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"Work family" and office politics

Discussion in 'V.I.P. Lounge' started by Carol Peletier, Jan 18, 2018.

  1. Carol Peletier

    Carol Peletier Look at the flowers... Staff Member Contributing Member

    Jan 12, 2005
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    Across time and space
    Do you consider your coworkers a "work family?" Do you add coworkers on facebook, and/or see them outside the work place?

    Do you allow yourself to become involved in the "politics" of the office?

    Personally, I can say NO to all of these. I do not consider my coworkers anything other than coworkers. Coworkers will stab you in the back or trample over you if they can get over, & there are some companies known to incentivize "snitching" & telling on employees for even the smallest (or unintentional) infractions, creating a culture of suspicion and hostility.

    I NEVER add coworkers on facebook, I won't even list my employer on my page. I don't know why ANYONE feels the need to do that really.

    I don't feel lead to interact w/ coworkers outside the workplace. TV shows like Ally Mcbeal used to show the people in the lawfirm going to the bar after work, or even after hard fought cases in the courtroom. That's not how it works in reality.

    I was just wondering how anyone else feels about these things, and what your experiences are.
  2. s_k

    s_k Rising Star

    Jul 17, 2011
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    I was about to say big NO for spending time with co-workers outside of work.
    But then I remembered that we used to meet up a couple of times each year and play games, like a small LAN party, back in the 90's with those I worked with back then and that was great fun.

    We were a small company (6 employees) and back then most of us were in our twenties and had much things in common.
    It's was a good time. We still never did any after work stuff. Going to a bar for a few hours on Friday or anything.
    Even though we were all good friends I don't think any of us had any interest in such things.

    Today we are still small (still 6 actually at the moment) but another bunch of people, wider range in age and less in common.
    Things are still pretty good at work though. Very little politics and such problems but I have no desire to meet up with anyone after work.
    Have never added anyone on Facebook and quite frankly I'm not very interested in what they have done over the weekend either.

    In the end I guess it just depends... but overall I prefer to just go home. :)

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