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Week 15: You Can't Choose Your Family

Discussion in 'The Six Discussion Group' started by Clara Oswald, Dec 23, 2016.

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    Jan 12, 2005
    Delilah Trelaven
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    Transducing Light into Sound (and vice versa)
    In this week's threads, the Six battle someone from Alexis' past, and we see the new team come together for the first time.

    This week's playing threads are:


    Some possible jumping off points for discussion (feel free to answer some or none of these):

    • How does the conversation between Morgan and Haleigh where Morgan talks about her heritage and Blaze being HER sister, not HALEIGH's, change in light of the current storyline?
    • Do you think that Morgan lashes out with anger when other people would break down?
    • Is it possible to change Morgan or Alison's opinion of a person?
    • Should the Six have been more concerned about Morgan being so homicidal?
    • Does Haleigh have a point about Cameron caving in to Morgan and Alison?
    • Why do the demons Morgan summoned have the TO virus?
    • Was Adrian a misogynist?
    • Is Alexis the new heart of the team in Blaze's absence?
    • Adrian's dreamstory - WTF is that about?

    I just can't get over how Morgan and Alison just totally blame Haleigh for everything lol. I also loved Haleigh using Alexis' blood to find her lol - Alexis' cut off finger needs to make a return in some storyline lol!

    Has Alison ever teleblinked a whole person like that since Adrian?