulful voice. While she preferred to sing her own songs, on nights like this, when the house was packed, the owners insisted on her doing well known covers. Sometimes it pissed her off, and other times, she loved listening to the crowd sing along, because certainly nobody knew any of HER songs, at least not yet. Rae had been drinking whiskey from a bottle on stage for the entire show so far and she was feeling VERY good. So good that she had all but forgotten the cryptic attack on her psyche she had experienced in her dressing room not long before. Right now there was only the crowd and the music. She wiped her face and grabbed the mic from the stand once more.

"This next one we're gonna do is one of my favorites. The woman who sings this song is the woman who's voice made me want to sing somewhere besides my daddy's church. She made me wanna do bad things..."

The drums began to play a snare beat as Rae continued.

"She introduced me to that man...that rock 'n roll man...that.....[smirking] magic man."

The music synced together with Rae Ann's words as the funky rock beat began to play, Rae tapping her feet and swiveling her hips as the song played. As she looked out into the audience she pursed her lips, blew kisses and suggestively grabbed her breasts.

"Cold late nights so long ago, when I was not so strong, ya know...."

Her deep and powerful voice boomed throughout the saloon as she began the song, one of her favorites. She had first heard this song as a preteen, sunbathing on a trampoline at the corner of her parent's farm. Far enough away from the watchful eye of her father that she could roll the top of her bathing suit down, but close enough to hear the call for dinner. A van came blaring down the highway at the speed of light with music blasting equally as loud. At that point, she had lived a VERY sheltered life under the thumb of her weak mother and abusive father, the town preacher. She was not allowed to talk to boys or really look at them, she was forced to dress very modestly. There was no television, no music, nothing from the outside world. Just her father and God. And it made Rae want to kill herself. So when she heard such a loud and aggressive, in your face, female voice fill her ears and trail off in the distance along with the van, something in Rae changed. She had to follow that voice, metaphorically of course. During the end of that summer, she had gone from well behaved preacher's daughter, to bad seed. And she never looked back. So singing this song in a biker bar, high off her ass, was like a proverbial middle finger to her bastard father, and it made her feel good.

"Try to understand...TRY to understand...try try try to understand....."

Rae stuck her tongue out and with her microphone in hand, she jumped into the crowd and began to crowd surf, ignoring the innappropriate gropes and grabs as she moved along the sea of hands.

"I'm a magic man...."

She closed her eyes and let the music and warmth of the saloon take her over. Rae was in a state of total clarity and relaxation for several moments before the cold crept in yet again, hitting her like a ton of bricks. Her eyes SHOT open as she could SENSE that deprave and BLACK energy permeating from underneath her, GROWLING like a lion at her. Her eyes darted back and forthe, trying to turn and contort her body so that she could SEE the people holding her up. Struggling against the crowd who hadn't seemed to realize that she was in extreme mental and pyschic anguish, her eyes squinted, trying to figure out where the source of this beast...this DEMON was. and then she saw it.

<< FLASH! >>

Seer said:
Something BAD was in the city limits of Virginia City. And JUST as the crackling black and encompassing energy began to leave her body, Rae made out the face of a young raven haired woman with sparkling blue eyes and porcelain white skin. She had shackles on her wrists composed of the same energy that had just smacked Rae in the psychic face. As quickly as it had come, it soon left as Rae seemed JOLTED back into reality to the face of an incredibly mortified Sheila.
"It's HER! The woman from my vision!"

Several feet ahead of her, Rae LOCKED eyes with the blue eyed fair skinned beauty she had seen a few hours ago in her mind. Rae Ann was not a seer, or a precog, but she was given messages from the other side all the time, mostly in coded imagery that only she could decipher. To see one of these images live and in the flesh TERRIFIED her. She looked down to the womans wrists, who were COVERED in a shroud like energy in the shape of SHACKLES.

"It's HERE!"

Still struggling to break free of the crowd, soon she found herself CRASHING onto the hard floor of the bar as people continued to move, not realizing they had dropped her. Now fighting against getting TRAMPLED, Rae's eyes followed the path of the chains that bound this woman until her eyes settled on a shadow like POWERFUL shadow in the distance, one who's energy was coursing through the entire bar, causing the saloon to break out in a panic! The woman seemed just as shocked as she did and seconds later she took off in a dead heat through the crowd against the door. The sheer essence of the entity's energy tore through Rae like a KNIFE as she STRUGGLED to maintain her consciousness, while fighting against a now frantic and FIGHTING crowd.


The entity roared at her as it's tendril like energy began to WRAP around her, attempting to CHAIN to her as well. Rae Ann snapped, BURSTING through the crowd like a woman who had done an ungodly amount of cocaine, which she was and had done.

"Who ARE YOU!?"

Rae beckoned, seeing the woman, this "prisoner" of the entity fleeing the scene, nearly at the other end of the bar, only twenty feet from the exit. Rae pressed forward, but the entity...pressed BACK.


The entity tightened it's grip around Rae, as she found herself on the verge of passing out. Closing her eyes, she called upon a deity she had not called on in a long time, and one that she was EMBARRASSED to have see her in this state.

"Holy Michael, the Archangel, defend me in battle. Be my safeguard against the wickedness and snares of the devil. May God rebuke him, I humbly pray, and do you, O Prince of the heavenly host, by the power of God cast into hell Satan and all the evil spirits who wander through the world seeking the ruin of souls!"

She said the prayer as loudly as she could muster. It was one she knew well. Rae wasn't just a psychic, she was a mystic, a true conduit, able to perceive and channel incredibly powerful spiritual energies of a number of pantheons. Rae didn't know this about herself at the time, and part of her still clung to the idea that maybe she truly did have holy lineage, like her father had said, that no matter where she was, or what she had done, she could call upon the protection of the Lord, and he would be there for her.

Immediately she felt his energy. The swoop of his wings, the flames cascading off his giant sword. She had never seen him, only perceived him. With quick and awe inspiring movement, The Archangel Michael lifted his sword over his head and brought it down on the tendrils that had tried to claim Rae Ann's body as her own.

<< BOOM! >>

A crack of thunder and lightning could be heard as Michael's sword made contact with the entity's energy and The Bucket of Blood Saloon was BATHED in light, as Rae allowed herself release, closing her eyes and slipping into darkness.


Male Voice: "Shhh...it's okay, sweetheart. Don't get up, you're fine..just relax, darlin'."

The voice of her boyfriend Jay slowly came to her ears, as her vision slowly began to be in focus. All at once, everything that had just transpired came RUSHING back to her as her body went into overdrive, on a mission to find the girl trapped by the most powerful demon she had ever encountered in her twenty two years of life.

"The girl! I've got to save her! Where did she go!"

Rae THREW herself up, now realizing that she was in bed in her apartment and it was early evening the next day. As she attempted to JUMP up from her bed, Jay forced her to stay still, grabbing her by the shoulders and holding her down, glaring at her with an uncomfortable glance.

Jay: "Rae! Rae Ann! Calm down! You're not going anywhere! Not after the stunt you pulled at the bar. Bobby (the owner) is pissed. He's threatening to FIRE you."


Jay: "By what? You're own fists! Sheila said you were so high you started hallucinating about demons and then started a BAR BRAWL, which I gotta say, that last part...kind of hot. But dammit Rae, you can't keep going on like this. You're gonna get yourself killed."

Rae was not pleased, she got up again and when Jay attempted to force her down, she kneed him in the groin and made her way over to her dresser, grabbing a cigarette, lighting it and taking a long and deep puff, exhaling a cloud of smoke.

"I know how to handle my drugs, asshole. I'm not some hysterical woman..and if you ever put your hands on me like that again, I'll gut you in your sleep. I've had enough strange male hands on me to last a lifetime, and that's not including last night's mosh pit."

Jay seemed to soften for a minute, sitting on the edge of the bed.

Jay: "This is one of your weird gypsy things isn't it?"

Rae rolled her eyes and took another puff, taking a moment to look herself over in the mirror. She looked RAGGED, like she was recovering from a bad illness. For a second, she SHUDDERED as memories came flooding back to her. Whatever had attached itself to that woman was dangerous..and it was going to kill her, and maybe even Rae herself if she didn't stop it. She had to find her. She looked back at Jay in annoyance.

"I'm not a gypsy, Jay. I'm a psychic. There's some bad shit going on here. Some shit I gotta figure out."

Realizing she was naked, she picked a pair of jeans up from the pile of laundry on the floor, slid them on, pairing them with a white cotton tee, not wanting to bother with a bra. She slipped on her black boots and draped herself in her leather jacket, before grabbing the keys to her volkswagon van (and her pack of cigs) before stopping in the doorway, looking back at Jay. Exhaling loudly she sat down on the bed next to him, their knees touching.

"Hey, it could be worse. I could be boring."

Jay: "I'd gladly take boring these days."

"Ah come on, Jay. I'm a girl who hopped on the back of your motorcycle and left town with you a good six hours after meeting you. You shoulda known I wouldn't be an easy girl to figure out."

Jay: "That's an understatement. Come on, Rae..aren't you a little bit tired of all the partying? Don't you ever just wanna chill? Relax at home...maybe pop out a kid or two?"

"On that note..."

She grabbed Jay's face and gave him a tender kiss on the forehead and then his lips. He may have been a biker, but he had a heart of gold. He protected her, loved her, and there was a part of her that could actually see the things he would dream about their future together happening, and that scared her. He was the only man so far she'd been with that didn't turn out to be a total monster. But Rae couldn't help but to test boundaries. She refused to be anything resembling the person she grew up as."

"I promise...I'll go see Bobby and apologize, and once..I get done what needs to get done, I promise I'll make it up to."

She whispered into his ear.

"A steak and a blowjob?"

Jay laughed loudly and tickled her sides as they laid down on the bed together.

Jay: "Never thought I'd date a girl who's such a pervert."

"You complaining, baby?"

Jay: "Not at all."

Jay kissed her cheek.

"I love you." He whispered into her ear.


After a few moments, Rae slid out of his grasp and rose to her feet.

"I'll be back. If things get cagey, I'll call you."

Jay: "You better. And anybody lays a hand on you is gonna have five Vagos making skidmarks on his face."

"My Prince Charming."

Rae opened her bedroom door and closed it behind her, leaning against it for a moment, exhaling.

"I got a lot of shit going on right now."

She was now actively looking for a demonic entity that had attacked her and was threatening the soul of a young woman, and worse, she was being faced with commitment and monogamy.

"Demons First. Relationships Later."

Walking down the stairwell of the western style building, Rae exited her apartment, and walked across the wooden sidewalk where her Volkswagon Van was parked out front. Getting in, she fired up the beast, turned the radio on, and....sat there.

"Where the hell are you going, Rae?"

The first of many questions she would have on this journey.


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This was really great. The description of the imagery is fantastic. :)


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Thanks! I kind of base Rae a bit on my grandma (her middle name is Rae), and we both used to live in Carson City, NV which is like 10 minutes from Virginia City...and my uncle is actually in the Vagos lol...so I was ripping from stuff I knew well lol!


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Delilah Trelaven
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Lol I assumed that was Sons of Anarchy stuff.