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White Hat - Vol. #1 - Issue #2

Discussion in 'Secret Files and Origins' started by Lauren Danvers, Mar 7, 2017.

  1. Chimera White Hat Birds of Prey

    Jan 21, 2015
    Lauren Danvers
    Washington D.C. & NYC

    The audience was awake and lively as the studio of "Wake Up, New York!" buzzed with excitement as the lights dropped and the camera pointed at Hannah Hunter host of the syndicated News Talk Program. After a three second countdown, the always boisterous and inquisitive Hannah's smile lit up the screens of thousands of residents in the city.

    She spoke directly into the camera.

    Hannah: "Our next guest was an aspiring broadcast journalist who found herself at the center of controversy when she helped The New York Police Department secure their biggest arrest to date in a building suit against alleged crime boss Victor Klein. The catch? The man she helped send to prison was her lover of five years.

    [she held up a shiny book with a familiar woman on the cover looking strong but somber]

    Hannah: "In her new book "Letting Go" she talks about the man in question during the events leading up to the sting operation that put him behind bars and the media circus that propelled her to national recognition. Please welcome to the show, Lauren Danvers!"

    Lauren Danvers patted and straightened her white power suit and gave one last look at herself in the mirror. She had to give credit to the makeup staff of the show. They were good. Lauren looked to be far less tired than she was and after a national tour of her book that was just winding down, she was ready to get back to work at her new position with Channel Six News as their on the beat reporter. Lauren walked across the stage and engaged in hugs and air kisses with Hannah as she gave a smile to the crowd and waved. She mouthed "thank you" as she took her seat in the plush chair next to Hannah.

    Hannah: "Welcome to the show, Lauren!"

    "Thanks for having me, Hannah! And thank you to the incredible staff here at the show for helping it not look like i've been in fifteen cities in as many days! Seriously! They're fabulous!"

    The crowd cheered as the camera zoomed out to get a good look at the both of them, Lauren's long and luscious legs dangling carefully over the front of her chair.

    Hannah: "Well, we are glad we could help and glad you've decided to end your tour in the city where it all started! So! Lauren Danvers! In your book "Letting Go" which I should add has just topped the New York Times Bestseller list....!"

    [the crowd cheers again]

    Hannah: "You document your entire relationship with Nick Romero from meeting him in college to the night you wore the wire where he confessed to his crimes, striking a heavy blow for New York police as their case against Victor Klein is still pending..Can you explain to viewers at home what was really going on in your head that night?"

    Lauren furrowed her brow for a moment but still smiled. She was beginning to get very good at appearing as if nothing bothered her. The truth was she still didn't feel necessarily right about what she did. Even though she knew it was the right thing to do. Because of what Nick told her, police officials were able to get a staggering amount of information they didn't have before and a case was supposedly being brought up from the DA. Victor Klein might actually be brought to justice and it was thanks to what she had done. She wrote the book to dispell rumors and to honestly keep herself safe. The Police Department had offered her witness protection which she forewent. She didn't want to hide. She took control of her own destiny and she wrote the book, making herself a public figure and adding a thick layer of protection from her and the Klein family, knowing that many informants on the family ended up dead or worse.

    "Well Hannah...it was obviously a very big struggle. I think the main message of my book is that the truth is never an easy pill to swallow. Lying is easy. I did that everyday when it came to Nicky. I tried to make myself ignorant to what he did because I really did love him. He had been arrested before then, but nothing seemed to stick to him. It was confusing. I considered myself a smart woman and here I was..dating a member of the mob. It wasn't until I thought about all the BAD things that people suspected Victor Klein to be a part of that I knew I needed to do something..."

    [she folded her hands and crossed her legs in the chair, leaning in]

    "Look, as journalists...we are committed to exposing the truth. And that's not always easy. We don't get many stories on our desks that have happy endings. Unfortunately the world we live in is sometimes very bleak. But that doesn't mean that the American Public doesn't deserve to know what's going on in their own backyard. We have a responsibility to the people that watch our shows or read our articles to help expose these things that refuse to walk in the light. And this was a situation that really highlighted that for me. For as much as I loved that man..after I knew what he had done, after I reached deep down and realized I had been lying to myself about him for quite some time..I couldn't do nothing. I had to help bring justice or I wouldn't have been able to live with myself..."

    The crowd seemed captivated by her words. Lauren was an impassioned speaker and she was honest. It was what had made her a success. Hannah clapped at Lauren's words and smiled before looking at the camera.

    Hannah: "What a brave woman you are, Lauren. To tell your story in such an honest and forthright kind of way. We don't see that too often anymore."

    [Lauren smiled]

    "You are too kind, Hannah. But please. I'm not a hero. I'm not some brave woman who took down some awful man. The people everybody should be thanking are the detectives and federal agents and lawyers who are working hard to ensure that Victor Klein gets what is coming to him. As far as honesty goes...I can accept that. In fact, it's what I plan to do during my time on Channel Six News. There are stories out there that need to be shown to the world and secrets that need to come to the light...and I intend on taking them there.."

    Hannah: "Thank you so much for your time, Lauren. You can catch Lauren EVERY night on Channel 6 New as New York's own "On the Beat" reporter and her best selling book is available nationwide! Coming up next..Chef Gabriel is going to show us the HOTTEST recipes for any fall dinner party and later on..it's a Pet Parade as the New York Elite's favorite furry friends walk the runway for charity! Stick around for all of this an more...on Wake Up New York! We'll be right back!"

    The lights went down as Lauren exhaled deeply. She spoke with members of the audience for a time and bid her goodbyes to Hannah as she slipped into a town car, mindlessly grabbing her blackberry and checking her messages. The amount of fame she had experienced was so sudden that she hardly had time to reflect back on just how it happened. Really, she owed a lot of her success to Alexis. After the whole Nicky Romero event Alexis basically DEMANDED that Tempo Magazine be the first publication to get the story of what happened. The article was a viral success and it secured the attention of major publishers. Once the book picked up Alexis made good on her word of recommendation and helped Lauren get a pretty hefty publishing deal. A three book deal to be exact and as she zoomed across town towards the district attorney law offices, she began to worry that she didn't have enough story to tell. At least not enough to fill two more books and certainly not about what she wanted to talk about. While Alexis had promised she would be checking up on Lauren from time to time in order to ensure she wasn't working on a story about Morgan Victoria..nobody had seen Alexis in quite some time. Ever since the funeral of her brother AJ she had made herself scarce..and friends she still had in the office at Tempo Magazine said that hardly anybody had seen her in weeks. Lauren had sent several text messages with no response. It had her worried..and although Alexis had DEMANDED Lauren's silence..it was Alexis' sudden disappearance that had her back on the case of just what was going on in New York City..and she was about to meet with one of the only women in town who could possibly give her the answers she was looking for..Alycia Barnett.


    The dizzying pace of the District Attorney's Office was not unlike that of the newsroom at Channel 6. People frantically running around speaking office jargon as they danced through each other like some choreographed circus act helping to serve justice to the good people of New York. She found it oddly calming. She took a look at her heels and then glanced up at one of the giant staircases that led to various offices in the building. Lauren always took the stairs if only to get the scoop. Disgruntled employees, secret affairs, hushed conversation? Well it always seemed to happen in the stairwell.

    Two flights later she found herself on the floor that housed Alycia Barnett's office. She gave herself the once over in one of the large mirrors near the reception and smooth down the skirt on her black power suit. Satisfied with her appearance she let the reception know that Alycia's three o'clock appointment had arrived. After a short wait, she was ushered into Alycia's office by her assistant and took a seat at the chair in front of the DA's desk. Alycia Barnett looked fabulous but she also looked incredibly busy. Alycia lightly regarded her as she cleaned up some of the files from her desk.

    Alycia: "Lauren Danvers..It's nice to see you. Thanks again for your help in Victor Klein's case. The information you helped get has been instrumental in getting that wannabe Capone behind bars..The City of New York thanks you..."

    Lauren gave an embarrassed smile. Everybody wanted to compliment her for what she had did while Lauren herself was still struggling to forgive herself. She tucked a bit of hair out of her ear and pulled a notepad and recorder from her black leather briefcase and clicked her pen loudly.

    "Thank You Ms. Barnett. But really..the city should be thanking you. I wish I was here on personal business..but word on the street is that at any minute you are about to have the feds POUNCE on Klein and FORMALLY charge him..expediting the situation to such a degree that he's scheduled for court TOMORROW..can you officially comment? I've been covering the case for quite sometime now and Channel 6 viewers are going to be looking at me to tell them what's going on.."

    Alycia Barnett: "Frankly? No. I can't give you official comment. Victor Klein is more slippery than an EEL and if he gets the slightest notion that the heat is about to come down on him...all of this will be for nothing. FURTHERMORE, the fact that someone like YOU would be privy to this type of information troubles me...."

    She looked Lauren up and down and gave a devilish smile in the way that only Alycia Barnett could.

    Alycia Barnett: "Who down at the police department has their hand up your skirt? I mean, how ELSE could you know? You know..a lot of journalists in this town employ some pretty murky tactics in order to get a story..but seducing the police force?! That's rather....gumshoe don't you think? I have half a mind to haul you downtown and keep you in a holding cell until AFTER the trial."

    Lauren cocked her head to the side. Alycia Barnett definitely lived up to her reputation. She was smart and biting and had a way of dressing people down that almost BEGGED for them to confess their crimes. She barreled through hurdles and she FORCED the public to take notice of things around them and for that she was grateful..but she wasn't about to be strong-armed by a woman's who's OWN connections begged investigations.

    "Ms. Barnett...there are rumors in every media outlet saying that Senator Kelly is going to give a press conference right before the sting. I've been trying to reach her people all morning to confirm...I wasn't exactly sure what if anything was going on..but it appears you've let the stress of this case get to you...at least enough to admit to a member of the press that what was once rumored can now be confirmed. I can live with gumshoe if you can live with rookie. You're a powerful woman in this town, Alycia. I respect you..along with the work you and Senator Kelly have done to put Klein behind bars..but don't ever insult my intelligence and capability like that again. Whoever's hand is up my skirt is NO business of yours and keep in mind..I'm not an enemy. I'm simply trying to let the public know what's going on under their noses..surely you can understand and respect that..."

    She was writing furiously on her notepad as Alycia walked over to the tape recorder on her desk and promptly shut it OFF. She stood over a sitting Lauren, baring her presence down on the woman, asserting her dominance.

    Alycia: "Fair enough....Ms. Danvers. But none of that changes what I said earlier. And never at any point have I said ANY of this was on the record, so put that pen down and LISTEN."

    Alycia's tone took an even more serious note as she GRABBED Lauren's hand and halted her from writing before taking a seat at her desk across from Lauren.

    Alycia" "I'm telling you this as a courtesy because of the help you gave to the district attorney's office and the PD. I am moving in on Victor Klein TONIGHT..I FINALLY have him right where I want him. Law enforcement is on stand by and Senator Kelly will be the one to announce his arrest when the time is right...not YOU. Sharon has been busy campaigning for the upcoming election and a win like this will almost ENSURE her victory. You know what she has done for this city and you KNOW what this will do for morale. The city needs a win..so I'm asking you as a professional courtesy to hold back on this story...WAIT until Senator Kelly announces it..and I promise you'll have a front row press pass to the trial coverage on your desk by the end of the night."

    This was as far as she was going to get with Alycia Barnett and she figured she wouldn't press her luck. What she wanted to ask the woman more than anything was...What happened to Blaze Fielding and where the hell did Jasmine Klein come from..and WHY did she look like Blaze. Lauren had been at the club that night when Klein's men came in and started trouble. She identified Victor immediately but when she eyed Jasmine? She was taken back. She looked EXACTLY like Blaze Fielding who had been missing from the public eye for quite some time now. After a bit of investigation she had discovered that somehow Jasmine had gotten the deed to Blaze's club seemingly overnight. Among those in attendance of the events were people like Alycia Barnett, Sharon Kelly, Cameron King...his SUDDEN sister Alison Marble..and of course..Morgan Victoria. There appeared to be a cop on the scene as well named Delilah Trelaven who tried to keep the piece. Somehow...NONE of this was mentioned in ANY reports and any footage of the event from inside the club had been lost. Lauren was forced to broadcast a generic and vague recounting of the night and it didn't sit well with her. Mostly because everytime it seemed she was close to figuring it out...she had been halted. There were so many questions left unanswered and she had very few avenues to pursue to get answers. Right now she had no choice but to agree to Alycia's terms. If she couldn't figure out what was going on through Alycia she MIGHT be able to get some useable footage at Klein's trial. She nodded to Alycia.

    "I can do that..just promise me that after tonight Victor Klein is TOAST."

    Alycia Barnett: "I'm going to CRUCIFY him Danvers..."


    Lauren rose from her seat as she began to pack away her things. As she slipped her notepad into her briefcase she shot a look to Alycia before leaving.

    "We are on the same side of this story, Barnett. But we might not always be. I understand that the law is a bunch of moving parts and that politics is a sideshow these days..but just like you--I work FOR the people. Keep that in mind the next time you want to immediately dismiss a reporter or feel like we are proverbial pirhanas just looking for gossip. That's a LOT of us..but it ain't ALL of us..I'm a white hat..just like you. I just want to keep people informed and it's MY JOB to keep the large bodies that govern us ACCOUNTABLE for their actions and on the straight and narrow..and for future reference..if that ever puts us between a rock and a hard place, I'm sorry..."

    [heading out the door]

    "Now go get that piece of shit and make it hurt."


    The alarm clock on the nightstand in Lauren's loft apartment in Chelsea began buzzing around with wild abandon. She slowly pryed her eyes open cursing herself for the hours her job frequently required her to keep. Even working in evening news, more often then not her days started at 5am. She was about to reach out and shut it off when a hand clasped hers from behind and a masculine form seemed embraced her in a warm and seductive hug. She closed her eyes and smiled for a moment.

    Rivera: "Uh uh..Not..yet..there's still some things I want to do to you that I didn't get to last night..."

    She rolled her eyes, blowing hair out of her face as Detective Daniel Rivera rose up and over the top of her body, kissing her neck with his warm and wet lips. He had been a surprising development for her. Despite the eye roll inducing cliche of their romance, whenever she was in the city she found herself dialing the number of the man who had convinced her to rat out her mobster boyfriend. Their relationship was easy and fun and it was nice to have a little bit of distraction seeing as much of her free time was devoted to her work, rather it was an official story or not. She leaned her head up and kissed his lips passionately, wrapping her arms around his neck. ::

    "You are always trying to get me in trouble, Danny. Not to kill the mood...but have you told anybody about us?..because it took Alycia Barnett about five seconds to realize I was getting frisked by somebody in the NYPD yesterday.."

    Daniel flashed a wide smile with perfectly white teeth.

    Rivera: "No offense doll..but I don't like attention like that..don't worry..I've been a good boy. I don't wanna wind up in your next book...unless of course...it's erotica!"

    Winking he began to kiss her neck before moving slowly down her body with his lips. It was esctacy until Lauren realized that she had forgotten to pick up the press pass Alycia had promised her.

    "God Dammit!"

    Daniel peeked his head up from under the covers and gave a coy smile.

    Rivera: "I know I'm pretty good at this..but I've never gotten a God Dammit before..sexy."

    Lauren feverishly maneuvered herself away from Daniel as she shot up in bed.

    "Not YOU! I forgot to pick up my press pass before dinner. I need to get to the station and grab it before I head down to the courthouse. I can't miss the opportunity Alycia has given me. It's going to be a big news day."

    Daniel seemed defeated but he was used to Lauren having to leave in a flash in order to pursue some errant thought that occurred to her at three o'clock in the morning.

    Rivera: "So i've been hearing. We're all on high alert today. Security is going to be crazy. Thankfully, they couldn't afford to pull BOTH of us from our work..and my partner Delilah is actually testifying today on both of our behalves..so let's just hope nobody kills anybody, right?"

    The hairs on the back of Lauren's neck stood upright.

    "DELILAH Trelaven is your partner?! Why have you never mentioned that before?"

    She turned her back resting her head on her shoulder, eyeing Daniel up and down as if he had done something wrong without knowing it.

    Rivera: "It's never come up..we don't really do backstories, Laur..we kind of just meet up and--"

    Lauren was already up and headed towards the shower. Daniel was a good guy and she wasn't about to attempt to bring him a situation she was already unclear on. She wasn't the person to use somebody for information. She cared about Daniel in her own way. As her naked body hit the door way, she interjected.

    "Screw our brains out..right! Sorry..This whole trial just has me on edge..understandaly so. I saw her name come up as a character witness..the wheels are just turning overtime, that's all."

    Daniel turned on his back, the sheets barely covering his body as he puts his hands behind his head.

    "Delilah is good people. One of the BEST actually. Don't go turning her into some kind of corrupt pay for hire kind of chick..or i'll ARREST you."

    The sound of the shower turned on as Lauren's voice could be heard.

    "The handcuffs are in the nightstand, honey bunch. I'm warning you now I WILL try to fight you. It's human nature."


    The scene at the federal courthouse was absolute chaos and with good reason. Every decent person in New York wanted to see Victor Klein taken down. His arrest had been broadcast ALL over the major networks and Lauren Danvers found herself in front of the police station for most of the night as Channel 6's "On The Scene Reporter". She had spent the hours updating the city on any developments as well as securing EXCLUSIVE impromptu eye accounts of the arrest itself as well..even attempting to get a WORD with Victor Klein as he is escorted into the back of a squad car by the FBI and the SWAT team. It was a bold move..but so was Lauren.

    By far the most SURPRISING development of the night was the fact that Senator Kelly and ADA Barnett were publicly acknowledging MysTech and it's holdings with government officials as well as others in The House of Representatives. It was exciting for Lauren because it left the possibility that all she had been working on might possibly see the light of day. She had uncovered MysTech by investigating further into Morgan Victoria's past, despite Alexis Quartermaine's warning. It didn't take long to find Christopher Victory as well as the rumors that Morgan's MOTHER was in witness protection because of his brutality. It was there she found the connection to Alexis' father, Adam Chandler as well as the names of other likely officials...like Stavros Cassadine and Kelly King. It surely wasn't a coincidence that all of them; Morgan, Cameron, Alexis and the others seemed to be the CHILDREN of the people who had allegedly wreaked havoc on the world for many, many years. All of it had a chain of command that was connected. Once she got to Alycia Barnett she easily found how connected and close she was to Sharon Kelly. The public death of her husband and son Kyle was always WILDLY debated and when she went through Channel 6's archives she found out that at the time there were rumors that her family's death was somehow connected to the people who would eventually end up running MysTech. She had seen the words Arklay many times and while she had yet to figure THAT out..it seemed that Alycia and Sharon were FINALLY read to expose the truth behind their lives and the lives of their friends. That gave Lauren hope.

    Press was not allowed inside the courthouse but thanks to the press pass Alycia had bestowed on her, she was on the front lines and given access to whoever entered and exited first, before the others. Thankfully, Lauren had a card up her sleeve. She was friends with somebody on the inside and she had been given strict instructions to text her if ANYTHING out of sorts started to happen.For now, she spent the morning doing promo work hyping the cover story for the evening. She spoke clearly and bubbly in her signature way as she prepared to live update the people of New York as the trial progressed...however for as exciting as the day was..there didn't seem to be MUCH going on. Everybody knew how sensitive the trial was and nearly EVERYBODY was either watching the news or on lockdown, BARRED from giving any information at all. Exasperated...Lauren sighed, talking to her cameraman.

    "Kenny..we're still thirty minutes out from another live update and probably another two HOURS before we can confirm anything officially. Apparently we are in recess. I'm gonna grab a coffee from the craft services cart over there...KEEP rolling. I don't want to miss a single SHOT."

    Kenny nodded as Lauren made her way over to the very depressing refreshments table set up by the courthouse to keep the press off their back and to appear cordial. Stale donuts and coffee. Delicious coffee. Lauren promptly grabbed a styrofoam cup and filled the cup to the top, not waiting for it to cool down before taking a long sip.

    That's when the gunshots started to go off. People started SCREAMING as the SCREECHING of tires filled the area. Lauren threw her coffee out of her hand and turned around. She was a good thirty feet from where she had been originally standing and had been incredibly lucky. There were men everywhere. HEAVILY armed men with NO discretion as to who they were laying waste to. Lauren watched in horror as her camera man Kenny was taken out in the first round of shots. His body FELL to the floor.

    "KENNY! Oh My God...oh my GOD!!!"

    Immediately Lauren SLUNK back and behind a post office drop box as the bullets continue to fly, hearing them dent the box that was separating her from the fray. It must have been men from Victor Klein..but WHY?! This was too aggressive of an attack..even for the Klein family. And they were indiscriminately killing people left and right! Lauren grabbed her bag and immediately pulled out a small but functional camera that she kept exactly for situations like THIS. Not wasting any time she clicked the camera on..and started filming, trying her best to keep herself hidden and protected. She spoke in a hushed tone.

    "This is Lauren Danvers with Channel 6 News. This is BREAKING NEWS...I repeat BREAKING NEWS. Gunfire and CHAOS have occured RIGHT outside The Federal Courthouse where the JURY is deliberating in the Victor Klein case. It is unknown whether or not the two of these situations are related..but THIS reporter thinks Klein has sent FIREPOWER to get him OUT of federal CUSTODY.."

    The POLICE began to show up in drones but they seemed to be OVERWHELMED by the spectacle happening in front of her. As she looked around she began to see the dead bodies of people falling victim to the now STAMPEDE of people trying to exit the area and getting to safety. Lauren was filming all of it with abject horror. She heard a woman's voice fill the radios of the police in her surrounding area calling for backup inside as ANOTHER situation seemed to be occurring inside as well.

    "It appears that the outside of the courthouse is not the only point of attack. I've just heard police call for backup inside, meaning that there is a very clear and present danger within the walls as well..."

    She was breathing up and down. Part of her wanted to run. Part of her wanted to go and try to help Kenny who seemed to dissappear by the many feet she saw running in the opposite direction..but these were the moments that people needed to see. The things that couldn't be covered up. The true and brutal nature of Victor Klein's men and WHY they had to be stopped. They couldn't go around murdering people to protect their boss and Lauren knew SOMEBODY had to make sure this saw the light of day. She just wasn't planning on it to be her.

    She rose from her crouched position as the police force..and some OTHER protective forces not seeming to be affiliated with the Police Department seemed to arrive. These were STRONG men and they were HELPING to take out Victor's goons but they were DEFINITELY not Police Officers. Lauren began to try and move her way back and find a place that she could continue to safely film. Unfortunately, he hadn't been playing full attention as a stray bullet blast right through her camera and into her SHOULDER causing an incredible amount of pain. Lauren cried out.


    It stung like a bitch. Lauren was often finding new ways to physically harm herself just by going about her day to day but this was really seemed to stick and distract her from the sound of the chopper that began to circle the federal building. She fell to the ground, meeting her destroyed camera face to face on the asphault. There was smoke and screaming and dead bodies all around and it felt as if she were in a WAR zone..one that she wouldn't make it out of. She notices a hummer in the distance as her vision begins to get a bit blurry from the pain. All at once she feels herself get scooped up from the ground and into somebody's arms. It was Daniel.

    Rivera: "Goddammit Lauren, you couldn't have just run like everybody else.."

    [she suddenly became VERY clear of mind at hearing his voice]

    "My camera! Danny! My camera! We have to grab it--I got their faces on tape! If i can salvage the tape--"

    An armored car drives onto the scene SMASHING her camera and her PROOF into pieces.

    "DAMMIT DANNY! Why couldn't you just GRAB it!?"

    Rivera narrowed his eyes as he began to walk Lauren towards the many emergency medical trucks that had arrived on the scene to help victims of the attack. The scene was chaotic and frenetic. Sirens, screaming and blood filled the streets. She was feeling weak because of her gunshot wound but out of the corner of her eye..she saw something..INSANE looking. A large looking..."disc" of energy seemed to appear several feet away from the front of the building and because of the chaotic scene nobody seemed to notice..but LAUREN did. Out of that disc appeared Alycia Barnett, ALEXIS and the woman that Lauren had seen last year randomly manifest in the bathroom stall of the Parthenon and hurry into the Hummer as Delilah appeared only seconds later. Lauren TRIED to speak clearly but the sight of herown blood have left her pretty nauseous and sick feeling.

    "Danny--Danny! Did you see...[grabbing her head] Alexis--Alycia..the hummer! Delilah..She was--"

    Rivera: "For God's SAKE Danvers..get it together!"

    She watched as Delilah took control of the situation giving orders to remaining police force before hopping into the hummer that she had seen Alycia and Alexis get into. What the hell had gone on in that courthouse?

    Rivera: "Lauren..just you need to calm down..you're getting too excited... [looking down at her wound] It's not life threatening but I'm sending to Liberty Medical just in case.."

    He could feel her FIGHTING against his grasp determined to push on in some kind of way to figure out what was happening in the situation. He squeezed her tight before getting her to the emergency response vehicle and handing her over to two incredibly strong relief workers.

    "Let me GO! I need to get back in THERE!"

    Rivera: "Lauren, knock it OFF! You've been SHOT and are in SHOCK..now let these guys handle it..and let ME get back to my JOB. I'll check in on you as soon as I can!"

    After a minute of force on her behalf, Lauren begrudgingly started to accept the men's help as they placed her in the back of the ambulance and jetted her off to the trauma center at Liberty Medical. The men gave her something to sedate her and as the car zoomed down the streets of New York, her mind was REELING with thoughts. How the hell did they get in front of the building and WHY were they all leaving together. What did Delilah know about them and did Danny know? Was Alexis involved in it too? SOMETHING was rotten in the state of Denmark and now MORE than ever...Lauren was determined to get to the bottom of it.