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Week 14: Death at a Funeral

Discussion in 'The Six Discussion Group' started by Clara Oswald, Dec 12, 2016.

  1. MorningStar Flash...bang! The Six Staff Member Contributing Member

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    This week, we see the Six more upset about Alexis' brother's death than they were about Blaze and Haleigh. And the ALL go to the funeral, and bring Adrian along for kicks.

    This week's playing threads are:


    Some possible jumping off points for discussion (feel free to answer some or none of these):
    • Did you expect Morgan to be happier that Haleigh had returned?
    • Is this the point that the team really starts to come together?
    • Why didn't they tell Alexis Haleigh was alive?
    • Why is Haleigh reading a book in the car outside a funeral?!
    • Should Cameron have trusted Haleigh?
    • Is Alexis jealous, seeing Cameron with "Haleigh"? Haleigh of Alexis?
    • Why is Adrian obsessed with Alexis?
    • Why does Helena say that Alexis killed AJ?
    • Was Alison too harsh with Haleigh?
    • Does Haleigh really not deserve a second chance?
    • Is it Cameron's distrust of magick that made him not want to use it to get through the door?

    Trivia: How many times does Morgan mention the Gucci sunglasses in these two threads? :p

    The General Hospital stuff is hilarious :D And Brandon's Desperate Housewives!

    And they didn't learn anything from this about not keeping secrets from other members of the Six :D

    I really like Helena in these threads. And this is great character development for Alexis. Though doesn't Alexis control electricity? So why do the tazer attacks phase her? :D

    Best line of the threads: Cameron: "Get your hands off her you drooling GOON!" :p But Cameron holding a rotten banana peel under Morgan's nose takes a close second.

    I like that everyone changes their clothes before going to find Alexis lol. And LMAO at Alison, freezing Haleigh in the middle of a mission! And Cameron allowed it to happen without saying anything! "Cameron wanted to say something...but then he didn't." :D
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  2. Prophet White King Hellfire Club Staff Member Contributing Member

    Jan 12, 2005
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    This is one of the first threads where I feel like I can see a progression in everybody's writing, but for me I can tell that I am the one who was lagging behind. I feel like I had less of a hold on Cameron than everybody else did on their characters. But what I see here is a LARGE tie to the conversation that Cameron and Alison had in the dream storyline...Cameron REALLY wanted to be accepted by his sister, to the point that it made him not as defensive of Haleigh...but I think he DID learn something from the Inferno, and he was kind of just thinking like "well maybe Haleigh needs to be scared like me in order to get it." This was always where Haleigh and Cameron differed. He learned to kind of back down and placate the others in order to get farther ahead, whereas Haleigh was dead and came back after a BUNCH of stuff just happened, so she just wasn't there yet... (and never really would be and that's why we love Haleigh LOL).

    The dynamic between Alexis, Cameron and Haleigh was really interesting to see. I forget that Alexis and Cameron were really close, and not just in a sexual way lol. They both kind of "used" each other in order to get through tough stuff, and there was an understanding between them. They're relationship wasn't that complicated. I think they leaned on each other in a way that was actually a little bit healthy lol. I'm not sure if there was jealousy on either of their parts, but there was always even then so much left unsaid...like you would have thought by NOW, once she came back and Cameron believed her that it would have been on and popping with them. I don't think Cameron would have wasted any time. But the dynamic of Morgan and Alison was STRONG...so it was kind of like "damn, if we do this, then we are NEVER going to be solid members of the team in their eyes...and deep down..especially when we see Haleigh's revelations in the last current storyline, they BOTH deeply want to be seen as heroes or as good people, like they both believed if they could just learn how to be "good" that they would be good...so I think neither Haleigh or Cameron wanted to take that risk.

    It was REALLY surprising to see how NICE Morgan and Alison were to Alexis in these threads. She really was always the middle man in regards to Cam/Haleigh vs. Alison/Morgan. Both sides liked her and accepted her, and I think it must have been hard for her to be a member of The Six. I think this was a great thread for Alexis because I think Sam's writing was REALLY strong here. She does the soapy drama stuff so well, and it was clear in these threads that she was passionate about the character. It comes across really strong, and I loved her getting drunk and punching Helena. I am glad that Alexis is returning because she is going to alter the dynamics so much...because it's almost as if the entire founding team is going to be back, and there is still so much lingering, and since Alexis has the mantle of being the biggest betrayal (well...after HALEIGH BECOMING THE GODDAMN WHITE PRINCESS!!!!!) so that's gonna be interesting.

    But again...Morgan and Alison were really sweet and supportive of Alexis and that was nice to see...and I forget how truly SIMILAR Morgan and Alexis were.

    I actually really liked Adrian Lockhart in this thread. I mean his existence at the funeral is just odd...BUT he was a really good writer, I think better than a lot of us were at the time lol. He really knew how to make a scene and how to explain himself...I LOVED how he used his powers and his explanation to get Alexis the "release" she needed and his admonishment of how the team was treating her.

    I don't like how Cameron didn't defend Haleigh...but he didn't completely trust that everything was back to normal with her. I mean they had been through a LOT of disaster in such a short time, so I think he was worried that...maybe she was a mystech goon or some kind of cruel trick being played. He was trying to be careful. This is the first time that we've seen Cameron use his mystical accents, which were amplified by the fact that he had sealed his telepathy off. I liked seeing that.

    In terms of Cameron being averse to magick...this was really I think the turning point..after The Inferno, after Kelly..this was where he began to think of how pervasive female magick users were and how easily they seemed to be corrupted by their powers.

    All in all, I really liked these threads...it seems like things were coming together.
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  3. Black Widow

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    Jan 22, 2005
    Haleigh Davidoff
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    Did you expect Morgan to be happier that Haleigh had returned?

    Not even a little LOL. At this point they were as close to arch enemies as possible, with the exception of post-Set, I think lol

    Is this the point that the team really starts to come together?

    Mmm, not yet, but they ARE starting to shift from 'every one for themselves' and starting to lean on each other and become allies.

    Why didn't they tell Alexis Haleigh was alive?

    They REALLY didn't think she could handle it, but Morgan or Alison probably should have given her a heads up LOL cause the poor woman got blindsided by it.

    Why is Haleigh reading a book in the car outside a funeral?!

    Even HALEIGH knows you don't burst into a church in the middle of someone's eulogy all late LOL. I think this stemmed from the fact that I was unable to post quickly enough to get there on time.

    Should Cameron have trusted Haleigh?

    Well He probably WOULD have, if he'd had his telepathy and could have verified it was really HER. I think he was just being cautious.

    Is Alexis jealous, seeing Cameron with "Haleigh"? Haleigh of Alexis?

    Oh, I think there was SOME jealousy lol. What with that impromptu kiss and Alexis all sizing Haleigh up LOL. And while it wasn't necessarily fixated on here, there probably was some on Haleigh's end too. I wouldn't be surprised if we see it mentioned later. It's interesting to note that this is the first time Haleigh gets passed over as a 'love interest' by Cameron. She appears to take it rather well, initially, but I don't doubt it contributes to the reason Haleigh comes to really hate Alexis. I mean the betrayal is the only reason Haleigh will ever cop to for hating Alexis, but the whole cockblock surely doesn't help ;) Little does Haleigh realize she will have to watch Cameron work his way through EVERY OTHER WOMAN in the Six universe LOL.

    The thing about Cameron and Haleigh is that they are both terrified of acting on what they feel LOL. As time goes on, this only gets worse for them. We see Haleigh starting to admit to herself that it's more than platonic, but Cameron is still thinking of her as his 'best friend'. Haleigh can't really say it out loud yet, and Cameron CAN'T read her mind like he used to. If my memory serves, by the time Cameron DOES start using his telepathy again, Haleigh gets a better handle on her 'feelings'. So this is only the beginning of the Cameron/Haleigh rollercoaster, and maybe some day we'll see them both arrive at the same point in their relationship and FINALLY come together because those two have been orbiting each other FOR EVER and neither one can really let go of the other.

    Yes, I totally agree. It's really interesting, Cameron has always been a little bit more receptive to change and growth and compromising to improve his standing with the team. And without Haleigh to stop him, he makes his first leap toward becoming more like a hero here. He'll do this more than once; and most recently while Haleigh was gone on her 'avengers' kick, he makes a REAL advance in character, which Haleigh was quick to point out on her return.

    Haleigh has ALWAYS been less willing to compromise her beliefs. She's ALWAYS been quick to justify and vindicate herself, and because she's been capable of that, she's been MUCH slower in growth. She DOES make that journey towards being the heroine she wants to be, but it's never leaps and bounds with her like it is with Cameron. With Haleigh it seems like one step forward, two steps back, but she does keep trying. She just REFUSES to placate or be 'disciplined' in a sense. She makes the most feeble attempt to apologize and make amends with both Morgan and Alison, but when they reject her, she goes RIGHT back to 'Fine, I don't give a fuck.' LOL

    Why is Adrian obsessed with Alexis?

    The man could NOT accept rejection LOL. He was pretty obsessed with Alison too, who just trounced all over him.

    Why does Helena say that Alexis killed AJ?

    I think that was a blame game thing? Guilt Trip maybe?

    Was Alison too harsh with Haleigh?

    Mm, hard to say. Haleigh was still, in their eyes, the worst of the worst. You'd think she'd have cut Haleigh some slack after Morgan's inferno, but she was much more understanding and supportive of Morgan, despite her Darkchilde persona. Of course, it makes sense that Alison would rally for her best friend, knowing that Morgan had a lot of good qualities, while Haleigh is ONLY known to be antagonistic. Haleigh presents a good argument for herself here, but they haven't yet reached the point in their relationship where Haleigh's good qualities outweigh her bad ones.

    Does Haleigh really not deserve a second chance?

    Of course ;) It just takes her a REALLY long time to prove it.

    At least they didn't change color. :p

    I'm gonna cast my vote for this quote:

    That was just hilarious to me.

    Oh they ALWAYS pause to 'suit up' when they realize shit is going down.

    But it IS kind of weird timing for Alison and Haleigh to have it out. They haven't QUITE got to the point where they can put their personal issues on pause. Some stuff HAS to be dealt with, regardless of an active battle LOL

    Then Cameron's like 'I COULD help, but she needs to learn like I did!' Oh Cameron. dear Cameron. Don't hold your breath. Haleigh does NOT learn like you learn LOL

    Agreed, Alexis as a character is AWESOME in this storyline. And it's nice to be reminded of the team dynamics way back then. I'm glad she's returning too, it'll be REALLY neat.

    And YES.... Haleigh has always HATED Alexis for betraying them... but with what's coming in Haleigh's future.... Alexis' return is gonna be INTERESTING as hell. Couldn't BE better timing. :D
  4. Spellbinder Bitchcraft The Six Staff Member Contributing Member

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    1) No, not at all. I think there there was a seed planted when Haleigh gave Morgan the small white kitten as a peace offering, & we'd see signs of a gradual "thawing" in their relationship in the coming storylines, with noticeable progress having been made at the point of Master Mold, and beyond. But right now? Post-Inferno, & w/ Blaze still dead? NOPE lol!

    2) No, not really, but like @Black Widow said in her answer, I agree that we can see a SHIFT happening. For me, the shift we see in storyline, It's kind of like the progression in quality & technique from Madonna's Like of Virgin album to her True Blue album. :D the characters are becoming more faceted, and there's definitely a move away from the selfish "every man/woman for themselves" attitude each of them was carrying in the very first storyline.

    3) Morgan's answer was sincere she didn't think it would be right to tell Alexis in light of her brother's death. Alison didn't think she could handle it either, but i think we've seen time & again, when one or more of the Six tries to conceal IMPORTANT information from someone else on the team, for WHATEVER reason, there's always going to be backlash lol. The Blue Moon is the most recent example. THIS original Helena/Alexis storyline might have had one of the first examples.

    4) LOL! At least she didn't burst into the church, weaing all WHITE, & w/ Vivica A. Fox on her arm! :D Honestly, what Haleigh did WOULD have been something she'd do. She might have been bold and impertenent, but she wasn't CRASS! LOL

    5) Cameron TODAY would have taken the "trust but verify" approach, with HER. But back then? After what he'd been through up to that point, and the Six hadn't experience all of the "laws" (natural, spiritual, magickal, etc) defying events that they have NOW, he didn't know enough to be sure.

    6) When I look back, I am reminded of how different Alexis' dynamic was w/ Cameron and Haleigh, vs Morgan and Alison. Alexis really WAS the "middle" ground, especially after Blaze's demise. @Havok pointed out that Alexis & Cameron "used" each other, & up to this point in the Six, especially reading the storylines again now, I can see that. Both personally & professionally, but they both benefited from it. I think that Haleigh's return & the way it revealed to Alexis was jarring for her, & it happened just as she was starting to "come back together", this on top of Helena crashing into her life & so Haleigh became part of a very negative association to Alexis. Also, I wonder if Haleigh just didn't know what to do w/ Alexis (in the earlier years) because she wasn't coming at Haleigh the way Morgan & Alison did, BUT she could be VERY messy when she wanted to be LOL. I know Sam drew alot of her inspiration & material from the soaps at this time, but there were some things that Alexis did that reminded me of Sydney Andrews from Melrose Place :D & Haleigh's responses to her at times reminded me of JO from MP lol!

    7) Alexis was far more comfortable w/ her sexuality than Morgan, & Adrian sensed that on a variety of levels. She could be messy, but she could also be passionate, & just like she indulged in excess of drinking, she did so in sex. Adrian was a very good 'reader' of people, & He knew who to zero in on. I think Alexis & Adrian were a good match for each other in that messy "soap opera" kind of way lol! She was also a rich, successful woman whom he couldn't just use & throw away like MANY of his other conquests. She had power & she had powerful friends, whom he was now associated with through her. She was a source of new experiences, sensesations, and the doorway to potential new "targets" for him LOL. Lexi pointed out that he couldn't accept rejection. I also think he was a something of a sadist in most of his interactions, but when it came to ALISON, he was in the position of a MASOCHIST, & I think he liked that NEW sensation too.

    8) Helena was engaging in psychological warfare against Alexis. She doled out emotional and verbal abuse. Helena was part of Diana's original consortium that helped her wrest Mystech from its original founders. She knew all about Alexis & what she was INTEDED for, & she had no love or real care for this girl. She was brutal with her in this story. & her wounds didn't always come from the use of her powers.

    I think Haleigh had a valid argument too, and as a READER, I definitely find Alison's behavior toward Haleigh to be harsh. Reading it now after all that's happened since, I think Alison could have cut Haleigh SOME slack, especially since Alison didn't go out of her way to WARN Haleigh, in her full capacity as a precog, of the mortal danger she was in just BEFORE the Inferno began. She used her precognition to set Haleigh and Cameron to DIE in the citadle, & no one really understood that BUT Haleigh. Haleigh has always believed that what Alison sees can largely be altered if there's enough time and room for decisive action, and its quite possible Alison COULD have changed the course of events to save Haleigh's life. But back then, Alison and Morgan were (& still are) super tight, & Alison DID consider Haleigh to be the "worst woman in the world", who deserved whatever she had coming to her. Haleigh & Alison have come so far since then.

    10) Of course. She WAS a victim in the Inferno. Did she make it easy for the others to see that? NOPE! :p LOL! But we're seeing CLASSIC Haleigh here. She didn't shy away from her share of the blame over the Inferno, but she was not about to let anyone force HER to carry that whole thing on her shoulders alone. She HAD been mistreated.

    I loved this:
    The clashes between Alison and Haleigh were BRUTAL but like acts of nature, as violent as they were, they served some purpose that wasn't always apparent at the time. Look at how they trust and respect each other NOW, how they UNDERSTAND each other on a level that just wasn't there during the time of THIS story.

    I'll agree w/ @Havok . by now, the trauma that Cameron had endured at the hands of Alison, then Kelly, then the Inferno? The negative association he had had given way to a full blown aversion he had to magick and female magick users. Plus, Helena was a member of Mystech's Consortium. She was at least AWARE of magick. She'd been fighting with Karen for YEARS, and managed to survive HER, so it was not unreasonable to think that Helena would have had booby traps or anti-personnel devices rigged for MAGICK energy on the other side of the door. & it clearly gave him some form of satisfaction that the way around that concern/risk/problem came from HALEIGH of all people. He even secretly wondered/HOPED that the fact the solution came from HALEIGH was a source of DISMAY for Morgan and Alison LOL! Cameron could be just as petty & messy as Alexis :p

    LOL! :p hey, i was about those gucci sunglasses back then! I wanted EVERYONE to know! :D LOL!

    Original Helena was very vicious & biting, kind of like Alexis from Dynasty! :D @Spencer Hastings did a very good job with her. She was merciless with Alexis, & one couldn't help but feel sympathy for her as Helena humiliated & abused her at every turn. Helena took insults from Morgan & Alison like a CHAMP, & that moment when she rolled Alison, who was unconscious on the floor, with the toe of her high heeled shoe, & then STOMPED her face? LOL! OUCH! :p

    Alexis could control various forms of energy output, but if the pattern of the energy SHIFTED before she could detect it, OR if she was completely caught off guard or ambushed, she could still by hurt by certain attacks. This happened when she was assaulted by some "black guards" of Mystech when the Citadle went into meltdown.


    :eek: REALLY though!? He was going to try using Adrian's UNDERWEAR!?

    LOL I forgot about all this until reading these threads again! This ranks up there w/ Simon putting Katie in a DUMPSTER to hide her! LOL!

    This was definitely a turning point for person-to-person interactions in the Six. Morgan & Alison were really trying to be helpful & supportive of Alexis. This is the first time we see this pattern of the two of them trying to show someone they CARE by what they do for them.

    In the very beginning, Alexis (along w/ Cameron) were chomping at the bit to expose Morgan for being a witch, & Alexis hated Alison. Alexis could be just as big a bitch as the two witches, & had NO PROBLEM being messy LOL. But Post-Inferno, when we start seeing more of Alexis' family & past, & her connections to Mystech, she becomes more sympathetic. I agree w/ Brandon that Sam's writing was very strong for Alexis & Helena in this storyline.

    One has to wonder how things could have went for Alexis, if Morgan had still been alive when Malice and Enchantrah made their attack on Illustra? Would Helena's possession of Alexis, & her subsequent betrayal of the Six have happened, it was within Morgan's power to BREAK the bonds of posession, could she have saved Alexis? That's a question that I think about when reading Brandon's comment.

    I agree as well :) oh & it's worth noting that in her Six Guide entry she is a "self proclaimed bitch", wears a 34 C size bra, & has been married 5 times LOL! she was a TRUE soap opera style diva but in THIS story we saw more aspects of her, she became more well rounded, more sympathetic, & more likeable. What happens when she makes her return WILL be every interesting to see. ;)